Wednesday, 16 January 2013

2:22 Puppetmaster

"You can't control me! Stay away from me! Stay away from my family, or so help me God..." Taylor stopped screaming and looked around her. She was at the pool, screaming at the witch. She had no idea of how she got here, why she was shouting, what events had lead to this point. She realised her headache was gone. The past few days had been a blur, suffering a migrane so bad she could barely see, high fever, nausea and dizziness, she'd stayed in bed most of the time. How had she ended up at the pool?

 "Or so help you God, what?" Trisha said calmly, realising the girl was very confused now, and had no idea what was going on. "What would you do?" Taylor was confused, yes, but she was still very angry, even though she had no idea what about. She glared at the woman
"What have you done? Why am I here? I know you know, so just tell me." Taylor almost pleaded with the woman, and only got more angry as a grin spread across the witches lips.

"Tell me!" She demanded, without giving her a chance to reply, she reached out and slapped her hard across the face. The witch glared at her, causing Taylor to have flashbacks to prom night. Taylors breathing became erratic, she closed her eyes tight, hoping to shut the visions out of her head. She gasped as they stopped and her eyes shot open. "You!" She accused. "You were controlling me!"

"I was only testing..." Trisha began to explain. "I didn't realise that it would be so powerful on a full moon, and I didn't realise it was your prom night."
"Yes you did. You knew and you wanted to do it anyway." Taylor studied the womans face, looking for a reaction. "You can only do it on full moons, can't you? You hoped I'd be home so you could hurt my family." The witch didn't answer. Instead she turned away, realising the fairy was very good at reading her face.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about it." Taylor glared at her, wishing she'd turn around so she could stare into her eyes and show her how angry she was.
"I won't do it." She said in a small voice. Trisha glanced in her direction, keeping her head turned and only moving her eyes. "I know you want to take control of me and have me hurt my family. I don't know why, though..."

The witch turned back around and glared back and the fairy. She didn't want to say the words for this one, she'd let the girl read it from her face. Taylor looked confused, so Trisha forced another flashback. 

It was nothing Taylor had ever seen before. It wasn't even her own memory, it was from the memories of the witch standing in front of her. Taylor gasped when she realised what she was being shown. She had so many questions, and someone had a lot of explaining to do.


The next day, Taylor felt a lot better. She had a lot of her memories back from the days she'd missed, and although she'd not slept well, she felt a thousand times better. She felt awkward eating breakfast with her mother. She was sure she had no idea about her fathers life before he moved here, and wasn't sure she knew how to tell her. She'd have to speak to him first. The memory replayed itself in her head, and she shuddered. Lisa opened her mouth to ask her daughter what was wrong, but was interrupted by Mercedes walking in the front door.

"Morning, ladies" She grinned. It was sad to see her grey hair, but she was still full of life and her body wasn't falling apart yet. "Taylor, Summer wanted to meet you at the beach? She said you'd spoken about it at her graduation?" Taylor thought hard. Graduation? Summer had graduated? She couldn't remember but smiled and nodded at the old family friend anyway, before heading to her bedroom to get ready.

"Is she alright?" Mercedes asked after Taylor was out of earshot. Lisa sighed.
"Oh, Mercy, she's been so ill. Bedridden for nearly a week! Having nightmares too, according to Madi. I don't know what to do, she kept saying she was fine, but she was more ill than I've ever seen anyone..." Mercedes gave her friend a gentle pat on the shoulder to show she understood.
"She didn't look well at Summers graduation, she shouldn't have gone..."
"She wouldn't take no for an answer. She said she couldn't miss her best friends big day."


Taylor met her friends at the beach. They both remarked how tired she looked, but she insisted she was fine. She was annoyed that everyone kept telling her to stay in bed. She had to keep telling everyone she was fine, and she was, now. She'd seen her face in the mirror, she had looked half-dead, but she felt fine. She wondered whether to tell them about Trisha. Chiquita had been there at prom and seen her under the spell, but she wasn't sure the two humans would understand or believe her if she said anything. 
"Race you to the sea" She suddenly grinned, before pulling her top over her head and running to the water as she kicked off her sandals and pulled her shorts down.

As she swam away from the shore, her mind flooded with memories. She wasn't sure if they were her own, but tried to remember more about them for clarity.

I promise, Madison is still around, she will be getting a bigger part as she gets older, but Taylors story has kind of taken over this generation. It will blow over soon and then Madison will actually make an appearance ;)

Proof she's still alive:
OhMiGawdz, that was a hot jellybean!!
Also, Jackson keeps rolling wants to befriend Trisha! Disgraceful...


  1. *gasp! Poor Taylor! So glad to see her slapping Trisha silly! Bad Trisha! Bad Trisha!
    As for Jackson, maybe he's just trying to be nice? Or maybe he wants to see just how hard Taylor can slap? lol.
    I'm truly glad to see that Taylor's friends are sticking with her through her odd behavior. Hopefully, Taylor can tell someone what is going on soon.

    1. I know right!

      Yes, Taylors friends are amazing. They know she's been really 'ill' though, so assume it's something to do with that. (Don't know anyone noticed that Chiquita aged to an adult a couple of days after becoming a teen. That's one of the glitches I mentioned. It happens again in about 10 more chapters, but to a character more central to the story. Grr)

      Taylor will tell someone eventually. She has to. There has to be a point where this all comes out or it will never be over.
      And Jackson. Hmph. So rude. He got invited to one of her parties when I was playing yesterday, and I almost sent him as an accidental meeting, but I didn't in the end. It's probably because I had to make them interact so he could invite her over when I needed her....

  2. It was great seeing Taylor slap Trish! Yes!
    But, how awful to find out you've been min controlled and lost memories.
    Now that Taylor knows her dad's secret, I wonder what will happen.

    1. Haha, yes, Trisha had that coming. She deserved more, but there is only so much you can do at a packed public pool...

      What has/is happened(ing) to Taylor is awful, yes. Hopefully she'll tell someone soon, because she's getting a bit over her head with all this.

  3. I was so pleased to see Taylor slap Trisha! I hope she manages to talk to her dad about everything soon and we find out what Trisha is up to

    1. Yes, in a perfect world Taylor would tell Jackson everything, and Trisha would confess to everything she's done, and explain why.

      No world is perfect though...

  4. Poor Taylor. Loved the slap! Eerie twist, with these memories, too, and the possibility of Taylor hurting her family, and why Trisha would even want that. Wasn't she the one that left him?
    And shame on Jackson for even having those wishes, ugh.

    1. Yes, poor Taylor! Can you imagine having someone elses memories implanted in your head? It would mess you up, I'm sure.
      Yes, Trisha left Jackson. Who knows what's going through her head. She's one messed up character...

      I know! Bad Jackson. Naughty!

  5. Taylor really needs to get some stuff off her chest I think. It must be one heavy burden to carry all by yourself.

  6. At least Taylor has some of the answers now, but she can't keep holding it inside! She has to talk with her parents!