Friday, 1 February 2013

3:6 S.N.O.W.

"Oh my God, Taylor! Shut up! You are so embarrassing!"
Taylor broke down in fits of laughter at her sisters annoyance. It was Madisons birthday. She'd had her last day of school today too, and graduation was tomorrow. Everything seemed to be happening at once at the moment.

"The shop men are coming to put our new beds in tomorrow, by the way. That's my birthday present to you. I don't know how comfortable it is, but I got you the cheaper one because you'll only be here a couple more months if that, and then I want to sell it and turn this room into a living room." Madison smiled at her sister.
"Thanks, Tay. You know I've really appreciated you letting me live here, don't you? You'll have to come visit me in my new house, Luis will miss you too."


The next morning, the girls got up early. The graduation ceremony started at 9am, but since Luis came along everything took twice as long as it should.

The white rain was still falling as they arrived at city hall. It had been falling on and off since Taylor had first noticed it that full moon night, and scientists still hadn't named it. The whole town was sure this was more fallout from the accident 16 years ago, although they hadn't come out and explained it like they had the wet rain.

Madison was glad to finally be done with school, although she still wasn't certain what she wanted to do as a job. She still had a few years to think about it. Geoffrey wasn't far off saving for the house, and so Madison would save money on baby sitters and keep house for Taylor until she moved out.

That evening, Geoffrey came over for dinner after he'd finished work. The girls' new beds had arrived, and he was going to stay the night, while Luis' crib had been moved to Taylors room for the night to give the couple some time alone.

Madison thought her bed felt a lot more comfortable. But that could have just been because she could snuggle up to Geoffrey for the first time ever.


Madison woke in the morning to find the other side of the bed empty. She sleepily got dressed and went to look for her boyfriend.

"Morning, baby." Geoffrey said, pulling her into a kiss when she found him in the bathroom.
"I could get used to this." Madison replied against his lips.
"You'll have to soon, won't you." Madison pulled back.
"How soon?" Geoffrey grinned and tapped the side of his nose.
"That's for me to know, and you to find out." Madison huffed and scowled at him.
"Why does everything have to be a secret with you?"
"Not a secret, a surprise!" Geoffrey laughed. "Anyway, I'm off to work now, I'll come over tonight and maybe, maybe we'll talk about how soon."

Once Geoffrey was gone, Madison joined Taylor at the table. Taylor had got Luis up and was letting him loose with the baby food in his high chair while she read up on a case for work. Madison grabbed the paper off the table and started to read.
"Hey, Taylor. Have you read this?"
"No," she replied, not looking up from the book infront of her.
"Well it's explaining about the white rain, listen. 'This new colder rain has been found to be frozen water. It is similar to the ice build up you may get in your freezer compartment if you don't defrost it reguarly...' blah blah '...It is expected to continue for at least another month if not more. The scientists attending to the project have called this phenomenon S.N.O.W. short for 'solid nanoparticles of water' '"
"A month, Madi?" Taylor had looked up from her book while her sister was reading, taking great interest in this 'snow'.
"That's what it says." Before the girls could continue their conversation, Luis started screeching.

"Whats wrong, Luis?" Madison asked the small boy, hoping he'd just tell her then shut up.
"Well, daddy is at work right now, sweetie. He's coming over later."
"You can't have daddy now. If you're not a good boy today I'll tell him not to come over." Taylor and Madison both knew the threat wasn't real, but it seemed to make the toddler stop screaming. For now, at least.

Of course, Luis wasn't a good boy, but his father came over anyway.
"I've got enough for a deposit on a house." He finally admitted after much nagging from Madison.
"Oh my God! G, when can we move?"
"As soon as we pick the house and the paperwork is finalised. Should be a month at the most."


 It was only a few days later when Madison woke to a familiar sickness. If she was right, she was pregnant. This time it was a much happier occasion. She and Geoffrey had looked at houses they might like, and had picked out the perfect one. They were due to move in a few months, when the current occupants had left, so by the time this baby came along they would be living together.

Luis had recently figured out the front door, and enjoyed letting himself in and out. He was in no real danger, as he couldn't get down the porch steps, and had never tried so far. It still annoyed Madison no end when she came out of her room after getting dressed and found him outside in the cold snow once again.
"Luis, come inside! You know mummy doesn't like you playing with the door!" Luis obediantly turned around and came back inside.

As she bent down to pick him up and praise him for doing as he was told for once, she felt another wave of sickness, and had to rush to the bathroom.
"Mummieee! Come back!" Luis cried, thinking he must've done something wrong to make his mother run off like that. "I diden meen oo!" he said as his mother came out of the bathroom.

Madison had sickness on and off throughout the day, but was well enough to dance with Luis when he begged.
Taylor came back from a particularly exhausting day at work to Luis making odd noises and swaying around while holding his mothers hands.
"Um, what's going on?" She asked. She knew toddlers could be weird, but she'd not come home to a scene this odd before.
"We're dancing, and he's making music." Madison replied, as if it was obvious. She looked at her sister and saw the confused expression on her face. "I know, hopefully that xylophone will teach him something and he'll be able to hold a tune." She let go of Luis hands and he toddled over to the xylophone, seeming to understand the conversation his mother and aunt were just having. Madison turned to her sister.

"So, I was going to tell G first, but I'm too excited, and he'll understand." Taylor gave her sister a 'what?' look, and Madison grinned as she carried on. "I'm pregnant again! I did a test this morning after I threw up the first time, and I'm so excited!"
"Congratulations!" Taylor smiled, genuinely happy for her little sister. "Were you planning this one?"
"No, but we'll be living together by the time it's born, and I'm old enough now, and I've done it before..."
"Madi, you don't have to make up excuses! I was just wondering." Taylor interrupted her sister, who seemed a little uncomfortable. "I'm happy for you, I am. And I'll be glad to have another nephew, but I'd prefer a niece. And rather you than me, I don't want any children yet and I can just hand yours back to you" She giggled and Madison rolled her eyes.
"Anyway, don't tell Geoff, I want to tell him."
"Madi, would I really tell him for you?"


Geoffrey couldn't make it over that night, but came the night after and Madison whispered the good news so Luis wouldn't hear and ask too many questions. He was, of course, overjoyed and couldn't wait to move to the new house and start their life together properly.

Taylors room. I spent ages on it and didn't get to feature it.
 Annoying that the only picture I took was at night...


  1. LOVE the acronym for Snow! That's awesome! And yay for babies! Luis is a cutie, I don't think I put that in last time. But he is. Can't wait to see what the new little one looks like.

    1. Oh god I spent literally an entire shift at work working that one out! Because I used a professors name for rain I couldn't do the same for snow. I'm dreading hail and the seasons haha!
      I am thinking seasons will be named after areas of the sim-world that reflect the weather, but that wont come in til gen 4/5 anyway.

      Luis is a child in game right now, I think he is going to be incredibly hot! Unfortunatly, he was born way too early for me to consider him for heir.
      The unborn one is still a baby in game right now, but ages to toddler a few sim-hours after I go back into game. They have Geoffreys skintone, so I think they'll look like him.

  2. I love S.N.O.W! It's a fantastic explanation for the name :)

    Also looking forward to seeing what the new baby looks like and how Luis grows up

    1. *Spoiler alert!*
      New baby is GORGEOUS!!!! It's just reached toddler stage in game and made me breathless! Luis is pretty hot too, but I've never had a sim take my breath away at toddler-stage!

  3. I love Madi & Geoff, they are so cute. I'm so happy they are finally getting to move in together. nd a new baby, yay!
    The snow acronym was hilarious, too.

    1. *Gulp*

      Thanks, haha, 'N' was the hardest one. I worked out 'Solid ____ of water' first and couldn't think of anything!

  4. S.N.O.W. hahaha. I love their little weather "phenomenons" :D

    I can't wait until Geoffrey and Madi move in together...I'm always nervous he's going to run off. I'm like his jealous girlfriend or something!

    1. Haha, I can't wait til it's gone full circle and I don't have to name anything.
      Except the seasons, I'll have to do that.

      Geoffrey would never run off! You doubt him so much ;)

  5. Great meaning behind snow! :) Can't wait to see the next baby.

  6. It's so good to see Maddie happy and things working out for her and for Goeff. I'm glad that she's happy about this baby and I hope he will be too.

    After Maddie moves, Taylor will be all alone. I hope that isn't what Trisha is waiting for.

    I like how you're fixing up Taylor's house!