Saturday, 31 August 2013

4.27 The Proposal

The girls had a rare evening free to sit and watch TV. It just so happened to be a full moon, so the mood was sombre as they remembered their old tradition they shared with Bonnie; full moon movies. They couldn't bring themselves to watch a film, and so were watching old re-runs of Reticulated Splines, a sit-com that was cut before either of them were born.

Kaity was messing around on her phone. It had fallen out of her hand while she was taking Autumn up to bed earlier that evening, and she was surprised that it wasn't smashed to smithereens. It was still working fine. Shaena was swirling the wine around in her glass, watching the red liquid trace an arch around the rim. Neither of them had spoken for a while, and neither were finding this sit-com particulaly funny, not even with alcohol.

"YES!" Kaity jumped to her feet and did a victory dance. "I completed that level, Shae! I've been stuck on it for weeks!" Referring to the game Sweet Squish that everyone in the world seemed to be raving about these days.
"Well done." Shaena smiled. She'd never got into the game herself, finding it boring after level five, but Kaity must've been up to about level sixty by now.
"Now I bet I'll get stuck..." Kaity trailed off when she was interrupted by her phone ringing, and Shaena watched a smile spread across her lips. It must be Winter. "Hi I finished that level just now." She spoke into the phone, barely taking a breath between her greeting and her announcement. "Are you proud?" Kaity turned to face Shaena a little and grinned with her tongue between her teeth, biting back a laugh. Winter, like Shaena, didn't care about that game either, and they'd both got quite annoyed over the past few months with Kaity's obsession. They'd be talking and think she was listening, until they'd ask a question and she wouldn't respond. "No, I'm not going to delete it, idiot! It's taken me ages to get this far so why undo all my hard work? ... Well if you played it even once then you'd love it too. ... Whatever. You're such a loser, you know that?" Kaity laughed at either herself or something Winter was saying, Shaena couldn't tell.

"Anyway, what's up? ... You just finished work?!" Kaity turned to face Shaena again. "He just finished work!"
"Yeah, I got that Kaity." Shaena smiled as she pressed 'ok' on the TV remote, bringing up the information banner and revealing the time. 8:33PM.
"You what?" Kaity asked into her phone again. "Why? It's like, nearly midnight..."
"Half eight." Shaena corrected.
"It's half eight." Kaity repeated into the phone. "A proposal? What does that mean? ... Yes, I know what it means, stop being stupid. What proposal? You knew what I meant. ... What do you mean 'wait and see'? You better come over here right now otherwise I'll hunt you down and- ... Yeah, whatever. Do you want me to pick you up?"
"Kaity, you've been drinking." Shaena reminded her.
"Oh, yeah, sorry, you'll have to walk 'cus me and Shae have drunk nearly a bottle of wine between us. Sorry. ... Ok. See you in a bit. ... Bye!" Kaity ended the call and flopped back onto the sofa.

"Winters coming over, he says he has a proposal." Kaity explained.
"A proposal?" Shaena raised an eyebrow and grinned, causing Kaity to lean over and playfully slap her leg.
"No. Just stop with all that. It's bad enough the twins 'casually' mentioning things like that, I don't need you to do it too. I swear they're plotting something."
"Kaity, they're eight."
"Yeah? So? Anyway, this proposal is for both of us, and I don't think he's into that..."

The girls went back to slowly drinking wine and watching the ancient unfunny sit-com for just over half an hour.

There was a knock on the front door before the girls heard it open and close, and Winter entered the room.
"What have I told you about locking the door?" He scolded them.
"It's our door, if we want it unlocked we'll leave it unlocked." Kaity stated. Winter gave her a desperate look. "And, as Shaena has no more psycho-exs, then we don't really have to worry."
"What about people who read the papers and go crazy with jealousy and walk in here?"
"We don't live in Bridgeport, Winter. Most nights I don't lock the door when I sleep, and nothing's ever happened." Winter looked worried at that admission, but decided to leave it. He walked over and pecked Kaity on the lips, before sitting between the girls.

"So, you were gunna ask us to marry you?" Shaena giggled, Winter shared in her joke, and Kaity just huffed and rolled her eyes.
"I'm sick of all this marriage crap. It's not funny." She moaned. "Have you two got something to do with the twins sudden obsession?" Ignoring the question, Winter decided to get to the point.

"We've got to a point where we can successfully predict the weather, and weather patterns. Every few years the weather goes from hot to cold, and then reverses back a few years later."
"Good for you?" Kaity hinted at the fact she didn't really care about all the sciency stuff.
"Yes, great for me." Winter rolled his eyes. He wasn't really hurt by her comment, he knew she didn't really care about the weather or his job, but faking a little interest at a time like this would be nice. "Anyway, so the scientists originally on the case seem to think they'd never have reached this conclusion without me, and are going to name the cold season after me-"
"What's a season?" Kaity asked, suddenly interested now she realised her boyfriend was some kind of science hero.
"A season, I'd have explained this if you'd let me finish my introduction, but it's what we're calling the years with similar weather. So, we'll have a cold season and a hot season. The cold one they're naming after me, so that'll be 'Winter'."
"Oh wow! I've got a famous boyfriend." Kaity grinned. "I mean famous for actually doing something, not like me." Winter smiled.
"Yeah, I guess I'll be pretty famous. Anyway, they want me to name the hot season, and I wondered if you two could help me?"

"Name it Kaity!" Shaena laughed. "You'll forever be immortalised as the parents of weather."
"Ew, don't." Kaity said, scowling at Shaena's fits of giggles.
"I wasn't going to." Winter chuckled. "I wondered if you wanted to name it Bonnie?" Kaity and Shaena looked at each other, both clearly thinking the same thing.
"Bonnie would have hated that." Kaity stated. "But... She'd have loved to name something like this after her best friend in the entire world."
"So... We're back to Kaity?" Winter asked, confused.
"No. Her mother. Summer." Kaity explained. "She died only a few weeks before her, and she was an amazing woman. Always bright and sunny and happy, never upset, so... Yeah, perfect for warm weather." Winter looked at Shaena, and she nodded her agreement.

"Ok, Summer it is." Winter smiled, putting his arm around Kaity. "What are you watching? Is this Reticulated Splines? Why are you watching this crap?" The girls giggled.
"How old are you that you remember this?! They stopped this when my mum was just a child!" Kaity asked, half embarrassed that she didn't know her own boyfriends age.
"Only thirty-five. I was only young when they cancelled it." Kaity looked at Shaena with her eyes as wide as they could be. Shaena laughed at her.

"Do you know how old I am?" Kaity asked.
"Yes, twenty-four."
"Don't you think... Don't you think that's kinda a massive age gap?"
"Considering we'll both live until we're well over five hundred, and Leighton, the closest thing you had to a boyfriend before me, is two hundred years older than you, no. Do you?"
"I guess when you put it like that, then no." Kaity replied, settling her head into his chest to watch the awful sit-com.


"Does this mean you won't have to work late anymore?" Kaity asked, sleepily.
"Well, I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure..." Winter trailed off, taking a deep breath.
"That doesn't sound good, then." She stated.
"I'll most likely have to travel again. To explain about the seasons to the rest of the world." Kaity pulled away from his arms and propped herself up.

"So, that's it? You're jetting off around the world for the rest of my life now?" She snapped.
"No, that's not what I said-"
"No, because you didn't want to admit it. That's what you're doing though. You're just abandoning your son to tell someone about some sun and snow, don't you think that's stupid?"
"No, I'm not done. You're a father, you can't just leave your kids for months at a time for your career. Do you ever see me leaving them? That conference was the only time I've ever left town overnight, and you're not ready for how much it hurts." Tears started rolling down her cheek, and Winter wiped them away with his thumb.
"Are you done?" He asked softly. Kaity waved her hand, exasperated, indicating him to continue. "Right, I'm not abandoning any kids, I'll most likely be out of town for a few nights at a time, and no more than once a month. You'll barely know I'm gone." He reached for her, and she pulled away further, sitting up now.

"That's hardly the point, Winter." Tears were still falling down her face, and she was looking at him like he'd just killed someone.
"Kaity, don't do this." He pleaded.
"Don't do what? Get upset that the one person I trust enough to call my boyfriend, is gunna run off around the world and meet someone better?"
"I'm not-" He stopped himself and sighed, rubbing his hand over his face, before moving himself towards the edge of the bed and pulling her into his arms.

"I'm not going to meet someone better. You're the one I want, and I don't know how to prove that to you without you running off, scared." Kaity huffed, and let him take her hand and kiss her fingers gently. "Is there a way I can prove to you what you mean to me without you shutting me out?" She wrapped her free arm around him.
"I don't know. It's hard for me to trust people, Winter."
"And why is that?" Winter asked gently, hoping tonight would be the night she finally opened up.
"Because... Because I felt some kind of connection to him. A spark of something..." Kaity sighed and swallowed back the lump in her throat. Winter waited patiently and played with the ends of her hair soothingly. "And... I know I was stupid, and I'd never been in so much trouble in my life, and probably never will be again, but... I trusted him. Looking back, I shouldn't have. Looking back I was stupid, and naive, and way too innocent for a damn seventeen year old. But... But Rose had Myles, and Jake was into Christy, and there was no boys at school that didn't bully me and call me names. I could handle it, and it's not like the three of us couldn't fight them off with our combined magic if it had ever come to that, but I wasn't about to start dating any of them... And then he appeared. He was the hottest guy I'd laid eyes on at that point, and a total stranger which only made him hotter... I let him in... And then I never saw him again, and everybody I asked didn't remember ever seeing him before that night or after..." Kaity started crying again.

"And then I was pregnant. I was seventeen and pregnant, due just a week before graduation, and I was alone and scared. And then Rose said she was pregnant, and she was all happy because she had someone there to do it with her. We told mum together, and Jake stood and held our hands, and she was disappointed in us both... But the look she gave me..." She broke down sobbing, and Winter kissed her forehead, trying to calm her enough to let it all out. "She didn't mean to, but she looked at me like I'd broken every rule in the book. I was going to be a single teenaged mother, and I didn't even know the damn fathers name. Well. The boys at school didn't bully me to my face after that. I could see all the kids whispering, and feel their eyes boring holes in me, but Rose would just link my arm and we'd walk off together. She didn't care about what the others said, because she had it all. She got married before Lucas was even born, and then the paparazzi got wind of what I'd done and started stalking and harrassing me." Kaity collapsed into his chest, bawling her eyes out, and Winter pulled her across his body, cradling her like a baby before kissing her once her sobs subsided.

"Kaity. I had no idea. I'll tell them I'm not going."
"No. You should go." Kaity sighed. "This is what you've always wanted to do with your life, and I shouldn't hold you back no matter how messed up I am."
"You're not messed up." Winter reassured her, and kissed her again.
"I am, but thanks for pretending."
"Why didn't you tell me this in the first place?"
"What, when I first mentioned I had kids within a few moments of meeting you? What was I meant to say 'Hi, I'm Kaity. I'm a nineteen year old psychic from Sunset Valley, I have two baby girls because some creep seduced me in the shower a few years ago, and now I'm scared I'll never see you again.'?" Winter smiled at her silly statement.
"No, but I'm your boyfriend, we have a son together, I'm round here most nights. You could have told me any time. You know I'll always make time to listen to your crazy ramblings."
"Gee, thanks." She smiled at him, she felt strangely relaxed now, like a huge weight had been lifted. She repositioned herself reached up to kiss him.

"You should go." She whispered in his ear. It wouldn't be so bad, would it?

I am well aware that the ages don't match up. That's intentional. I'm making fun of myself. In-story, the last... Well, all the chapters of this generation have taken place over 13ish months. So... yeah... Making fun of the fact that anyone has aged at all. :p Don't worry. It'll get more confusing when the kids all age up ;)


  1. *swears at gemly* Evil deceptive title. Evil.

    Good for Winter, though. I know he'll be there for Kaity when he can, and he needs to get all the science stuff sorted out. I can't wait to see who Spring is.

    Ages don't match up in my legacy, either. I can only roughly estimate.

      Sorry. I laughed when I thought of it. I laughed a lot.

      Yes, great for him! We finally get names for two seasons, so halfways there! Of course he'll be there all he can, and you just know that if something happened he's be straight on a plane and back on her doorstep in the blink of an eye. Kaity needs to learn that, though. But after this first trip, she'll trust him a little more.
      Spring... Oh, well, you'll have to wait and see... I don't know how long, because this generation is taking forever.

      Hehe, I made them badly off so it'd be obvious that it's sims. I was originally going to age as I normally do, but then you lot made me bring Winter back and we had to do all the extra romantic and working through feelings stuff :p

  2. That title was downright sneaky Gemly... I'm glad Kaity finally admitted her issues to Winter and that he dealt with them well :)

    1. Haha! I'm sorry :p

      Yes, finally Kaity talks about something on her mind! Hopefully she'll do that more and Winter can start to work through her huge messes and they can be happy. Winter did deal with them well, but he's been waiting for her to open up for a while, plus, he loves her. <3

  3. First, is Sweet Squish one of those dirty Japanese games?

    Okay, so, awesome chapter, I loved seeing Kaity finally open up to Winter and admit her vulnerability. It was very touching. And done in a very Kaity way, with her lashing out in anger at first. Winter deals with her moods very well. =D

    1. :| What? Dirty Japanese games? Uhm, no. It's meant to be a sims version of 'Candy Crush Saga', that game that everyone is always going on about. At least, they are over here.

      Thank you :) Yeah, it's about time Kaity started letting someone in so she can work through things. Of course she lashed out! Anger is her defense mechanism. And it's a good think Winter can handle her moods, because he's got a lot more to come ;)

    2. I've never heard of Candy Crush, lol. But what I was thinking of are Japanese hentai 'dating sim' games, which are kind of porny games where guys need to impress their 'dates' to get to the uh, sweet squish.

    3. :| Oh... Sorry, I assumed it was worldwide as it's so huge over here. I'm about the only person who doesn't play it, and at work it's always "I made it to level 102 now, how about you?" 'Oh, I'm still stuck on 74. It's those bombs!'
      Yeah, that means nothing to me either, don't worry.

      Uh, wow. The Japanese are an odd race, aren't they? A simulated dating phone game? :| Thanks for the infor, though!

    4. Mm, these games aren't phone games.well, maybe they do have them for phones and apps, but the ones I know of are for PC or consoles.
      And, yeah, Japan has come out with some really bizarre stuff in cartoon form.

    5. Ah, I see! I don't think I've seen those because I'm not into that kind of thing... Says a bit for you and Sunny, doesn't it ;)
      Japan is just generally bizarre. I'd love to go there one day!

  4. I'm with Melissa. Sweet Squish sounds like naughty phone fun. O_o Or at the very least a highly alcoholic fruity beverage. Mmmmmm. Maybe I can make some sweet squish... Nope. Naughty.

    So are there only the two seasons then? There won't be names for the in between ones? Or has Winter not defined those yet?

    Aw. Poor Kaity. That had to have taken a lot for her to open up like that and why. At least Winter was understanding and patient during it. Now hopefully she can move forward with him a bit. And then maybe the twins can keep talking to Kaity about marriage? lol

    1. Honestly, I don't get it. :| I'm sorry it sounds so rude to everyone, I'm guessing it sounds a little like some dirty game I've not heard of..
      I guess it can be naughty if you want. It's Kaity, I'm sure she'd play those kind of games, and I only used it as a thing to show they're normal people who sit infront of the TV in silence like the rest of us ;)

      Yes, there are right now. Later on, they'll refine the seasons system and split each in half, but for now hot and cold are obvious enough for everyone to know when each is.
      I'm unsure if Winter will define them, or if it'll end up being someone else, as it won't happen for a while yet.

      Yes, she's never spoken about any of that before. Not in detail with emotions, anyway. Winter is always patient and understanding, that's why he and Kaity work so well. If he was one to shout back, they'd get nowhere because Kaity won't back out of an argument.
      Hopefully Kaity can move forward with both him and her life, and of course! The twins aren't done yet! They've not reached their end-goal! :p

  5. Her mother is a cop and she doesn't lock her front door! No wonder Winter was a bit upset.

    She finally got out the reason why she is so insecure about their relationship and why she finds it hard to trust! I didn't think about how hard it had been on her at such a young age. Why should she have trusted any guy after all that had happened to her!

    Maybe now that the wall she had between them is gone, she will really trust Winter and be happy!

    1. I also forgot to say that the title is mean! I was expecting a marriage proposal!

    2. Looks like you have the same issues following my blog as I do with Alissa! (Mutation works fine... I think. Maybe I should check if you've updated that?)
      To make this easier, I update every Saturday, so now you know when to check back :) I've just been smiling reading through your comments on other chapters :)

      Anyway, yes, Kaity feels as though her house is safe. To be honest, the press are usually lurking outside, so it's like having her own security 24/7, but there is always the possibility that someone could break in and harm her anyway. You would think that after Alex she'd be paranoid about locking the door, but clearly she thinks she's safe. I'm sure Winter will do all he can to get her to take home security seriously...

      Yes, she finally shares something! And felt good after :)
      It is very hard for her to trust anyone after what 'Mr. Hot-pipe-repairman' did, and that's perfectly understandable. She trusts her family, as they've always been there, and she trusted Bonnie because she'd been there too, but newer people in her life; like Winter and Leighton, she has a harder time with.

      Hopefully yes. Hopefully now she's started talking, the floodgates will open and she'll realise that talking about her issues makes them easier. A problem shared, is a problem halved. She needs to let herself be happy now. And that could be a hard one for her.

      LOL! Sorry :p I was umm-ing and aah-ing about what to call this one, then that came to me and I couldn't stop laughing at how hilariously mean it was ;) I'm just like that...

  6. Ha. Reticulated Splines. Very clever, miss. Still, sad that they couldn't bring themselves to watch movies as they used to do with Bonnie. At least they're able to spend time together.

    LMFAO...Sweet Squish? xD Ok that one really cracked me up. I refuse to play Candy Crush!

    This whole phone conversation with Winter is so cute, it captures the playful dynamic of their relationship, and how easy they can be together. And I respect Winter all the more for not playing Sweet Squish :P

    "I don't think he's into that" haha. No, I think not.
    Uh. Kaity. Lock your door. Sheesh. You're a celebrity. And that's not safe even if you weren't, you daft girl.

    Winter being "only 35" isn't a bad thing Kaity! That's my age! Actually it's fitting for Winter, because he is so much more mature than she is.

    *whistles* That's a mighty fine shot of Winter on the bed :P Oh Kaity, why are you so insecure? He's not going looking for "someone better". And as she pointed out he is a father--he will be coming back.

    :O That's why she's insecure? Of course it was difficult, of course her mother was disappointed, but it didn't ruin her life. She'd never give her twins up. It's time for Kaity to wake up and smell the roses, and not chase off this gorgeous man that clearly loves her so much.

    So the seasons are finally getting sorted! Yay! I still think it's funny how you introduced Seasons into your story. Winter's famous!

    1. Hehe :D I like that someone else found that funny. I always put in millions of silly personal jokes that nobody who wasn't in my head would get, so it's cool that you do ;)
      Kaity and Shae are usually together anyway, as they live together. But, they often go straight to bed when the kids are settled, so it's rare they get to open the wine and watch crappy TV.

      YAY! Someone got it! :D I refuse to play it too. My boyfriend did for a time, and then he had to update it and it reset the game and he didn't want to do it all again. It seems everyone at work is always comparing levels, though!

      Aw, thank you! I was debating on putting what Winter was saying on the other end, but I couldn't think of anything, so I did that bit from an outsiders perspective ;) I liked that Kaity seemed so excited to speak to him (As shown by the smile and her turning and telling Shae that little bit of conversation), in my head she looked like a highschooler with a big crush :D
      Oh, of course! I think we all respect Winter more for avoiding that game ;)

      LOL! Shae just wanted to join in on the 'badger Kaity to get married' thing.
      I'd never leave my door unlocked, Kaity is just kinda... I can't think of the word... It's not that she thinks she's safe, it's just that she tends to forget so just doesn't bother, does that make sense?

      Pahahaa! I think it was the age difference rather than her thinking he was old. (This is the most confusing age bit, if Winter and Taylor were both children when that sit-com was cancelled, then they should be a similar age. Taylor was nearly 30 when she had Kaity, making her in her early 50'd now, meaning Winter is strangely young... LOL I know, right?)
      And, yes, he is SO much more mature than her, but that isn't too hard, to be honest.

      :p I'll let him know you appreciate the effort he takes to stay in shape ;) Going in to shoot soon, maybe he'll pose for you?
      See, we all know that Winter would never abandon this odd family and his loads of honourary children, but Kaity just can't get her head around that.

      Yes. I think we'd all forgotton what she went through, and not really thought about what effect that would have on her. At the time, it seemed like a good thing to have Rose going through it with her, but since then she's always compared her life to Rose and what she has. Rose has a nice easy life, husband who works a well-paid 9-5 job, 2 kids (I think, I need to see if she's given birth yet), nice house etc etc. Kaity has this odd household with her cousin and various children, no father for her twins, has done things backwards with Winter and Autumn, and still lives in her childhood home while having to run her own shop, taking time out that she could spend with kids.
      Of course, there's nothing wrong with Kaity's life, but she'll always compare it to her sisters 'white picket fence' one.

      Yes, Kaity needs to open her eyes and see what she has. I wouldn't say she's in danger of losing anything but time, but she does need to look around her and see just how much love and support she has. Especially from Winter.

      Hehe :p Been planning it a while, and it's nice to finally get there! Or, halfway there... Yep! Winter is famous! He actually gained 3 stars when he started officially dating Kaity, but now he has a reason to be famous (unlike Kaity, who will remain one of those annoying famous-for-nothing 'celebrities' we all hate so much.)

    2. Damn, that was a long reply :|

  7. lol, I got the candy crush reference too. My daughter plays it, I don't see the appeal myself, but I already have one addiction (Sim3), I don't want another, so I generally refuse to play any other type of game. The Japanese are an *interesting* people, it doesn't surprise me that they would have strange porny show like that! Endurance anyone? (not a porny show, btw, lol) =)

    I'm so glad that Kaity finally spilled her guts out to Winter. Now he has a reason for her crazy, and I'm sure it will help him in the future know where her insecurities lie, so he can better help her get over them. =)

    1. Yay! :D Oh yeah, I won't play anything other than sims. Not since the Farmville saga... (2 years of my life I'll never get back...)
      LOL! I'd not heard of that show before! It looks like 'Takeshi's Castle', which is also a game show type thing like that looks, and also Japanese.

      Yes, finally she opens up! It will help them both. She's broken through a barrier and let someone inside her defenses, and now he can help her because he knows where she's coming from, and she can help herself by talking about her emotions and feels and stuff. It's good for everyone! :)

  8. *folds arms in a childishly-ticked-off way*
    HUMPH! No marriage proposal. You're mean. Yeah, I realize they can't get married until gen 5 is going, but that doesn't mean they can't be engaged!!!! :P PPPPPFFFFFTTTTT!

    Alright, so two seasons are officially named. :)

    I'm so glad that Kaity finally opened up to Winter. She'd never really (to my knowledge) opened up to anyone about her feelings about the strange/hot dude that knocked her up.
    Poor Winter never knows what end it up with that woman. uh, fairy, uh... yeah.

    That was funny mentioning 'Reticulated Splines' and the game she's addicted to. I used to be addicted to those kinds of things, and they took me away from writing for months! Yeah, I'm better off without them. :)

    Shae seems a little depressed. I worry about her.

    1. LOL! I'm sorry. It was a very mean title, but I rolled with laughter whenI thought of it and I just had to ;) **SPOILER** I am planning on them getting engaged. Or at least 'moving in together'. I can't do marriage or real moving in until the three toddlers are halfway through their teen stage, but I can fake it, can't I? Or lay the groundwork.

      Yep! Finally!! Two down, two to go. It'll be either late next gen, or early gen 6 (really? I'm that far?) when we name the others, but next gen hopefully won't be anywhere near as long as this one, so shouldn't be too long.

      No, she's never told anyone her feelings about that. Not even Shaena and Shae's her bestest friend ever. I suppose Shae was just getting in too deep with Alex at that stage, and she wasn't around a lot. Kaity only had Bonnie around, and Bonnie had left school already too, so she was working... So Kaity was pretty much alone when it was all going on (besides her siblings, but she likes putting on this stainless steel armour)
      Yeah, poor Winter is gunna have a hard time in a couple of chapters because of that firecracker girlfriend of his. Nothing bad, just a minor stepback that will probably make him think a bit more before he speaks. (You'll Squee. It's not bad, honest.)

      Hehe :D I like taking names for brands and stuff we have in the real world and simming them up! Yeah, I had a pretty bad Farmville addiction. Never again. I avoid facebook now. I go on once a day because I get scared I might accidentally get drawn back. (even though all my plants would be dead by now...)

      Hm. She is a little depressed, but if you think about what she's just been through it could be a lot worse. She is seeing a therapist, and we'll hear more on how that's going in a few chapters. (Don't worry, I hadn't mentioned that in-story. There's stuff in my head I forget to mention...)

      I knew what you meant :) Infact, I didn't even notice, and couldn't work out why you'd reiterated that there :p

  9. I got the Sweet Squish = Candy Crush right away. :D
    It's cute how excited Kaity is about it.

    So that is what Winter does for a living. I must not have been paying attention, lol.

    Just let him explain, Kaity! Yeesh!
    Hmm I think after her explanation it is clearer where her insecurities come from. But she's got to stop expecting Winter to act like any other guy.

    1. Yay! :D Kaity is very young still. Even I forget that sometimes. She's still in the 'under 25s' age group, so she still plays phone games and texts constantly and other things young people do. She has had to grow up quickly with going from two children to five so suddenly, and the huge number of other things I've thrown at her... So I thought we should see how normal she can be :)

      Hm. I've not really mentioned it before. There's a little more on it next chapter, infact, I'll go edit it in a bit to include a description of what he does :)

      LOL! I know! She's so impatient and just wants to get to the point, and then she misses vital info (like what a season is in the first place) because she rushes people through things :p (In reality, I figured I didn't need to explain in much detail as we know it all here, so that was my way of glossing over it)
      Yes, she hasn't said any of that to any one. She also just assumes that any guy she meets will act the same as the twins' father. She needs to really look at Winter and realise he ain't going nowhere, and she's safe with him :)

  10. Love love love your blog, and I adore your pictures!

  11. Great chapter as always.

    Ok I fell out laughing at Reticulated Splines! Great one.
    Winter coming in to an unlocked door lol, I loved Kaity's responses to that.

    Boo! Winter didn't proposed like I expected. You got me good darn it.

    Loved, loved, how Kaity opened up to Winter about her past. I can understand why she felt the way she felt about Winter going away and bless her heart she suggested he go alone with his dream. Bravo Kaity.

    1. Thank you :)

      Hehe :D I like sim-humour.
      Haha, Kaity is her own boss. Winter should know that telling her to do something will make her do the opposite.

      MUHAHHAAA! I love my evil side. It makes me laugh ;) Sorry, though. It had to be done.

      Yes, finally! She's not told anyone anything ever, and it's about time she started sharing that burden. And of course she told him to go anyway. She already feels like she's held him back by having his baby. He uprooted his life to help raise Autumn, and she feels as though he felt forced to. We'll address those issues later, though.