Thursday, 7 February 2013

3:10 The Reveal

"There was never any need to pop the question, and so no 'right time'. It was always meant to be, and so I wasn't sure how to present a ring. Getting down on one knee is too cliche, and unnessersary as we were engaged from the start. As I'm writing this, you're texting me asking what I'm doing. I'm telling you I'm about to have dinner, and that is the only lie I have ever, or will ever tell you."

Madison slipped off the bed, and ended up laying on the floor. It was as if he was right here in the room with her, and she felt safer than she had done in years. She'd felt detached from reality since he died, and had made herself numb from everything she'd felt for him. It was easier than dealing with the loss. She could hear his voice in her head, repeating the note she'd just read.

"Madison Mattell, you are the love of my life. I will never want anyone else, and I know you feel the same. I want us to get married in a big ceremony so I can show you off to everyone we know, prove to them this was never 'puppy love'. I want to have children with you, as many as you'll let me, and I want us to grow old and sit on a swingseat on the porch in the evenings, watching our grandchildren run around, and reminiscing about when our own kids were their age. I want to wake up next to you every morning, and hold you close every night. I want to get a high paid job so you never have to work, and I want to spoil you like you deserve."
"I want you to be my wife.
Madi. Will you marry me?"


 Luis was trying really hard with Shaena. He tried to help her learn new words so he'd have someone to talk to. He'd tried playing games with her, but she always ended up ruining them. She didn't seem to understand the rules to anything.

Meanwhile, Madison waited outside for Taylor. She had to tell someone about the ring and the note, and who better than her sister and best friend? She should have been back hours ago, but Madison assumed she'd just gone to the library. At any rate, she'd be home soon, she always made sure she was home before Luis and Shaena had to go to bed, and that time was fast approaching. She shivered, and realised she was freezing. She'd have to wait inside.

Minutes after she'd returned to the warmth of the house, Taylor walked through the door. Madison ran to her immediately, not even noticing that she wasn't in her uniform, and had a blank, thoughtful expression on her face.
"Taylor, I opened it!" Taylor looked confused, and looked questioningly at her sister. "The box G gave me ages ago, before I was even pregnant with Luis. I opened it." She waved her hand infront of her face.
"Oh my God, Madi!" Taylor suddenly clicked on, and grabbed the hand in her face to get a better look at the stone.
"It's an emerald; mine and G's shared birthstone, and my favorite colour."
"This must've cost a fortune! It's gorgeous, Madi." Taylor paused and looked at her sisters beaming face. She looked happier than she had done in years, and she didn't want to burst that bubble just yet. She decided she'd keep the psych-style 'how does this make you feel?' questions for another time. "Look, I hate to change the subject, but I have something to tell you."
"What?" Madisons face dropped as she saw Taylors look of worry. "What's happened?"
"You know I've been ill..." Taylor subconciously glanced down to her swollen stomach. She'd tried to hide it with a baggy top, but even that was too tight now.

"Oh my God! No way! How did I miss this?!" Madison exclaimed, quickly moving her hands to her sisters stomach, and gently running them over the bump."Who's the father?" She suddenly realised Taylor had made no mention of any relationships. Who was this secret boyfriend?
"That's why I look worried." Taylor began, she leaned back slightly, enjoying the gentle massage of her sisters knowing hands. "That feels good."
"I know, Geoff used to do it to me when I was pregnant and... Hey, have you been home already? You got changed?"
"I didn't go to work." Madison stopped the massage and stood back a little. Her sister never missed a day of work, this must be serious. "Madi, don't look at me like that! I've been at the hospital all day. When I finally got them to believe that I was actually a virgin and not some crazy woman, they spent all day running tests. They wanted to keep me over night, but I just wanted to come home."
"You..." Madison stared in disbelief, "You're a virgin, but you're pregnant?" Taylor nodded. There was a short pause. "How?"
"They don't know." Taylor shrugged. "This has never happened before. I have to give birth at hospital no matter what. But they say that the ultrasound scanner won't work. They kept trying, but it's like there's a block there. They don't even know if this baby is ok, and can't garentee that I'll even bring it home." She studied Madisons face, trying to gauge her reaction. She just looked confused, who wouldn't be? She was too.

"I don't know what to say, Taylor..." Madison finally spoke up after a few minutes silence. Taylor nodded. She wasn't sure what to say herself.
"I think I'm just going to go to bed, I'll see you tomorrow. I'm not allowed to go to work anymore, so we'll talk more then."


Taylor slept in the next day. The school bus didn't show up for Luis, and after an angry and unanswered phonecall to the school, Madison phoned her mother, who confirmed the rumours that the school had to close for the day as the water pipes froze in the night. Luis didn't mind. He hadn't really made any friends at school yet, but he was content to make his own fun alone.

He built himself a house, playing architect was fun, and he went inside to play.

That night was a full moon, and Taylor decided she wouldn't see her mother for once. Usually she would come over, or she or Madison would go to see her, but Devon had recently become a teenager, and could help Jackson keep her calm. She realised she'd have to tell Lisa about the pregnancy at some point, and wasn't sure how. Jackson and Devon already knew. They were apprehensive, but congratulated her anyway. Jackson seemed disappointed that both his daughters were now going to be single mothers, but Taylor had reminded him of what Madison had said on the day they'd moved out. 'We're strong, independant women.' She was tired now. Another early night tonight, and she'd think about how to tell Lisa in the morning.

As Taylor was getting up from the table, Madison felt compelled to go outside. She had no idea why until she was out there.

She was shocked by what, or who, she found.
"Oh! It's you!" She wasn't sure what else to say, and wasn't even certain the alien understood her. They stood there in silence for a minute. Each one taking in the others appearence, and wondering what to say. It had been so many years since the night they met, but neither looked very different.

"You... K now?" The alien spoke up first, she seemed to be stuggling with the language a bit, but Madison was glad she wasn't the one having to work out what was being said. Simlish was the only language she knew, and she hadn't been good at foreign languages at school.
"Yes, I'm ok, thanks. Are you?"
"I K. I here to the check." Madison looked at her confused. She couldn't work out what she meant by this one. "I check you." The alien sensed that she still didn't fully understand, and so took her hand and faced it palm up. She took what looked like a mini pocket torch from her pocket, and pressed it into Madisons palm. There was a small flash of light, and a beep. The alien let go of her hand and put the 'torch' away.

"" There was a small pause again, and Madison couldn't help but smile at her odd visitor, before she turned and left as unexpectedly as she'd arrived. Madison stood there a minute, and rubbed her palm. She'd not felt any pain, but couldn't help but feel like there was something she should know about. She hoped this alien would visit again, and explain the situation.

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  1. *cries* Geoff, you are such a sweetheart. *cries more*
    I'm glad Madi opened that, though it was sad, it's still nice she got that last message and proposal from him.

    I think I like where Taylor's virgin birth story is going...

    1. He was *sniff* I spent days reading that over and over checking it was ok!
      There is the small discrepancy that it wouldn't make sense for him to give her a present and a letter telling her he'd say when to open it, but I decided I don't care...

      I love where it's going, but I know for certain where it is going >:)

  2. OMG. Oh that letter was so So SO sweet! I'm so glad Madi went ahead and opened the box. Hopefully it helps her move forward.
    Trisha! Can I go ahead and kidnap her now, or do I need to wait for any good reason?
    Love the alien coming back and checking on Madi! lol

    1. Yeah, hopefully that will be the closure she needs. And now when she misses him she can just read the note, or look at the ring and remember the good things. Her last memories of him where when he was dying in hospital, and that was all she could draw on (especially with Shaena being around constantly)
      Why? What's Trisha done? *looks innocent*
      I was SOOOOO happy the alien came back!!! I just saw her loitering outside and cancelled all the actions I had lined up for Madi, even though she was starving and about to fall asleep.

  3. o.....kay?
    Lots of strange for Taylor! I so want to sing the recitative from The Messiah. I actually wondered if she was going to have a ghost baby until the alien showed up. Do they get the women preggers?

    That note from Geoffrey broke my heart! Och! All of it. It was beautiful. What a little romantic he was. I wish even more he could come back from the dead. Maybe when you're 'done' with this gen? Mm?

    Did I miss something? Shaena doesn't have any wings? Shows my attention to detail or lack thereof.

    Lisa- still nuts lol

    I hope Madi holds on to the happiness of the letter for a long time before the sadness of it all hits her. It really was a gift.

    Loved it!

    1. Shaena: THANKYOU! I was wondering whether anyone would notice if I didn't mention it! I even sneaked (snuck?) that pic in of her with her back to us! I've already written next chapter, and in the notes section at the bottom I do mention that she's human. I also reveal all the traits, because I'm awful at doing that.

      Yes, Taylors situation is crazy! All will become clear in the next few chapters. (There is a GIANT hint in the notes of the next chapter, you'll probably work it out before I reveal it.) The aliens only get human men pregnant, so a fairy female is very safe. Plus, the alien is Madison's storyline! Lol, why would Taylor have an alien? :p

      Thankyou, it means a lot that you think it was beautiful, I spent ages re-reading it and I'm far from romantic myself, so it was difficult. Maybe he can come back. Madison's future story does fit in to that idea pretty well, so there is always that possibility, though I haven't properly considered it yet. It would be a very happy ending to a very tough generation (Oh, I'm not finished torturing them yet...) Hopefully Madi will use the note and the ring as reminders of the happer times they shared, as I said above ^ she's been only remembering him in hospital til now, so it's nice that she can remember better things.

      I'm kind of annoyed at myself for how crazy I've made Lisa. She doesn't even have any traits to suggest that. Maybe she'll get better. She'll live to see her great-grandchildren at least, so hopefully she'll calm down a bit.

      Thankyou :)

    2. Oh crapola! That wasn't Taylor LMBO!!! Oops. Another not so small attention to detail thing I missed.
      Well, it WAS dark, and I was thinking about Taylor and her pregnancy. Gah!

      Nah, don't be mad about making Lisa nuts. I like it. In case you haven't figured out by now, I like flawed characters. :P So, she's just right in my mind. It does make sense, however, for her fears to slowly go away. :)

    3. Haha, it's ok. They're both fairies, both brunettes, both YA females... They even look fairly similar, and yes, it was dark.

      Haha, do you have any normal everyday characters? I don't think you do. Even if someone seems normal on the outside, you get to know them and they've had something happen :p But yeah, technically she'll be alive for a couple of centuries, so if she's not used to being a fairy by then, there's something seriously wrong! Trisha will die at some point, that should make it easier.

  4. Uh. What? I thought it was Madi who'd had the little abduction a few chapters back. What happened to Taylor?

    P.S. LOVED the ring and note <3

    1. Yes, she was, the alien is 100% Madi's secret for now. Taylor has some other crazy storyline going on.
      I may have bitten off more than I can chew, I was pulling my hair out while I was playing today...

      Thankyou :) you do romance a LOT better than me, so that means a lot coming from you :D

  5. Uhm, so I suspected Trisha was behind Madi's pregnancy but now it seems like it's an alien pregnancy? No matter, it must be quite the shock for poor Madi.

    And god, that letter from G. *dries tears*

    1. And why do I keep calling her Madi? I'm confused. :( Sorry!

  6. That note from Geoffrey was just so beautiful! It made me have tears in my eyes again. I am so sad that he's gone!

    I wonder if the aliens have anything to do with Taylor's pregnancy or was it Trisha? The fact that the ultrasound wouldn't work makes me worry!