Mattell family history

Generation 1:

Barbie & Ken Mattell.

The Traits:
Barbie: Good sense of humour, great kisser, family oriented, nurturing, friendly.
Ken: Handy, easiliy impressed, nurturing, artistic, friendly.

The Rolls:
Marital status: Couple
Children: 4
Primary income: Military
Secondry income: Daycare
Generation goal: Perfectionist
Miscellaneous fun: Homemade

Basically, nothing happened this generation. My savegame died and so I stole the heir and moved him. If you didn't read it, you didn't miss much. Except Jackson met Trisha, which you need for generation 2.

Generation 2:

Jackson and Lisa Mattell.

The Traits:
Jackson: Good sense of humour, clumsy, genius, nurturing, charismatic.
Lisa: Savvy sculptor, inappropriate, animal lover, snob, kleptomaniac. 

The Rolls:
Marital status: Couple
Children: 2
Primary career: Political
Secondary career: Education
Generational goal: Idle Careers
Miscellaneous fun: Runs in the family

We start off with Jackson attending a better education sytem. He moves to Sunset Valley and ends up living with a fun-loving college girl, Mercedes McQueen. They become life long friends and see each other all the time once Jackson moves out. When he's in high school, he meets Lisa Bunch. They date and get married almost as soon as they're old enough. Unfortunately for Lisa, she runs into Jacksons ex, Trisha Robison. Trisha holds some sour feelings towards Jackson, and in a failed attempt to hurt him, turns Lisa into a fairy just weeks before their wedding.
The fairy situation doesn't phase Jackson, and the pair are inseparable for most of their lives. Lisa has insecurities and relies heavily on Jackson to stop her from going insane. They have two daughters, who are also fairies, and later in life have a son too. The storyline of this generation revolves heavily around Taylor, their eldest daughter, who runs into Trisha several times and is seemingly always in danger. She spends most of her child and teen years as any normal sim would, just occasionally bumping into Trisha by 'accident'. It all comes to a head prom night; a full moon, when Trisha controls Taylor like her puppet in an attempt to harm her family. She hadn't realised it was Taylors prom, so instead used it as a practice run making Taylor fight people and do things she normally wouldn't. Taylor confronted the witch a week or so later by the pool, still partly in a trance and not remembering what she'd done over the week or why she was even screaming at someone at a public pool. It was at this point that Trisha 'opened' Taylors mind and implanted memories of her fathers earlier life, making Taylor confused and forcing her to distance herself from her father.
She eventually confronts Jackson, who then admits to Lisa that he knew Trisha and infact used to date her. Lisa overreacts and kicks him out, she is pregnant with their son, Devon at the time, and the hormones get the better of her. Jackson stays at Mercedes house for a few weeks until Lisa calls him up telling him she's in labour, and later she tells him he can move back in.
All is happy families again for a few years, until Madison falls pregnant at 14, triggering the start of generation 3.

We also see weather, caused by an accident at the science facility, starting to appear at the end of this generation, but it is not understood until generation 3 is in control.

Generation 3

Taylor and Madison Mattell

The Traits:
Taylor: Brave, friendly, genius, mooch, workaholic.
Madison: Brave, eco-friendly, genius, heavy sleeper, star quality.
(They inherited 'genius' from Jackson as part of generation 2's rolls, and I figured they'd both need the 'brave' traits for what I had in store..)

The Rolls:
Maritial status: Single with help
Children: 4
Primary career: Alchemist
Secondary career: Law enforcement (forensics)
Generation goal: Hobby, or obsession? (Taylor's hobby was gaining athletic skill, Madison's was kareoke.)
Miscellaneous fun: It's so YOU!

As you've just read, generation 3 starts partway through Madison's pregnancy. Taylor has just become a young adult, and kindly takes her sister in until she and Geoffrey (Madi's boyfriend and baby daddy) can afford a house together.
In the first chapter, we name our first weather phenomenon; rain. We later name snow too, but the seasons still aren't named by the end of the generation. Sun, or sunny weather has always been called sunny. Partly because the sims have known about the sun and moon since the dawn of time in early 2000, and partly because I completely forgot they hadn't named it.
In the same chapter, Madi gives birth to her son, Luis, who takes his fathers name of Lansing, ruling him out as an heir (because I want the family name to go on for as long as possible).
Throughout the generation, we see Taylor gradually furnish and decorate her house as she can afford, and later extend it when the family become too big.
Madison soon finds out she's pregnant again, and gives birth to a daughter, Shaena, the day Geoffrey tragically dies from a heart disorder. Madison is left heavily relying on her sister for support, finacially and emotionally, and gets to repay the favour when Taylor unexpectedly falls pregnant.
Taylor had continued to be harrassed by Trisha the evil witch, and apparently now has impregnated her with a spell. She gives birth to triplets (overshooting my rolled children for the second generation in a row), Jake, Rose and Kaity.
We soon discover that Kaity has psychic abilities, and later, following an accident at the graveyard involving a creepy stone pillar, she develops wings, markings on her skin and her eye and hair colour changes. Unfortunately, we have no idea why until generation 4.
Madison was given an alchemy set as a thank you from Taylor, and since then she has been working on a way to bring Geoffrey back from the dead. She finally makes the potions she researched, and digs his body up to bring him back, successfully!
Not long after Geoffrey comes up, double trouble happens when both Rose and Kaity fall pregnant while still in school.
Madison and Geoffrey finally marry, in a beautiful snowy ceremony with Rose and Myles (Rose's long-term boyfriend and baby-daddy). And the generation ends as Rose gives birth to Lucas, and Kaity to twin girls; Jaydean and Sophie.

Whole generation 3:
 (L-R: Rose, Taylor, Madison, Kaity, Shaena, Jake and Luis)

Generation 4:

Kaity Mattell & ?? 

The Traits:
Kaity: Clumsy, family oriented, genius, good sense of humour, virtuoso.
Shaena: Artistic, born saleswoman, brooding, friendly, good.

The Rolls:
Maritial status: Single with Help
Children: 5
Primary career: Genuine psychic
Secondary career: Freelance Scientist
Generation goal: 5 star celebrity
Miscellaneous fun: N/A

This is a segment I thought might help, as there are a lot of friends involved in this generation, and so hopefully these pictures and descriptions will help. I'll add more characters as they're introduced.
The Main Characters:
Kaity Mattell:
Kaity is the heir and main character, she is currently the mother of twin girls, and between raising her daughters and her active social life, it's surprising she has time to sleep!
With three more children still to come, and two more rolls to be revealed, what will she get up to next?

Shaena Lansing:
Shaena is Kaity's cousin and lifeling best friend. It's extremely rare you'll see one without the other, and Shaena tells Kaity everything. Can the same be said for Kaity, though?

Bonnie McQueen:
Bonnie is the third friend in Kaity and Shaena's close friendship group. They have plenty of other friends, but these three are almost inseperable. Bonnie is the current heir to my background legacy, and so will be forced to breed alongside Kaity so the heir's can grow up together.

Alex Farrah:
Shaena's long-term boyfriend, and Kaity's worst enemy. Nobody else knows why Kaity hates Alex so much, but the truth may come out sooner than she'd hoped.

 Winter Snow:
Kaity met Winter at a psychic conference. She'll never admit to herself how she loves him, and isn't sure she'll ever see him again. She may have got herself in a mess with this one...

Generation 4 summary, chapter 1-20
Ok, so I'm doing a half-summary, because this generation is turning out to be very long, and it will make it easier both for me, and anyone who comes along to read this now.

So, generation four begins a few years after we left generation three. Kaity is living in the house she grew up in with her twin girls, Jaydean and Sophie, who are now toddlers. Rose is living with her husband on the other side of town, next door to Luis, Jake is travelling with the circus (we don't know that until 4.21, because I didn't know he was an acrobat until I shot for that chapter), and Shaena has moved in with her long-term boyfriend Alex. Kaity has opened a little shop on the same lot as the house, and she gives psychic readings there, while her twins play in the corner of the room with their toys. Shaena works there with her, and generally collects rocks, gems, plants and insects to make herbal medicines and little trinkets and knick-knacks, to bring in more money.

In that first chapter, we get hints at Kaity's personality. She's spent the last few years sleeping her way around Sunset Valley, and is a minor celebrity, nicknamed "The Valley's biggest party girl" or "Krazy-Kaity" due to her wild lifestyle. She constantly hands her kids off to relatives so she can go out drinking, although will always pick them up again before she goes to bed, because she loves her children (family oriented trait). She really starts the generation off with a bang, when we realise Shaena isn't as happy with Alex as she first seems, and Kaity starts a bar fight with him. We soon discover that he's started to become abusive towards Shaena, and she takes on the mentality that it's her own fault, essentially suffering from "battered wives syndrome".

And then I take a long, pointless detour to Starlight Shores, where Kaity attends a phsycic convention, and meets Winter Snow. They fall in love, and Kaity won't admit that. While she's away, the 'Alex situation' comes to a head, and he ends up getting arrested.

To be honest, reading back, these first 20 chapters have just been temper-tantrums... She did have a baby by Winter, Autumn. And Winter returned with work, found out about Autumn, he aims to spend the night, and Kaity's best friend Bonnie is murdered by Shaena's abusive boyfriend Alex, so he stays for two weeks, for support, before deciding to move to Sunset Valley permenantly to help raise his son. Shaena and her son, Joshua, move in with Kaity, and they both take in Bonnie's orphaned daughter, Elise.

Kaity is an idiot, and starts making out with an old friend/flame, Leighton Sekemoto, and then admits her mistake to Winter who then tells her they should take it slow. And, that's about where we are at! You're now ready to start at 4.21 :)


  1. Ah, so Madi is the heir? I didn't catch that previously, what with Taylor aging up around the same time. I look the summary idea, too, btw.

    1. Yes, she hasn't been revealed yet, as there are crazy twists surrounding how I reveal the rolls, but she is the heir. Shh, don't tell anyone ;)
      The summary idea comes from several other people, the pictures I have for these two generations aren't amazing, as I hadn't thought about doing it. I'm getting proper pics for gen 3 onwards though.

  2. Just wanted to say I've started reading your legacy. I still have a long way to go to catch up to the current generation, but I'm looking forward to getting to know your characters and your world.

    1. :) Thank you.
      I would put this legacy in the fantasy category... I make it up as I go along, mainly. Haha!
      Enjoy :)

  3. I thought I'd try reading the summary, but I'm not a summary person. I always still feel like I missed something! LOL I'm going to read from the beginning. Your legacy looks very interesting!

  4. The summary idea great, and as someone who has a trillion blogs to read, it's extremely helpful. I think I'm all caught up for generation 4!