Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2:29 Present

Time seemed to fly by these days. Little Devon was already a toddler, his wings had come in and seemed to be a cross between Taylor and Madisons wing colour. Lisa wondered how wing colour was decided by the body. None of her children had her pink colouring, and they hadn't had anywhere else to inherit it from.


"Geoff gave me this!" Madison squealed as she shoved a box into Taylors hands.
"What is it?" Taylor asked, giving the box a gentle shake.
"I don't know." She grabbed the box back and put it on the bookcase by the TV. "He told me I can't open it until he says so, but I have to have it here. I think he's checking he can trust me and it's only a box. It's very light. But I'm going to prove him wrong and I won't open it at all."

"Why would he do that, Madi? He knows he can trust you, you've been together forever." Madison smiled, blushing a little and shying at her sister mentioning her love life.
"I know we have, but I can't think of any reason why I couldn't open it now!" Taylor laughed.
"This is why. It's because you're so impatient!" Madison scowled. "What have you been pushing or nagging for?"

Madison thought a second.
"Nothing. He gives me everything I want."
"Maybe it isn't a physical object you're pushing for." Taylor raised her eyebrows and looked knowingly at her sister, causing Madison to blush more than ever. Taylor smiled. "I knew it" She giggled.
"Stoppit Taylor!" Madison rushed out, looking around to check nobody else was in earshot. "Not that, don't tell anyone!" Taylor nodded and motioned zipping her lips shut.

"I do want to get married though." Madison played with her fingers, rubbing where a ring would be if she had one. "Do you think it's a ring?" She grinned, her face lighting up.
"I don't know, Madi. Don't think about it, otherwise you'll open it before he wants you to, proving my point that you can't wait for anything!"

"Just don't think about it." Taylor repeated. "You need to find something to take your mind off it. Do something, and then you'll forget about it so you won't be tempted."
"Like what? What am I supposed to do?" Madison whined. "I could just have a peek and he'd never know!"

At that moment Jackson walked through the door and Madison suddenly changed the topic.
"So, I tried adding them up, and it wasn't right. Then Miss Riley said I shouldn't have carried the remainder on the sum before, and so I was adding together completely the wrong numbers..." Taylor moved her hands to cover her mouth. She couldn't help but laugh. She didn't know as much about maths as her sister and her father, but she was sure that hadn't made any sense. Jackson looked at the girls, confused. Why would two teenage girls have a conversation about maths? It seemed very odd. Usually they were speaking about boys or celebrities. Or worse, that new expensive outfit they wanted.


"Oh PLEEEEEEESE G! Just one peek?" Madison had been nagging her boyfriend on the phone to let her open the box. He wasn't giving in. "Just one peek! Or! You could give me a hint?... Please! Pretty please!"
"Madi, shut up and come to the door!" Madisons heart fluttered. She quickly hung up the phone and ran to the door to let him in.

"Please!" She whispered as she pulled him close. "Just one little hint?"
"No." He returned. She scowled and he held her face in his hands. "I love you, and I'll be very upset if I find out you peeked. It's up to you what you do, but I'd rather you didn't." He leaned down and kissed her on the nose. She closed her eyes and sighed. How could she look now?

Jackson scooped up Devon and took him out of the couples hair. As he was leaving he could have sworn he heard Madison asking him to spend the night. His heart sank at the thought of his little girl growing up, but he felt a lot better when Geoffrey responded clearly with "I can't do that!". He wasn't certain of Madisons question, but was reassured by the boys answer.

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  1. Geoff is such a sweetheart.
    What's in the box? I wanna peek! Just one little peek? How about a hint?

    1. Haha! Sorry! No peeking!
      You actually have to wait ages. If I'd known I was going to change my mind about where I was going, I'd have left the present for a few more chapters, but you'll have forgotton about the present by the time she opens it! Oh well, I could've just not published it, but it leaves a hole then when she suddenly opens a gift...

  2. Ooh, I'm going to be so on edge for the next few chapters wondering what's in the box!

    1. Sorry, it's longer than a few chapters! Eek. Don't hurt me!

  3. Gah! That's maddening! You can't do that... well... yes you can you're the author and you can do whatever you want with your story. Who am I kidding, the anticipation is fun! Can't wait to see what's inside of it!

    1. Haha! Well, at least my characters only keep secrets from each other, besides the present, you all know what they have done. Unlike your story, missy! ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Oh God. I'm worried now. I might have to change what's in that box to live up to expectations! :|
      Haha, I'm glad I've managed to get everyone so excited though!

  5. I also want to peek! G is very sweet and gentlemanny.

  6. What's in the box!!! I'm like Maddie. I'd be dying to know!