Thursday, 10 January 2013

2:16 Fear

As if enough things hadn't gone wrong that night, Jackson was woken in the early hours. He could hear someone sneaking around outside.

Being careful not to wake Lisa, he climbed out of bed and called the police.

It wasn't long before an officer appeared. Jackson was sceptical, the robber was well built, and this woman was incredibly thin. He had no doubt that a female cop could beat a male robber, just not this one.

For the second time that night, a fight erupted in the house. This one was a lot more physical, and Jackson noticed the robber had pulled the tap off the sink, he hoped he wasn't using it for a weapon.

Jacksons concerns were realised minutes later, when the robber beat the cop and ran out the house, taking their car in the process. The cop apologized, Jackson shrugged it off. They couldn't afford a new car, but it didn't matter. The robber hadn't made it to the back of the house, where his wife and two young daughters had been sleeping. Nothing else mattered.

There was no way Jackson could sleep now. He helped himself to a serving of leftover mac and cheese from the fridge, as he found he was suddenly hungry, and sat down to think. What an awful night. So Trisha was the witch who had cursed his wife all those years ago? Trisha was a witch? How long had she been in town then? He began to think she may have followed him here. Why Lisa? Trisha had broken up with him, how could she be holding a grudge for him being happy? All the questions made his brain hurt, and he wondered if he'd ever know the answers. He decided to try and get some sleep. He had his first day as 'yes-man' in a few hours, and had hardly had any sleep.


The next morning, Lisa set about fixing the house up. She had become quite handy over her years as a housewife, and wasn't going to let that burglar win.

It turned out he'd got as far as the bathroom and broken the shower. This panicked Lisa. If someone could break in so easily, they weren't safe. They couldn't afford an alarm system. What could they do?

She could hear Madison wailing. She'd slipped on a puddle that Lisa hadn't yet mopped up and dropped her toy.

Lisa took her to the living area and played with her for a few hours. What would she have done if that witch had taken her? Was that what she came here for?

Taylor arrived home from school. She called through the front door to let her mother know she was home, before sitting on the front porch to do her homework. The town had slowly been getting hotter over the three and a half years since her sister had been born. It was gradual, of course, nobody really noticed it day-to-day, but it was obvious when the older sims thought back to their childhoods. These days you'd start to over heat if you wore a jumper, whereas before you could wear any outfit and be comfortable.


After dinner, Jackson joined Lisa in the kitchen, she had just finished washing up.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, baby." He gently took her hands, not wanting a repeat of yesterday rejection. "I promise, she'll never come here again." He contemplted telling her who Trisha was, but decided against it when he remembered how angry she'd looked the night before. He wasn't sure whether she'd stick around, and he didn't want to loose his family.

"Thankyou, Jack, but you can't promise that. She showed up uninvited. And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap at you, I was just... I was so scared, I didn't know what she was going to do. And then you..." She sighed and he hugged her tight.
"I know, it's ok."

"I love you."
"I love you too." He pulled his head back and kissed away her fear.

I felt bad leaving the last one at the end of an argument, so I had to leave this one on a happier note.

I think most of you will have guessed where I'm going with the whole science facility disaster thing now, if not, all will be revealed. I don't know when, but it will. ;) 

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  1. Aaah! I hate it when the burglar gets away. And my sims are always so slow to actually call the cops when I push them too... I'm glad Lisa and Jackson made up. It's always easier to deal with the world together.

    1. Argh, me too! He only took the car, luckily, because at this point they had like 500 simoleons and couldn't have afford to replace any essentials!

      Yes, they made up, but now Jackson is keeping secrets, which is never good...

  2. Dude, the bit about the burglar using the tap to beat up the cop...I'm rolling on the floor laughing. Way to roll with what the game throws at you, lol.

    So, Jackson didn't tell Lisa about Trish. I just know that's going to bite him in the ass later...

    I have a guess about the science facility disaster, but I'll keep it to myself until I see it. =D

    1. Ahahaha, I nearly wet myself when I thought of it. I was like 'Damn, I forgot they hadn't fixed the sink yet...' (The sink, shower and toilet all broke within 2 minutes of each other, and they were all really tired after the fighting, I hadn't expected to have to take any pictures until they were fixed...)

      Jackson is an idiot, but I've just written chapter 2:23, and he is on the verge of having to tell Lisa everything before someone else does. A LOT of stuff happens in the chapters between here and then, so I wouldn't be surprised if we all forget that Lisa doesn't know (I nearly did!)

      I'm excited about the science facility thing :D There are hints in almost every chapter about it too, so anyone who hasn't guessed yet, will have by the time 'it' happens.

  3. Hmm, could it be that the science facility thing has caused weather? Also, since I've just read two chapters in one go - I thought Trisha might be the witch who cursed Lisa - I wonder what's going on in her head though, after all she's the one who dumped Jackson not vice versa

    1. Haha ;) Maybe...

      who knows what's in Trishas head. She's one complicated girl. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

  4. Trisha is scaring me.

    And the poor, poor Mattells! Losing their car? Stupid burglar!

    1. I know! I was going to teach the girls to drive too :(

  5. Nope, I'm still not sure about the science facility, lol. Will just have to keep reading, I guess ;)

    Loved how you worked a broken sink into the burglar story.

    At first I was like, "He really should be honest and tell her who Trisha is", but then...Lisa's so paranoid, maybe it really is best not to tell her. She might totally flip.

  6. Doggone it! He took their car!

    I think that Jackson made a mistake by not telling Lisa who Trisha was. When she finds out, she will wonder why Jackson kept it from her.