Sunday, 6 January 2013

2:12 Old Friend

Lisa hadn't been out again for a few weeks, she hadn't been able to work out if she really did cast a spell or if it was just a random coincidence. But for now, she had turned her attention to teaching Taylor the basics. She was reading her a bedtime story when she first started feeling ill.

She put it down to being tired, and joined Jackson in bed when Taylor had finally fallen asleep.

She woke in the morning and rushed to the bathroom. She recognised this feeling. Jackson was already at work, and she decided she'd do a test when she'd got Taylor up.

Taylor was in a really bad mood. The terrible twos had well and truely hit by now and she'd mastered the art of throwing tantrums. Lisa began to wonder whether she would be able to handle another child with Taylor acting up like she was.

The day seemed to fly by, and it wasn't long before Jackson burst through the door, announcing he'd just been promoted again.

"That's brilliant, Jack! Even better, because I've got some news for you. I'm pregnant again." Jackson looked shocked at first, they hadn't been trying for a baby, they had planned to have another, just not so soon. Realising he was still gawping, and seeing that Lisas' smile was starting to fade, he quickly smiled at her. She headed to the kitchen to make dinner.

Jackson did some quick calculations, could they really afford this? He would have to put in some extra hours at work, he couldn't ask Lisa to get a job, he knew she wanted to, but there was no way they could afford a baby sitter at the moment.

After dinner, Mercedes popped round. Jackson told her about the new pregnancy and promotion, and she congratulated him. Lisa had got an early night, and so it was just the two of them.

They went to Taylors room, and Jackson put her to bed while Mercedes tidied up her toys. They then went to the living area and talked for a while.


Mercedes had invited Jackson, Lisa and Taylor over for dinner with her and Summer the next evening, Lisa had been ill all day because of the pregnancy, and so she stayed at home in bed while Jackson took Taylor.

He parked the car on the street, opposite Mercedes' house and noticed a woman standing on her neighbors path. He felt like he knew her, and as he got closer he realised he did.

"Trisha...?" He'd recognise that tattoo on her wrist anywhere, but when he saw her deep green eyes he knew for sure.
"Oh, hi Jack! Long time no see." Her eyes drifted down to the toddler in his arms. "Very long time."
"What are you doing here?"
"Good to see you too, Jack." She looked hurt now.
"No, I didn't mean... I just didn't expect to ever see you again"

"There's nothing left for me in Twinbrook." She began, unsure of how much she should tell him, it had been nearly a decade since she'd spoken to him, even longer since she'd seen him. "I figured that if you could make it in Sunset Valley, why couldn't I give it a try?" She decided to skip over the details, they weren't important. "So, who's this little one? Are you married?"

 "This is Taylor, and yes, I'm married. Just found out we've got another little one on the way too. I was actually heading next door. My old room mate lives there with her daughter and we were going to have dinner..." This whole situation felt terribly awkward, he needed to get out of here. Something about the way Trisha was looking at him and his child.

"Maybe we could catch up sometime? Mercedes won't like it if we're late for dinner." Trisha nodded. She grabbed a pen from her pocket and scribbled a number down on a gum wrapper.
"It would be good to see you again. See what could have been..." She glanced back at Taylor and headed inside, leaving Jackson confused by her front door.


Time seemed to fly by. It wasn't long before Lisa started to show again. She had gone to her check-ups at the hospital, and they had found out they were having another girl. Taylor was starting to be more independant, and didn't need as much of her parents attention as she'd used to.

Jackson came home from work late one evening, and Lisa was dancing with Taylor in her nightdress. He gave them both a peck on the cheek on his way through to the shower. He hadn't told Lisa about Trisha, and Taylor wasn't coherant enough to tell her. He didn't like keeping secrets from his wife, but something hadn't seemed right about Trisha.

What was it? She'd still had the same hair, same perfume, same tattoos; a butterfly on her wrist and a scattering of stars on her chest. She looked younger than she should do, maybe she was just wearing lots of makeup? It hadn't looked like it. It looked like she was only a few days older than when she last saw her, just a little taller. He felt like he knew her, but didn't at the same time. He shook his head and let the water wash his thoughts away. He had a wife and child, soon to be two children, to think about. He shouldn't worry about his old high school girlfriend.

I have no idea if anyone remembers Trisha, or why she's dressed in orange, but if not it will all become clear soon....

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  1. I remember Trisha! Tattooed and in orange... hmmm...
    And I love Taylor's wings!

    1. She had the tattoos as a teenager before, I'd just forgotten about them and was surprised I'd tattooed a townie teen so had to mention them haha.

      Yes, I had to pick the smallest ones because she looked ridiculos with any others, but I've decided that wings are something that grow as the sim grows, so they'll change :)

  2. Uh oh, beware of Sims wearing orange!

    1. Hehe, I think Jackson has forgotten about that by now, unlike you ;)

  3. Oh dear, I'm wondering if Trisha might just be the witch who turned Lisa into a fairy... Even without the warning about sims wearing orange, there's something about her that makes me nervous

    1. Yes, she's a bit creepy isn't she? The way she kept staring at Taylor was odd, I think you'd be right to be nervous...

  4. But I do remember the warning to stay away from people wearing orange!

    (reminds me of a Lost episode...)

    1. Haha, why? I watched all of Lost, but i was lost. As in, I didn't get it and was constantly confused...

    2. My husband and I are on season 5 right now...what a total mindfk! I love it!

      Earlier in the series, either season 1 or season 2, A flashback shows Jin getting ready for a job interview and his friend tells him he will find love when he sees the color Orange. He later meets Sun...although I can't remember if she was wearing orange.

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  6. gasp! Orange!
    Looked only a few days older, huh?

  7. Okay, Trisha is trouble! She is wearing the orange dress and acting very strangely.

  8. Nooo! Don't let that stupid girl tempt you!

  9. I have so much catching up to do but I wanted to comment anyway even though this is an old chapter. The fact that Trisha hasn't seemed to have aged much makes me think she is a supernatural of some sort if not the witch that cursed Lisa. If I recall correctly Trisha was the dumper is the relationship so she really has no right to be jealous. Looking forward to reading more tomorrow! Oh and I am posting on a google account, my wordpress is the Slumpvis Random Legacy