Thursday, 14 February 2013

3:13 Dreams Come True

"He didn't...?"
"He did. And after he had, he walked off to his new girlfriend." The girls stared at Whitney, and found themselves once again wondering how boys worked. "I mean, if he broke up with me, and asked Ashleigh to the prom... Why get me a corsage?" Layla didn't know what to say, and continued staring in wide-eyed shock at her friend, while April seemed distracted, as usual. "Well, I'm going to wear it all night. And when Devon asks me to dance, which he inevitable will, then Herbie will wish the ground had swallowed him up that time he fell down that rabbit hole." Layla smiled and breathed a laugh. She hadn't lived here long enough to witness the infamous rabbit hole event, and Whitney and Herbie had broken up a week after she'd met her, but April and Whitney had told her the story in great detail, and it really did sound hilarious.

"Why don't you ask Devon to dance?" April said suddenly. It always surprised Layla when April said something on topic, as she very rarely seemed like she was listening. Whitney, on the other hand, had known April most of her life, and was never surprised by what the seemingly absent-minded girl did or said. Sure, she wasn't some kind of genius, but she wasn't completely stupid.
"Because, April, if Herbie sees me march over to Devon and demand he dances with me, then he'll know nobody asked me, and that means he'll have won." Whitney and Layla looked at April, waiting for this information to process.
"Then why don't I ask Devon to ask you to dance?"
"Can you do that without Herbie knowing you've done that?" April thought a moment, and shrugged.

The lost look in April's eyes was enough for Layla to want throw her arms around her and hold her in a tight hug. She wasn't sure they knew each other well enough for that though, so instead hooked her arm around her neck.
"How about I distract Herbie while April asks Devon? Herbie doesn't really know me, so for all he knows I could be the kind of girl who just walks up and flirts with her friends ex. Plus, I've only met Devon once in my life, and so it would look weird for me to go talk to him."
"Would you really do that, Layla?" Whitney chewed on her false nails, nervous about the outcome of tonight. She'd had her eye on Devon for a while, even while she was with Herbie. Devon seemed like a gentleman, and Herbie certainly hadn't been.

There was a loud banging on the door, and a familiar voice shouted through.
"Whitney! I know you're in there! What have you been saying to Ashleigh?"
"Go away, Herbie. I've not said anything to dumb Ashleigh."
"Well why did she walk away just now then?" The accusing reply came through the door, making Whitney's blood boil.
"Get lost, Herbie! She probably walked off because you got me a corsage too! Did you ever think of that?" There was an aggravated huff, and what sounded like Herbie kicking the door. The girls waited a moment to check he was gone before finishing their conversation.

"So, shall we get this show on the road?" Layla wasn't one to hang about, and as they were now sure Herbie had moved from the doorway, it was safe to leave the bathroom.
"Are you sure you're comfortable doing this, Layla? You know how rumours spread in this place, and I'd hate for you to be known for flirting with Herbie..."
"I'll be fine, Whitney. I know how to handle myself, and rumours are rumours. I don't care about my reputation and there's nobody in this school so far I'd consider dating. Let's get this plan in action."

When Luis and Devon arrived at the prom, the school gym was already buzzing with excited teens and loud music. There were a few chaperones dotted about, but they didn't seem to be getting in the way of anyones fun. The first thing the boys saw was a girl Luis recognised as April, a girl in a few of his classes, rushing to Devon looking excited.

 Luis barely heard what she had to say when his eyes drifted to a girl he'd never seen before. She was beautiful, and she was a fairy. He'd not met any fairies outside his own family, and never seen a girl that made his heart stop like it just had. But she was talking with a boy, Herbie Glen he thought his name was. Luis didn't really know Herbie, but he'd heard he was a bit of a player, and had kissed several other girls while he'd been with his last girlfriend before throwing her to the side once head cheerleader Ashleigh Heinz had showed an interest.

April soon ran off to a table in the back where her friend was sitting, and Luis noticed that Herbie had seen him staring, and was grinning at him. Luis turned away and decided to ask his uncle and friend about the girl.
"Dev, who's that girl?"
"Oh, that was April Matthews. I thought you had some classes with her? She was telling me Whitney Wilkins wanted me to ask her to dance..."
"No, not her, I know April. Her." He gestured with his head to the girl standing in the spotlight. She now looked a little annoyed at Herbie, which made Luis feel better. Maybe he stood a chance if Herbie was annoying her.
"Oh, you mean the pretty one with big purple wings?" Devon teased his friend. Luis hadn't shown any real interest in girls until now.
"Yes, Dev."
"That's Layla Sixkiller. She just moved here a few weeks back, and I don't know much more than her name. She seems like an ok girl though." Luis nodded, planning his move. "I'm going to talk to Whitney. See if she wants me to get her some punch or something." Luis nodded again and gestured with his hands for his friend to go get his girl.

Luis got himself some punch and drank it quickly before turning back round to see what Layla was up to. Layla is a beautiful name. It suits her. He thought. She was looking at her friends, and although Luis couldn't see her face, she assumed she was hoping they'd turn round and come and save her. He looked to the table. Both Whitney and April were laughing at something Devon had said. Devon was really good with girls, and Luis hoped it ran in the family and he'd maybe have some of his charms.

Whitney suddenly looked at Layla, and then nudged April. April got up and approached Herbie, as Whitney took Devons hand and pulled him to the dancefloor.

April touched Herbie's arm as she walked past him, and then turned to face him once she was in the centre of the dancefloor. She started moving her hips suggestivly to the music, and it seemed to work as Herbie started slowly making his way from Layla to April.
"Thank you, April." Luis muttered under his breath. He then took a deep breath in and out as he saw Layla was free and made his way to her.

"Hi... I'm Luis." He was suddenly really nervous. He'd spoken to girls before, but only as friends, what if she didn't like him.
"Hi, Luis. I'm Layla." She replied, a sweet smile spreading over her lips. The couple got lost in each others eyes for a moment, before Luis realised he hadn't said anything.
"So, are you and Herbie..." He wanted to kick himself for bringing up his competition, but it was too late now.
"God, no!" She looked almost offended, but then that sweet smile came back again. "I was only talking to him as a favour for a friend.

Once again, they were too caught up in each others eyes to even notice Whitney's nearby squeal as Devon accidentally stepped on her foot - and her new shoes.

The stare soon became uncomfortable for Layla, and she looked away.
"Sorry, it's just... You're beautiful."
"Thank you." Layla giggled like an elementary schooler. "You're not so bad yourself."
"Do you... Do you want to dance?" Luis offered. Layla nodded slowly, there was clearly something on her mind, but Luis didn't know her well enough to ask her about it.

The couple soon found themselves staring again. Luis could barely hear the music over the pounding of his heart, but he assumed he must be in time as Layla hadn't said anything.

As a slower song came on, Luis hardly realised they were leaning so close. Layla was looking at him, something written all over her face, but Luis couldn't read it until she moved her hand off his shoulder to gently caress his neck.

She pulled herself closer and Luis knew exactly what she meant. It didn't feel fast, although they'd only met a little over an hour ago, it felt right. Their lips brushed, barely touching before Layla pulled back, leaving Luis wanting.

"Sorry, is this too fast?" She asked.
"No..." Luis breathed, the words seemed to catch in his throat and he just wanted to hold her in his arms for the rest of his life. He didn't even realise he was grinning like an idiot.
She quickly pulled herself back to his lips, and they lost all sense of time and space. Lost in each other. Switching between dancing and kissing, their bodies perfectly in tune with the others, seeming to know when to switch between the two.
 Eventually, it ended. Layla melted away and they stood there staring into each other eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Neither of them had ever heard of two people feeling like this after one night. They felt as if they'd known each other all their lives, yet it had only been a few hours. Luis was reminded of his mother having him so young, and understood why. There seemed no sense in waiting for anything when you knew you'd be together forever.
"I have to leave." Layla said, her voice barely above a whisper, and still captivated by his eyes.
"Ok." Luis took her hand and walked her outside, pulling her quickly down the corridor and out to the front of the school.
"I don't want to leave you." Luis pulled her to him again, she let him kiss her for a minute or two more before pulling away.
"I have to Luis. I'm sorry. I'll see you at school on Monday." She walked down the steps, and Luis watched her cross the road and walk away into the night.

The theme of the prom had been 'dreams come true', and for Luis, they really had.



It was the middle of the day, but once again the thick storm clouds and torrential rain blocked the sun to the extent that the kids almost thought that grandma was making dinner, not lunch. Wishing they had a car, the family made the short walk to the house Taylor and Madison grew up in. Taylor went back to work tomorrow, and Shaena started school as well, so Lisa had invited them over for a family meal before they were all too busy. Jackson had taken Devon to a sports game, so they wouldn't be there tonight.

They were all soaked by the time they made it round the corner and were confused to see Lisa standing out in the rain with an umbrella and in her swimwear.
"No sense getting my clothes wet, is there?" She laughed to the familys confused looks. "Come on, get yourselves inside before you catch your death!" They all piled into the small house, and were suddenly thankful that Devon and Jackson weren't here too, and Taylor and Madison tried to remember how it was they had such big birthday parties growing up, it was a squeeze with just eight sims here!

"Hey, Gramma, I start school tomorrow!" Shaena was excited about it, and was glad to finally have someone to tell as everyone at home already knew.
"I know, honey. You excited?"
"Yeah!" Shaena was slightly disappointed that her grandmother already knew, her mother must've told her. "I'm most excited about making friends and not having to play with my smelly brother anymore!" Luis rolled his eyes and sighed as he walked around the pair to put Rose nearer some toys.

"Well you might not think boys are smelly much longer. Your Mummy was your age when she met your Daddy." Luis stopped in his tracks and turned to see his sisters reaction. She looked disgusted. Luis thought this was funny, but suddenly realised that Shaena was growing up, and pretty soon she'd be the age his mother was when she had him. Shaena didn't know Madison had been so young when she'd had her brother. The only reason Luis knew was because he had early memories of her doing homework while he was just learning to walk. He decided at this moment that he would look out for Shaena, and make sure she didn't follow in her mothers footsteps. He knew he was loved, but he also knew how hard it had all been.

Madison and Taylor joined the small gathering in the centre of the room.
"Mummy, did you love Daddy when you were my age? I still think boys are yucky." Madison looked her mother in the eye, and Lisa looked back apologetically. Taylor and Luis looked to her too, and the three wondered what Madison would tell the small girl. Lisa hadn't realised that Shaena hadn't been told about Madison's past, or anything much about Geoffrey. Madison slowly bought her gaze down to her daughter.
"Yes, perhaps a bit older, but yes. I loved him from when I first met him on the playground at school." Shaena pulled a face again, and there was a pause as she thought the new information over, and the rest of the family waited for her reaction.
"Why did you stop loving him?" Taylor, Luis and Lisa all froze in place, looking to Madison to see how she would take this. Madison felt her heart breaking. Her daughter thought she didn't love him anymore. Where had she gone wrong? She knew she didn't talk about him with anyone, and she knew it was unhealthy for her to pretend he never existed, especially around her children, but it still hurt to think about. Taylor was about to step in to help her sister out, when Madison finally spoke up.
"I still love him, with all my heart. We'll talk about this properly another time." Her voice just above a whisper, and cracking as she tried not to cry. Shaena looked worried now, but nodded slowly and went to watch some TV while Lisa went off to make dinner.

Lisa smiled as she heard her eldest grandson telling her daughters about a girl he'd met at prom. She remembered her own prom night with Jackson, and everything they'd been through together since. She'd already heard about this Layla girl, Devon had already told her the gossip today so she allowed herself to tune out the conversation and remember all the good times she'd had with her husband. It wasn't too long until he wouldn't be around anymore, she wasn't sure what she'd do without him, but seeing her little girl go through all the heartbreak and coming out the other side as a strong, loving mother gave her hope that she'd be able to do the same. She was upset that both her girls had had fairy children, but glad they'd also had some that weren't. Maybe the curse would be completely filtered out in a few generations?  


Thankyou for Layla Sixkiller, ShakespearesSunshyne! I've made slight edits to her character, because your Layla would never have a boyfriend :p (Plus, she's a fairy now, obviously...)  
For everyone else, Layla is Luis' present for helping with the triplets haha!   

For all the prom pictures plus outtakes, please browse this album. There are close to a hundred that I felt like sharing, including a few 'setup' ones, where the sims were allowed to mingle all day while I waited for the appropriate lighting conditions :p  
Luis and Layla's Prom - Warning, most of them are doubles, triples or even quads of the same picture from a different angle. Do not feel like you have to look at this, it's just me being silly.

I have never (and probably never will again) spent so long doing all that building and posing for a spare!


  1. You're Welcome! Yeah, you'd have to modify her traits a bit to get her to want to be around anyone she doesn't know! lol.
    Aw! Shaena's questions were heartbreaking! Poor Madi. Hopefully though she'll remember and a better time will present itself for her to tell her daughter about Geoff.

    1. Haha, I noticed! She had the 'crowded' moodlet the entire time! I didn't actually change her in the game, I just changed her in the writing, if you understand.

      Shaena needs to know about her father and what happened. It was bad of Madi to keep it from her, but I guess she just hadn't thought about it.

  2. Aw, I loved Luis' prom, and I'm so happy for him he got a pretty fairy. =D

    And, yeah, poor Madi! Shaena's questions were so sad!

    1. Hehe, now I'm worried that my town will be overpopulated by fairies... I'm obviously going to marry Luis and Layla off, and then they'll live for several generations and more than likely have about 20 kids... :|

      It's about time Madi explained what happened to Shaena (and us), she's old enough to know now.

  3. At first, I was so lost as to what to think about the trio in the bathroom. I was worried there for a minute that I'd somehow missed a chapter. Then, of course, I figured it out.
    If I were a member of that trio, I'd be the airhead that says things off the wall that no one else understands. Why do I get the feeling that doesn't surprise anyone? LOL My problem is I'd listen (still do, but I've practiced paying attention as I've gotten older) where was I? Oh, I'd listen and then think about what the person said, then I'd think about something that would remind me of, then the next thing that the next thing reminded me of, then that would make me think of something else which would start me down a completely new path, a few steps later, I might say something and make everyone around me think I was strange. All that happens so fast that most, normal, people would be on step 2 while I was on step 15 or so. etc. (Yes, on the sims site I gave myself the absent-minded trait.. not really ABSENT-minded, just it seems that way to others.)

    Alright, now to get off of my tangent. :)

    Oh, that prom was so flipping romantic. I've not done actual prom pictures where you see what goes on. Neat! That must've been a whole lotta work and you did great! Hm, maybe I should've made Marie actually beat up Cristina (like I got the notification) at prom. Oh well, I made up for it later.

    I have that Layla song in my head now. She's pretty. :) I like the wings, but they looked white to me. Maybe it was the dress. Yeah.

    I liked hearing about Luis. I just like him so much! LOL, his 'reward' huh? LMBO :)

    1. The first paragraph: Yeah, I'm the same really. And I'm awful at eye contact, seriously awful. I always end up looking somewhere else and I think people who don't know me well don't think I'm listening. In job interviews I have to look at eyebrows because it at least looks like I'm giving eye contact! The airhead featured is the main character for my story (shameless plug) that I'm being stupidly slow about finishing setting up. She isn't an airhead at all, she just looked like it in that first picture where she was staring off into the distance, so she is for this purpose :p

      Thank you :) I only did it because Sunny gave me Layla and I felt I had to write her in properly, and God yeah, it took days! Haha, Marie can beat someone else up. Now she lives around tourists, maybe a tourist at the bar will get a little too friendly and she'll have to put him in line?
      I think the wings was the lighting, but I might make them a little darker anyway.
      Luis has turned out like Geoff :) And yes, I felt he needed a reward as his grades in school are suffering and I couldn't just kick him out single! So I'm going to marry them quickly (probably won't feature it) when they age up, and then see how many babies they have.

  4. I got sooo confused at first about what blog i was reading, lol. Then i remembered you mentioning layla would be in it. Hehe my brain is fried after class today so i'm just laying in bed catching up on updates from my nook. You did a great job with the scenes, and the soundtrack was lovely :)

    1. Haha, sorry :| It is very different!
      Thank you :) It took me ages, and I had to wait around most of the day to get the lighting outside right (even though you can't see out the windows most of the time...)
      I love Ed Sheeran, and that song came on in the car a few days before when I was still planning this and I thought it was perfect :)

  5. What a beautiful, romantic prom! Love, love Layla and Luis together!

    Shaena is full of personality! She just makes me laugh! I see Lisa still doesn't like to wear appropriate clothes. LOL

    I hadn't realized that Shaena didn't know about her father. Her questions about him and Lisa were so innocent and sweet. My heart broke for Maddie all over again!