Behind the Scenes Gen 1-3

This is a behind the scenes look at the life of the Mattells. I like to think they're all actors and this is a snapshot of what they get up to in their downtime.
Some may be funny, some I just like but couldn't fit into the story.

Generation 1:
She was definatly the reason gen 1 died.

Generation 2:
Cross eyed Mercedes.
When Taylor aged up... Yeah, I have some bad CC that I can't find.
Taylor forgot she was on the top bunk...
Bit hot, Madison?
Geoffrey on the one day he was a teen.
Bit of sister bonding time off set. They visited the fall festival when it came to town, unfortunately fall didn't exist yet, but they had fun anyway.
'I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter.'

Generation 3:
 Why Geoffrey didn't notice Madison getting abducted.
"Damn, I'm hot..."
This randomer was super-happy when he changed back to human form after being a zombie for the night.
RIP Geoffrey Lansing.

The day a zombie died, and another threw up because of it. (Yes, this is gen 3. Taylor is inside visiting her family.)
"Hey Taylor, you in?"
This is what happens when you accidentally press 'random poses'
Luis found an egg!
There were some odd lighting issues at the spring festival.
 Luis got a plumbob on his face. He looks so cute >_<
Taylor thought she was Mary Poppins...
"Ew! Luis!"
"Sorry, Mum..."

Luis And Laylas Prom Album  - a ridiculous amount of outtakes and stupid 'directors commentary' Probably good for a laugh.
 Simis Bachelor needs a shower. Madi did not expect to feel sick when she got to the elixir consignment store...

Looks like Shaena has some evil plans for that fairy dust!


 Glitchy Jackson.

He entertained Summer, at least...

I don't know if you've ever watched a 'light sleeper' sim sleep, but it made me lol when Summer kept doing this!

Taylor sometimes uses her fairy powers in housework. It means she doesn't have to touch the germy mop handle.

I can't even explain this one...

This extra camp man made me laugh. He should get a handbag for that puppy :p

 "Madi? Are you ok?"
This shot is just perfect! I just wish I culd use it! Lol, Madi is always gagging, I don't know why, but the way Taylor lined herself up made me hit 'pause' faster than anyone ever.

Yes, lets all stand in the middle of the road...

Just your everyday zombie. Enjoying lifes luxeries; an umbrella and a couple of fairies auras...

"I'm off to work now."
Where the hell do you work, Summer? They allow you to wear that and paint dark circles round your eyes? I could've sworn you worked at the spa...

"Oooh! Sparkly!"


I've developed an obsession with extreme-facial-close-ups that I'll never use.

Especially Shaena.
Because she's so...



Plus, she's constantly striking poses :)
What a good girl :D

 I loved watching these two sing together :)

And this is just my all-time favourite picture.
So far...

 "Yeah, so then I told him 'whatever!' and he was all 'whatever!'..."

See what I mean about Shaena's expressions?
I love you...

 Glitchy payrise.

Creepy stalker love letter.

Thought this was cute :)

Alex knows about Kaity's dream, and decides to play along...

Is it raining inside?

When you've been dead for eighteen years, you struggle to remember that you can't walk through people anymore. Rose is just confused, as always.

Kaity is smokin'. She keeps doing her homework like this, and setting herself alight.

"Woah! Oh my God! What are you doing?"

Jake turns into a monkey when he dances.

I forgot to reset Shaena after posing her for '3:26 Introductions', and she fell through the upstairs bathroom floor and landed on Taylor's bed. Luckily, she didn't wake up, or feel any pain.

"Oh my God, Kaity, my fingers have gone weird..."

Myles watching Rose conjure that apple with real hunger in his eyes. Is that 'can I get you pregnant?' or 'are you gunna eat that?'?

Oh, Geoff. Get out. You're not in this scene, and if you were, you wouldn't be smiling.

 I don't even know... She does this everytime with that crib :|

I just love this pic.


  1. lol! Love the borked toddler/child Shelly! and Floating head Taylor is great too! Ah! Geoff! At least he is forever enshrined in photos on the walls!

    1. Hah, Geoff dying was the whole reason I had Madi set the shrine up! As it started when she was a teen, it made it look like a teenagers room too, but it was all part of my evil master plan...

  2. lol at the camp man. Yup! You need to be on the lookout for Jackson. Possibly reset him. That is an age transition error and it can really mess with things in game, not just his age. I had a sim in another challenge outlive his great grandkids. I finally went in and looked at just how EA handles the "will you die today?" thing. It's a percentage chance each day and it doesn't get higher as they get older. If they have completed the "Cardio nut" skill challenge the percentage is even lower. So if your sim doesn't hit that chance and rolls higher than it everyday, theoretically, they can live forever. Messed up, huh?

    1. Hmm, weird! Ok, I'll do that. Someone suggested it was a glitchy cane, and I should get him a new one, but I didn't mention that he has outlived his 'Jackson won't live forever' notice by about 3 weeks. And I can't change his cane anyway, because I hate changing households, and so he is forever unplayable.

      I'm wondering if he caused my save-errors. When I got the thousands of errors he was on the lot, and when I'd done the age-ups and saved then he came for the second party I couldn't save while he was there. I was going to quit and cry, but I figured I'd get the rest of the screenies, then the party ended and I could save again :|
      Of course, it could have been the immense amount of fairy wings on the lot at the time.

    2. I'd be more likely to blame it on the sim that's visibly glitching out than fairy wings. This post is pretty old, so I'm not sure if you've fixed your issues yet, but I'd still say it's time to put Jackson to rest manually if he hasn't buggered off on his own yet.