Tuesday, 29 January 2013

3:3 The Tables Have Turned

After Madison had bought some new clothes, she stopped by the park. There was a fundraiser to help raise money towards the indoor farm the mayor had proposed, and Geoffreys' boss had him working a snack stand there.
"Are you coming over after work today?" Madison asked.
"I'd love to, baby, but I don't think I'll be done til late and you have school tomorrow. I'll see how it goes, but if I'm not done by nine I'll come tomorrow." Madison looked upset at this information. "I'm sorry Madi, but we need the money, and this fundraiser is busier than anyone expected, we've been told to stay til midnight at the latest, but I don't think it will die down anytime soon." Madison nodded.

As if to prove his point, a man came up to stand behind Madison, forming a small queue.
"My boss is watching, Madi. You need to buy something or let me serve the man behind you." Madison smiled and ordered herself a cinnimon donut. She paid for it and went to find a table.

She found a seat near to Geoffreys stall, and sat opposite a woman who'd bought her own picnic.
"Hey, you're the teen mother aren't you?" Madison rolled her eyes. She had no idea who this woman was, but the whole town seemed to recognise her as the underage mum.
"Yes." She sighed, taking another bite of her donut, trying to finish it sooner so she wouldn't appear rude by walking off halfway through. She didn't need rumours spreading saying she was the rude teen mum as well.
"Well, you're not fat at all! My friend said that you'd got really fat and couldn't lose the weight after the baby was born. How is the baby? What's it called?" Madison was confused as to where the rumours about her weight came from, but was glad nobody knew her sons name.
"She's called Violet." She lied. The more she could do to give Luis a normal life, the better.
"That's a pretty name. Is she a fairy too?"
"No, she's a human like her father."
"Aww, do you live with him?" Madison shoved the last of her donut into her mouth, tired of the questions and out of lies. She stood up.
"No, I don't want to talk about the father." The woman gave her a knowing look and nodded. Obviously assuming the father had run at the first sign of responsibility, and Madison politely said goodbye and walked home, texting Geoffrey on the way "Sorry I didn't say bye. Woman gossiping bout me. C u 2moro love u xxxx"


As Madison came home, Taylor announced she was going out, and left for Trishas house. When she got there she rang the doorbell, and was surprised when the witch invited her inside with a friendly handshake.

"So, what can I do for you, Taylor? I've not seen you in a while, I was worried you'd fallen out with me after our encounter at the pool." A slimey smirk stretched across the witches mouth, making Taylor annoyed.
"Fallen out with you? For me to fall out with you, we'd have had to have been friends. We were never friends." Trisha laughed a little, and Taylor rolled her eyes.
"How are you finding being an aunt? I bet your nephew is a little sweetie, but keeping you up at night."

"Don't you dare bring him into this! If you ever go near him I'll crush you like the slimy worm you are!" Taylor raised her hand, once again feeling compelled to slap her across her face. Trisha backed away, flinching at the hand raised towards her.
"Look, I was just making small talk! No need to go crazy!" The remark was meant to calm her down, but Trisha could sense that it only made the fairy more angry.

She turned and walked towards a door, which Taylor assumed was her bedroom. She grabbed the witches wrist and pulled her back round to face her. Her wrist was unusually hot on the top where her palm had been, and Taylor quickly pulled away and stared at her. She noticed a butterfly tattooed on the area the heat came from.
"What was that about?" Taylor asked, pointing to the tattoo. Trisha shrugged.
"Fairies have wings, witches have familiars."
"Familiars are pets." Taylor was confused now.
"Not always. It isn't always practical to have a black cat following you around, is it? Especially when you don't want everyone to know you're a witch. Do you really think we all go around in pointy hats, riding broomsticks and making potions in cauldrens?" Taylor blinked. It made sense. Childrens stories and folklore made people think one thing so that the witches could blend in and live normal lives if they wished.

"But I saw you using a broomstick." She pointed at the witches face, and Trisha flinched away, covering her nose.
"Ow! What the hell are you doing?"
"What? I didn't do anything!" Taylor thought back to a second ago, she'd felt only a slight tingle, but it was definately how it had happened at the shop with the vampire the day before. She'd just hurt Trisha.

"Get out! I don't need this. I've been nothing but polite to you, and even told you stuff you didn't need to know, and then you go and throw your stupid fairy dust in my face? I made you!" Trisha started pulling Taylor to the front door by her arm, Taylor saw her opportunity, and jumped over a small room divider, turning Trisha in the process.

She realised Trisha was stunned, and before she could react she pushed out with her arms, as she had done in the shop. She heard Trisha gasp in pain, but kept pushing. She was going to get her back for all that this woman had put her through. She was going to make sure her nephew, and any children she had herself, would never have to put up with her and her silly little mind games.

Trisha was gasping for breath. Her chest felt like it was being crushed, and her heart was either beating so fast she couldn't tell, or it had stopped completely. How had this fairy got so powerful? She'd wanted her to work on her powers, but had never known that a fairy born in these circumstances could ever gain power this great.

Trisha finally succumbed to the pain, and collapsed on the floor. Taylor stood for a moment and looked at the witch. The tables had turned, and now Taylor was the one in control.
"I don't think you'll be bothering me again." She smiled at the witchs' unconcious body. Proud of herself, she left and headed home.


The next day, Taylor was a bundle of nerves. The triumph of the night before had worn off, and left her feeling paranoid. Had she really done the right thing? A splash of cold water from a broken tap made her snap out of her trance-like state, and turn to cursing the cheap plumbing.

Madison was using her spare few minutes to complete her homework assignments. She was distracted by her sisters outburst in the bathroom though.

Taylor walked out of the bathroom and seemed surprised to see Madison up.
"Oh, Madi..." she trailed off, wondering whether to explain herself or not. Madison looked up from her notebook briefly.
"Morning, Taylor. Are you ok?" She looked back to the work infront of her, but couldn't concentrate anymore.
"Um, not really. Do you have time to talk...?"

>:D Well, that seemed like a good place to stop...
No, seriously though, the scene where they talk is too long to add on, and although after she left Trisha's was a good stopping place, I felt evil and wanted to leave you all hanging. 

Also, I meant to put this on the last one:
Mz Bratt - Falling Down 
This music video shows a different side of teen pregnancy. I intend it to be a kind of disclaimer, as I realise the issue of teen pregnancy may be recieved as 'adult' and I don't have the adult content warning on my blog. The music video obviously also deals with adult situations, and is sad, but is there to show I am in no way glorifying teen pregnancy as it very rarely ends up like Madi and Geoff.

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  1. *gasp! *coffee spew "I made you"??? Oh Trisha! What has she done?!?
    And at this rate I home Taylor didn't actually kill her so an explanation can be given!
    Poor Madison! Life can be really hard when you grow up too fast.

    1. Um... I think I didn't proof it very well, or didn't see how that could be taken.

      She meant that she make Lisa into a fairy, and so effectively made Taylor the person she is today. Plus, I assume she's probably influenced her life choices in someway.

      She in no way meant that she had actually made her, sorry!

      Or did she... *head gears start turning* Who knows with that crazy woman!

  2. Wow, way to leave us hanging! Somehow I don't think Trisha will just leave things as they are and I'm definitely intrigued by the things she said to Taylor.

    1. I agree, it doesn't seem likely that Trisha will just back off and leave Taylor and family alone. Luckily for the Mattells, witches don't have extended life spans, but they've not worked out that fairies do yet anyway. (I really need to figure out a way for them to work that out. There's so much stuff they don't know that we all do)

  3. I loved seeing Taylor turn it around on Trisha, but now I worry about Trish trying to get back at her.
    Poor Madi, having that woman gossip at her.
    As always, Geoff <3, working so hard for his family.

    1. Yes, Taylors revenge was a long time coming. Hopefully she'll have scared her off, for a while at least.
      Yes, unfortunately, that is the downside of living in a small town (I know, I live in one), everyone knows everything about everyone, even if they don't know who the people they're taking about are!
      You really like Geoff, don't you? I do too, he's a model father in my eyes :) It's odd how attached I am to him, considering I didn't make him!

    2. Yeah, actually, guys that man up and take responsibility for their sh*t are a huge turn on for me.
      I like Geoff a lot, he's very sweet to Madi and he's been working his butt off for her and the baby.

    3. Ugh, I know. Too much work, Geoff!! He's at work frm 8am to 9pm, I'm sure that breaks some laws! He also make $50 an hour!!! I found that out when I had to move him in via MC and it didn't quit his job for him. I had a LOT of money to get rid of haha!

  4. I know Geoff is working hard to support the baby, but it almost seems like he's pulling away. Should I be worried? ::taps foot::

    1. Nah, Geoff is a sweetie and is only concerned he might lose his job, and doesn't want Madi staying up ridiculously late to wait for him. She still has to graduate school.

  5. I don't know why my tablet is freaking out on me and not letting me comment, so, since my game crashed anyway I'm doing a comment I really wanted to do.

    That woman at the park was a real biotch! I mean that takes a lot of nerve to talk to someone about them to their face like that. I'm not one to support lying, but I don't blame Madi one bit! I also have to wonder if the woman was really a spy for Trisha.

    There I feel better now. :)

    1. Haha! 0_o Maybe she was... I hadn't thought of that...

      But nah, she was just a townie that annoyingly appeared out of nowhere and made a beeline for the table I'd chosen to take pictures from. And it seemed odd that she'd sit so close to someone she didn't know when there were other empty picnic benches. Just a space-filler, really.

  6. I keep saying I'm going to bed, but I just have to find out what's going to happen next!

    Wow, Taylor knocked Trisha out cold! I hope that teaches Trisha that she needs to leave Taylor and her family alone. I bet she's sorry that she encouraged Taylor to work on her powers!

    I hate gossipy nosy, hurtful women like the one that Maddie met at the park. She was right not to reveal any personal info to her. There is such a double standard when it comes to teen pregnancy. The girl is looked at badly, but the boy is viewed as a stud!