Fancy having a Mattel for yourself? Go ahead!
I take requests, but only if that sim is still alive, so if you see someone who isn't on here that you want, let me know. All heirs will be available either after their generation is complete, or when I get bored enough of them to put them up for download.
No need to credit me, I didn't make any of them as they were born in game, but if you're going to have them featured in your own random legacy/legacy/story, let me know and I'll pop by and visit them :)

Skin I use can be found here

Jackson Mattell - Packaged as teen, human.
Traits: Charismatic, clumsy, genius, good sense of humour.
Faves: Stu surprise, pop and violet.

Devon Mattell - Packaged as teen, fairy.
Traits: Easily impressed, genius, hydrophobic, loves the outdoors.
Faves: Dim sum, hip hop and irish green.

Taylor Mattell - Packaged as young adult, fairy.
Traits: Brave, friendly, genius, mooch, workaholic.
Faves: Mushroom omelette, chinese and yellow.
CC list: - Peggy hair 0423 by Anubis
- 'Lola' shoes by Elexis

Madison Mattell - Packaged as young adult, fairy.
Traits: Brave, eco-friendly, genius, heavy sleeper, star quality.
Faves: Hotdogs, hip-hop and irish green.
CC list: - Newsea 'tera' hair by irKatty

Luis Lansing - Packaged as teen, fairy.
Traits: Ambitious, athletic, friendly, loves the outdoors.
Faves: Vegetarian chilli, chinese and spice brown.
CC list: - Newsea 'adonis' hair by irKatty

 From here down, sims use 'Oh my, eyes'.

Shaena Lansing - Packaged as YA, human.
Traits: Artistic, brooding, born saleswoman, friendly, good.
Faves: Black, veggie fish and chips, kids music
CC list: - Coolsims 96 by irKatty
- 'Wrapped up nails' by Blissful_sims
- 'Summer breeze flats' by Anubis

For those of you looking to do a 'Dilute the ugly' challenge... (I'm so mean!)
Jake Mattell - Packaged as YA, fairy
Traits: Athletic, brave, friendly, loner, loves the outdoors.
Faves: R&B, lobster thermidor, orange.
No CC, just a huge nose.

Rose Belcher - Packaged as YA, witch.
Traits: Absent-minded, artistic, clumsy, excitable, great kisser.
Faves: Soul, veggie lobster(?), seafoam.
CC list: - Peggy 505, by Anubis
- 'Hestia' by Anubis

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