Saturday, 26 January 2013

2:32 Strong, Independant Women

Taylors graduation came around quickly, and as the family arrived at city hall, they were shocked to find a dead body! Taylor didn't mind the body as much as she'd thought she would, which made her realise she'd picked the right line of work.

It was Geoffrey's graduation too. Not from college, but they hadn't given him his high school diploma yet, and he was picking it up today.

Devon was really well behaved, but Lisa was annoyed at Madison. She'd done nothing but sit there and moan about how boring it was and how her feet hurt. Lisa had wanted to elbow her in the ribs, but had been afraid she might miss and injure her unborn grandchild, so had instead reminded her that her boyfriend and sister were both in the ceremony and would attend her own graduation in a few years.


Once the ceremony was over, Taylor changed out of the itchy gown and set about gathering her final things. Madison was really moody so she'd got her last things together for her to avoid arguments.

Madison hadn't bothered to change, neither had her parents, but they set about to say their goodbyes.
"Don't forget you're always welcome here if you need anything. You can just come for dinner then leave if you need to."
"Dad, we're strong independant women, we'll be fine!" Madison grinned, but looked upset.

"What's wrong, honey?"
"Daddy... I wish I could stay, but I want to go too! I want to stay because I don't want to raise a baby on my own, and you and Mum have had loads of experience and could help me loads, but I want to go because there is no way we'd all fit in here, and the new house is nearer to the school and hospital so it will be easier."
"It will be fine. Taylor will help you out, won't she! And I'm sure Geoffrey will be over every chance he gets."
"But dad, he works such long hours! He's at college from 9am and then works to 9pm. That's my whole day!"

"Well, I'm sure he'll cut his hours down a bit as soon as he's got enough money to buy the baby things. He wouldn't want to miss his child growing up." Jackson patted his daughters swollen stomach. He still couldn't really believe it, but in a few short weeks he'd be a grandfather.

The girls said their final goodbyes, and headed to the door. Jackson followed them and once again reminded them that they could come back at any point. To live or just to visit. The girls looked at him and smiled. He clearly wasn't ready to let them go, even if they were fine with leaving.

It was just a short walk round the corner to the girls' new house. 99 Landgraab Avenue. The moon was just rising as they arrived with their few possessions, but the girls were tired from their busy day. Madison was back at school the next day after term-break, and so they both went inside and to bed. The house was empty, aside from a bed in either bedroom, a fridge, a toilet, sink and shower. There wasn't even any carpet or wall paper, but Taylor decided she'd spend all her paychecks on things for the house, including decorations and lights, as soon as she had enough.

The girls were both asleep when the storm started. They could hear the pitter-patter of water on the roof and the crash of lightning striking nearby in their sleep though, and both had dreams involving the sounds.

So, generation 3 begins! Madison was having a mood-swing, and had backache from pregnancy, which is what all that was about. Term break was leisure day on Thursday, random day off on Friday, the weekend, and then the graduation Monday. Just got lucky haha.

Gen 2 stats: all goals completed, Jackson reached level 5 of business career even though he was idle, and Lisa only got to level 1 of education because she only worked about 2 days I think. I've decided I will write summaries on a page of each generation, so I'll set that up soon. 

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  1. Ah! The forever death at graduation EA thinks is necessary. Or is that a vampire passed out from sun exposure? lol
    Ah! Generation 3! I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel for Gen1, so you're SO lucky to be moving forward! Can't wait to see the house once Taylor gets it furnished!

    1. It's a vampire passed out from sun exposure, but they don't know about vampires actually existing for a couple more chapters. I'm so angry at myself! The one time I only take one picture of something, and I have a picture with a dead body?! *Sigh*
      I know! I'm excited for all I have planned, though as I said on the forum, I'm at a really depressing bit, so you have that to look forward to... I technically should only be halfway through gen 2 by now, but the whole glitchy save file ended gen 1 early.
      I'm happy I am moving forward, and I'm surprisingly not upset about leaving Jackson and Lisa. Usually I get attached and upset, but I am very attached to Taylor and Madison, so I'm hoping to roll full house for gen 4 so I can have them both! :D
      I don't think anyone will guess my heir, or marital structure for gen 3. *cackles*

      (Still haven't finished furnishing Taylors house, moving stole all their money.)

  2. Yay for Taylor and Madison, moving on!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the house.

    1. I'm going to expand it. It was a quick 5 second 'they need a house now cus I want to go to bed' house, and isn't big enough for what I've rolled I think I'll take a layout pic when I next go in game, because I'm awful and never remember that nobody else can see the house ;)

  3. I'm kind of excited to see what happens next with Taylor, Madi, and Geoffrey--and the baby, of course!

  4. Hormonal Maddie! LOL

    Jackson and Lisa are going to have an almost empty house now, but I know it was hard to see the girls leave. Devon will probably be aging up soon, but I wonder if he's going to miss his sisters too!

  5. I've just finished reading Gen 2. Wow, these last few chapters have been full of drama, with Madison pregnant at 14?! :-O.

    I can't wait to see what's in store for the two sisters at their new house :-D.