Wednesday, 2 January 2013

2:8 A&E

A couple of weeks after the wedding, the presents were finally unpacked and had their own places. Lisas' parents had got them a treadmill.

Mercedes had bought them a telescope, and most of the other guests had given pictures and paintings to decorate their new home. They had hoped to go to Champs les Sims for a honeymoon, but didn't have enough money straight away so had decided to save and go for their first anniversary instead.

One weekend, Jackson woke up after Lisa, who was making herself busy with housework in her pajamas. She had quit her job at the spa when the witch had cursed her, and had only recently felt up to looking for a new job, and so tried her hardest around the house, cooking, cleaning and fixing the toilet, which constantly clogged up.
"What do you want to do today?" He asked, as he sat down with a bowl of cereal.
"I heard there's a fortune teller in town, I want to go to see her." Jackson looked at her. He didn't think his wife needed to see someone like that. Would it be a good idea? "I know what you're thinking, but please. I think it would help me a lot, she could tell me something to put my mind at ease. Plus, I barely ever leave the house these days since you take the car to work and I don't have much to do except mess around with the little veg patch." They had started a little garden outside. At the moment, it only had an apple tree and some tomatos, but they were hoping to grow it more. They weren't planning on being self sufficient, but were looking forward to having fresh produce.

They arrived at the park, and Lisa headed straight to the colourful caravan. Jackson wandered around the fountain in the middle, waiting for her to finish so they could go to the bistro for lunch.

He suddenly saw a face he recognised. Holly Alto, she had been a couple of years above him and Lisa at school, but she recognised him too. She was wearing a wedding dress and seemed in a rush, so didn't stop to talk long, just a quick 'hello' then she ran off again.

Eventually, Lisa left the caravan.
"So... What's in your future?" Jackson joked. Lisa smiled, trying not to laugh.
"She said I should avoid sims wearing orange." The couple looked at each other a minute, before bursting out laughing and heading for lunch.


Later, that evening, they were settling down to an evening of horror movies and an early night. Suddenly a familiar green glow filled the house and Lisa got up, panicked.

It was a full moon again, something that scared Lisa since the witch had cursed her. It had been a full moon the night before it happened, and she'd felt as if she was being followed all day. Jackson knew this and immediatly pulled her into a hug. "I'm here for you, Leese, nobody will hurt you when I'm around. Lets go to bed."

Lisa didn't sleep long before she was doubled over the toilet, she wasn't sure if it was nerves, the food she'd eaten at the bistro, or something else, but something wasn't right.


She woke up early the next morning, and decided to make some waffles for her and Jackson for breakfast. She still wasn't feeling great, but hoped eating would make her feel better.

Jackson joined her at breakfast and she mentioned that she had been sick in the night. He said he felt fine, but they'd eaten different food at lunch, so they didn't rule out food poisoning.

She headed off towards the bedroom to change and felt another wave of sickness wash over her, the waffles hadn't helped one bit.

She found herself once again over the toilet.

She decided a lie down would be best, and tried to get some more sleep.

She had barely closed her eyes when she found herself running for the bathroom again. Jackson had just got out of the shower and was really worried about her.

"I think you should go to A&E, sweetie, you're really not well and I think you should see if you can find out what's wrong." She agreed and went back to the bedroom to get dressed.

She started to feel a little better as she arrived at the hospital, maybe it was the fresh air. She decided it would be best to go in anyway. The doctor told her she was pregnant. About 3 weeks along. He gave her some pills to help with the sickness and she rushed home to tell Jackson the good news.

He was ecstatic. They immediatly headed over to Mercedes' house to tell her too. Lisa asked her all sorts of questions, hoping to find out more about what to expect while Jackson played with Summer.

"Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!" Mercedes beamed. "I know my circumstances aren't ideal, and when I was in your position it was the last thing I wanted, but I wouldn't change Summer for the world. If it wasn't for her I think I'd be failing my course, but instead I'm graduating next week. Having a baby was the kick up the backside I needed to grow up, Jackson knows, I was so immature and drank so much that I was either drunk or hungover the entire time. I do wish I was married to somebody I loved like you two though. But I suppose it means I don't have to share my precious Summer with anyone." She looked around Lisa to Jackson, who was tossing Summer in the air, making her shriek. "Except you two. But you're my free baby sitters anyway, so I don't mind" She winked at Lisa and touched her shoulder.

"Well, you'll be able to return the favour now won't you?"

Omg I feel so sorry for Lisa! I have no idea what happened, but she threw up 6 times!! Most of you probably know how scared I was that I'd have thousands of babies as I mentioned it on MTS.

Yes, that blue dress is her maternity wear and she's already fairly heavily pregnant by the time I took the photos for the end of the chapter...

PS: try and remember the 'wearing orange' thing... ;) 

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  1. Yay for a new baby!
    I'll remember the bit about Sims wearing orange, can't wait to see what that means!

  2. Hehe, it was the actual fortune tellers warning, so I decided to run with it ;) I don't go back to it for about 4 chapters, but that should only be 4 days away anyway, so you shouldn't have to hold your breath too long.

  3. Yay, babies! I'm interested to see how you work the fortune teller's warning into things :)

    1. Hehe :) I'm actually kind of excited to see what you all think of it. And whether it will be obvious what's going on when it happens, not sure I trust my writing skills enough really, but we will see :)

  4. orange, duly noted :D

    wow you weren't kidding, she really did throw up a lot!

    ~Margaret Pendragon

    1. I did take pictures of all 6 times, because I couldn't get the same angle in their tiny bathroom each time. I didn't see the point in using them all. It was scary though. For the next sim-day I half expected her to go into labour several more times ;)

  5. Gosh I'm so jealous of your writing skills! Though reading yours is showing me how I can better mine, so thank you. :)

    1. Oh thankyou :D I'm not really that great at writing, I jot down on some paper what is going to happen, take some pictures, come on here and just write, like pour out all the ideas in my head, then add in the pictures at the apropriate points, then bring up and find alternatives for words that I feel I have over used, use the spell checker (or just type the word into google). Then save what I've done as a draft, come back the next day, re-read in 'preview' to check that it's ok (sometimes best to re-read the last paragraph of the last chapter to make sure it flows too) and then usually edit it again before posting. It's a long process, but I find that re-reading it the day after helps loads. Sometimes you think what you've just written is amazing, then you come back to it and it really isn't.

      Hope that helped a bit :) I think your story is good, you're still really early into it as well so if you read mine at that point you'll see how much I improved :)

  6. Poor Lisa. :(

    Will be fun to see exactly what orange dressed people she should avoid. ^^

  7. Pregnant, Yay! I'm glad they're happy about it!

    That fortune tellers warning made me laugh, but it must be something serious since you said to remember it.

  8. Yay babies! And she looks so graceful in that dress; very pretty maternity wear!