Behind the Scenes Gen 4

Shaena has a paddy-fit about the bar being in the way of the alcohol. And Kaity is supposed to be the party animal!

Alex had to go to the bathroom. Kaity route-failed, because she was too polite to go into the mens room to start a fight :|
This is a bar brawl if you pause at the exact millisecond between the brawl starting and the dust flying. Scary.

"Oi! Lady!"

"Um... Yes...?"

"Take your clothes off."

 Bonnie thinks her CC nails are more interesting than this conversation.

Bonnie threw a house party in a bit of downtime, and Kaity and Shaena attended. They were mortified to find both their parents there, but danced away anyway.

Also, either Shaena has managed to get herself an imaginary friend (even though I deleted her doll at birth), or she's now schizophrenic :|

Sophie: Jaydean! You can't eat that!
Jaydean: Why? It's yummy!
(These two are sooo gorgeous. Hoping for some more cute babies soon)

 I know Rose wanted a girl, but come on!

Kaity would not stop putting her hand through the fridge. Caused so many issues.

Just as I'm about to leave, Rose pees herself all over little Jaydean.
Although, she immediately went off for a shower, and Myles came and mopped in up, so at least they're keeping their house clean.

 For mypalsim.
I hate this picture other than that ;)

 That's Jack Horner kicking Winter in the face...

I couldn't use this, it as just for fun, but I love how they're reflected in the mirror.

My graphics card overheats and makes Winters muscles pop.
 This is Kaity pulling a super-cheeky face right before autonomously flirting with Winter. I had to let a little time pass between scenes for lighting purposes and she really is a man-a-holic...

This is her naked hair. It upsets me...

 "Kaity... Is that your phone? You didn't turn it off?!" *embarrassed*
"Oh, uh, yeah.. Let me just get that..."
Just perfect timing...

 Winter shows off his claw machine skillz.

Kaity cheats and shrinks to sprite form to get a freezer bunny... Was it worth it?

Kaity won. Winter looked angry. And then Kaity decided a bit of woohoo would lift his spirits...

Evil Phedra.

I'd never seen that before. That was Donovan Robles telling a secret...

 Is she posing for the camera? Stop! This scene should be natural!!

Kaity has a fit while Autumn throws his sparkles in the air.

"I'm a genie!"
(There's a creepy pap outside the window...)

This is the reason people should make sure couple poses snap-to...

There are no words.
I love them both so much.

 Cute :)
 "Woooaaa-ooah, your sex is on fire..."

 "Winter? I'm on the phone here... Winter?"

Kaity went weird. Feet started pointing inwards, eyes focus on Shae and Lou in an evil glare... Then she snapped out of it and went to speak to her brother.

After this point I got tumblr. More outtakes can be found here.
For this generation I also did tabloid articles to spice up the five star celebrity roll. They're pretty much complete lies, but I had a lot of fun doing them! The tabloid was called 'The Hills Have Ears!', which was a play on the well known horror film 'The Hills Have Eyes', the fact everything they print is hearsay, and the fact that as they live in Sunset Valley they're surrounded by hills. The articles can be found below:
Issue #1: Psycho Nanny
Issue #2: Krazy In Love
Issue #3: Kiss And Run?
Issue #4: One Steamy Afternoon...
Issue #5: Revealed: Kaity's Man!
Issue #6: Kaity - Fraud?
Issue #7: Krazy's Back!
Issue #8: Mini Mattell - Like Mother, Like Daughter?
Issue #9: 'Til Death Do We Party


  1. *snort. Rose peeing the floor. I love the animation they do afterward. I've got a great shot of a sim doing a great 'Did you see that? Oh you saw that? haha. Oops?' Love it!

    1. Lol. I almost took a pic of that face, but didn't in the end as I wouldn't use it in the story anyway.

  2. Evil Phedra! Love it! Between Zombie Phedra, and now Evil Phedra, I wonder how many iterations she'll have in this life? Lol!