Monday, 21 January 2013

2:27 Everyday Life

The Mattells tried to do things as a family. It was Lisas' idea. She wasn't aging at all, and realised that it wouldn't be long before the girls were grown up and Jackson was gone. It would be easier, now she had Devon, but he'd eventually grow up too, and she wasn't sure if she'd want to be with another man after Jackson. She tried not to think about it, and turned her attention back to the TV and the small conversation her daughters were having about whether the chef on the programme was hot or not. Taylor thought so, Madison didn't. Lisa smiled to herself and looked around at her family. They may not have forever, but it was moments like this; just everyday life, that she'd remember forever.

The TV show ended, and the family went their separate ways. It was a Saturday, so everyone was home. The girls headed outside, and Taylor remembered something she'd heard at school.
"Hey, apparantly there's an eating contest at the park today! Shall we go?" Madison smiled. It did sound fun.
"Yeah, ok! I bet I'll beat you!"
"Madi, you'll never beat me. I've got a bottomless pit of a stomach." It was true. Taylor could eat huge portions at dinner, and still want dessert after. It was lucky for her that she'd inherited her mothers physique, and so found it very difficult to put any weight on.

"I'll beat you one day! I'm gonna practice my eating skills and then I'll visit you when we're grown up and eat everything in your house!" Taylor laughed at her younger sister. "I'll eat your furniture too. Don't think I won't, Taylor!" Madison mocked being serious, but couldn't help cracking up laughing. The girls linked arms and headed inside to call a cab.

There was only 3 entrants to the competition. Maybe most people didn't like hotdogs all that much. The contestants readied themselves, and the sisters got their competative heads on. Forgetting that they knew each other and focusing on nothing but the food.

This is easy. Taylor thought, seeing that her sister was starting to struggle, and the woman next to her was gagging. Trick is, to take small bites so you don't have to chew. Otherwise you forget to chew, and choke.

 It wasn't long before Taylor finished. She stood up, victorious, and glanced at her competitors plates. Madison was going to come second.
"Come on Madi! Only nine left!" She cheered, hoping to speed her up a little. Madison looked sick at the thought of eating nine more hotdogs. She then threw down the one in her hand and ran away from the table, forfeiting her second place spot.

Taylor went after her sister, and spotted her hunched over a hedge, hiding behind some bushes. She was throwing up all the hotdogs she'd just shoved down her throat, and she hadn't chewed them properly so it hurt and bought tears to her eyes.

"Aww, Madi!" Taylor cooed, pulling her sister into a hug. "Sorry you couldn't handle it, but I've won unlimited hotdogs for a week, so you can get loads of practice..." She pulled back and grinned as the ill look reappeared on Madisons face. "Sorry!" She laughed as Madison lightly hit her.


Days later, Lisa was nearing the end of her maternity leave, and was tending to her survivalist onion plant when she noticed leaves on the floor. She looked up at the nearby tree. It still had loads of leaves, but they looked a little yellow, instead of the usual green. Was there a fungus on it?

She decided to talk to Jackson about getting it treated when he got back from work, and started raking the leaves up, so she could tell if more fell.

They had recently won the lottery and so could afford to pay for the tree to be treated. It was welcome shade in the daytime, and a small family of birds lived in it too. She'd seen them fly in and out throughout the day and evening.

They really did win the lottery. They had about 500 simoleons end of last chapter, and I looked while I was taking pictures for this one and they have over 10 grand! 0_o
I don't accept any opportunities because I'm playing idle careers and I don't want to accidently build relationship with a co-worker, or gain skill needed for a job, and Lisa only went to work twice before she got maternity leave!

No, that's not the summer festival... They don't even have summer here! (I'll have to wait a few generations, or one 'year' to include the festivals properly, although I did have a good play around)

Also, sorry about the actual sim-puke in the picture. I didnt realise I'd timed it exactly right until writing this up :/

Taylor, why are you smurfed?

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  1. Chef on the TV show: Not Hot. my opinion, lol.
    Taylor and Madi are cute together, I love their sibling relationship, rivals sometimes, but it's obvious they love each other and stick together, too.

    1. Haha, I agree, but I wanted them to be having a friendly argument about something, and then saw the TV and laughed. Their relationship is how mine is with my two sisters now we're older. I'm saving what it was like when we were younger for a different generation where the family aren't at risk and in need of each other so much...

  2. I had a chapter with Sim Puke, and out of the 30 photos of it I took only one was useable. It's tough to get that timed right, isn't it? I love how Lisa thought autumn colors on the tree equals fungus. lol.
    And yay for family time! Question though, is Devon a fairy too?

    1. I know! At least it doesn't look too real!
      Haha, well, what would you think if you'd never seen autumn before? The only other thing that makes trees lose their leaves is disease, and I didn't want to mention the 200 other trees that are visable from her garden...
      Yea, he is. Hmph.

  3. Yes, is Devon a fairy too? We haven't seen much of him since he was born, but I don't remember sparkles.

    In addition to treasuring her own time with her family, I hope Lisa thinks to ready her own daughters for this same eventuality.

    1. Yea, he is. I really hoped he wasn't because it's so hard to get pictures where there is nobody flying or staring at their hands covered in fairy dust in the background. Lisa isn't happy having magic in the house because of the way she was turned and so there is supposed to be a 'no magic' rule on the house.

      Lisa doesn't know anything abut fairies. She never leaves the house and doesn't want to research it. Her children haven't noticed she's not aged (although they probably will when Jackson becomes an elder) and so they haven't thought about it because they're aging normally right now. Lisa, for now, at least, thinks the non-aging thing is an extra curse Trisha put on her. And so unfortunatly, her children won't be prepared. They're smart though, so they'll work it out :)

    2. With you as their reining goddess, I'm sure they'll be ok :)

  4. I love seeing close families and it's so sweet that Lisa is trying to keep hers that way. I feel sad that she's going to have to see Jackson die. Will the girls continue aging or will they stop at young adult like Lisa did?

    Aww, poor Maddie got sick, but I had to laugh when Tyler teased her about more hotdogs. That's exactly what my brothers would have done to me!

    That fungus in the tree makes me think that Trisha is up to her tricks again!