Wednesday, 12 June 2013

4.14 Gremlins, Elves, Goblins And Trolls

Shaena had a son, Joshua, who slept the whole way home and didn't stir when she laid him in the old crib at half past four in the morning. He was a cute little thing, but she couldn't see much of herself or Alex in him yet. She hoped Alex wouldn't have doubts about his parentage when he met him for the first time.

Kaity had a son as well, and was extremely happy that she just had the one this time. She wanted to rush in wake the twins so they could meet him, but decided against it when she realised she'd need all the sleep she could get.

She couldn't tear herself away, and stood at the crib for a while, watching his eyes as he took in his surroundings. He was surrounded by a cloud of dust, as all fairy babies are, but this dust was different. This wasn't fairy dust, it was too dark. At first she assumed black magic, but then realised she'd be able to sense the evil within him if that was the case. She couldn't for the life of her remember what Winter had said he was.  
Gremlin? No, that wasn't it... Elf? No, it definately began with a 'G'...
She'd have to do some research, see if she could find him online. Why this thought hadn't occured to her during her pregnancy, she had no idea, but she decided she'd look him up soon. If she couldn't find his personal details, maybe it would at least say what lifestate he was.


"Hello! Did you have a nice sleep? Did you? Did you baby boy? I think you did!" Kaity cooed in her best baby voice as Shaena joined her in the nursary.
"Morning-" Shaena started. "...Ish..." she finished. It was nearly midday, so although it was technically morning, it didn't seem right to be greeting people with a 'good morning'.
"Hey, chick, you sleep ok?" Kaity asked, still playing with the newborn in her arms.

"Yeah, I slept alright but I couldn't stop getting up and just staring at him." Shaena smiled, pulling out a bottle of formula and feeling baby Josh. "How about you? Have you named him yet?"

"I'm working on it." Kaity sighed as the baby in her arms started to cry again. "I don't think he's a fairy, Shae. Winter was a goblin or something, I think he's one of those."
"Aren't goblins green?" Shaena asked.
"I dunno, maybe it was a troll or something, I dunno. Whatever he was, he is. So that means Winter is the father."
"I didn't know you had any doubts...?" Shaena half asked, looking at her friend.
"You know me, Shae. There was always going to be doubt."

Kaity pulled out a bottle of formula for her own son, and Shaena told her she was going to soak in the bath as she left the room.
"Don't prune up!" Kaity shouted after her.
"I know how to have a bath, Kait." Shaena retorted, all jokingly, of course.
Kaity went back to trying to remember the name of the tribe Winter had mentioned.

"Autumn." She whispered, as she pulled her son close. "That's your name. You know that marking you have? The spidery one? That's an ancient cave system. There was once a tribe; the Autumn tribe, they lived there but the whole cave system is frozen now, your daddy told me. I hope you meet your daddy soon."


"Uh-oh..." Jaydean breathed. She'd only wanted to help out, and she'd broken the sink while doing the washing up. Her mother and Shaena had been so tired these past few weeks, she and her sister would be starting school soon, and they'd tried to help out with the housework as much as they could before then.

"Jay, you should call a repairman." Her sister said in passing. It was a great idea. Sophie had all the great ideas. She called a repairwoman, she liked the idea of a female fixing the sink. She'd never had much male influence, but she remembered the story of her own father. He'd come round to repair the pipes. As much as Jaydean loved her mother, she didn't trust her to control herself, and one little brother was enough for now.

While she waited for the repairwoman, she emptied all the bins and took the rubbish out to the bin. Sophie was still in the shower. Either that or she was cleaning the bathroom. She wasn't sure if either her mother or Shaena were up yet, and wondered what she should do with her day. Turning back towards the house, she stopped in her tracks.

There was a man walking up to the doorway, and he stopped when he saw her. He didn't look too scary, but Jaydean knew she shouldn't talk to strangers, especially the ones that walked onto the property. A lot of paparazzi's tried to ask herself and Sophie questions, and Kaity had told them to never tell them anything. She'd gone to court about it when the twins were still only a few months old, and the press had been ordered to never publish pictures or quotes from her children.
Swallowing her nerves, she approached the man, against her body's instincts.

"Can I help you?" She demanded, her voice surprising her at how confident it came out.

"I came to see your Mummy, Kaity Mattell?" The man asked, checking he was at the right house. He hadn't expected her children to be so... big! It hadn't even been ten months yet, and he was sure she'd said they were two years old... (lol)

Jaydean sighed before shaking her head and waving her arms around in a negative gesture.
"No. Nope, sorry. She hasn't got time for interviews, and you shouldn't be talking to me. You know what trouble you could get in if I called my Granny." she threatened. The man just looked confused.

 "An interview?" He asked. "I don't want an interview-"
"Oh. An autograph, right?" Jaydean scratched her head. He didn't look like a crazy fan, but he didn't look much like a reporter, either.
"No, I-"
"Then why are you here?" Jaydean hadn't quite got the idea that if she let people finish their sentances, she wouldn't have to ask as many questions.

"I came to tell her I love her." Jaydean's mouth dropped, and she stared at the man. She couldn't work out if he was messing around, his face looked pretty serious, but she'd never seen him before.
"...What?" She squeaked.

"Are you Autumn's daddy?" Jaydeans voice carried on the light breeze as Kaity stepped out of the house to throw some diapers in the bin. She assumed her twins were playing a game until she heard his voice.
"Who's Autumn?" She'd recognise that voice anywhere. Silky smooth, a gentle city accent, and the ability to turn her spine to jelly.  

He came.

Autumns traits: Grumpy and Clumsy.
I didn't get to choose. Apparently Kaity didn't have a happy pregnancy. 
Also, writing this chapter made me lol. It was Kaity not even having the decency to remember what lifestate Winter was. One-track-mind for sure.


  1. Ha, Kaity is so funny. Gremlin? Goblin?
    Yeah, Kaity, he's totally a goblin....
    I am happy for you that you got a single birth, even though I did secretly want quads. Well, I guess not so secretly, =P

    OMG YAY WINTER!!!! *excitement explodes*
    I'm so happy to see him. And I loved his conversation with Jaydean. Can't wait to get to the part where Kaity gets to tell him who Autumn is.
    Love the name.

    1. Ahahaaaaa :p
      Well, seems my sims reproductive systems were on my side for once! Bonnie had a girl, btw. I kinda wanted Shaena to, because when I was messing around in CAS seeing what babies they could have, Shaena and Alex's female spawn was GORGEOUS!

      :D I thought everyone would be happy about that bit.
      Jaydean's shocked face... I loved her so much when she did that. So perfect.

      Hm. Yes. So, I'm have Summer, Winter and now Autumn... I wonder where I'm going with this? Well, I guess I've not named those pesky seasons yet... ;)

  2. Oh that's sad, that one of Shae's first thoughts about her son is that she hopes Alex won't doubt his parentage =(

    "Morning-ish"--that's what I say! And for the same you know, I'm a late riser :P

    So Kaity's finally decided to look up Winter. Good! (the dark sparkles are really only dark fairy wings, aren't they?)

    Oh now that's rich, Jay calling a repairWOMAN so that her mother wouldn't be tempted to give her another little brother xD

    *gasp* I just saw Winter! ::back to read:: LOL yes, Winter, sim children grow up fast. Hehe, he's a already had more than an interview or an autograph, honey. There's something to be said for the fact that Kaity decided she would try and find him, and he appears in her front yard. Can't wait to see what happens next!!

    1. Hehe, I love this view on the chapter. Most people comments will be all happy because Winter is at the end.

      Yes, it wasn't her absolute first thought, but she thought it before he was even a day old, and it's pretty sad. We'll have to wait to see what happens there. (this time next week, if all goes to plan)

      :p Morning-ish sounds about right for you haha!

      Yes, but I didn't want him to be a fairy, so I turned him to a genie after birth (getting sick of fairies now, but the gene seems to be overly dominant) and the sparkles stayed. They'll be gone in the toddler stage.

      HAHAHAA! :p It just came to me. She called the repair services, and a woman turned up, and as I was writing this I suddenly remember he conman fathers excuse, and decided Kaity was the type of person who'd tell her kids stuff like that.

      LOL! While I was writing this, I remembered that Kaity had told Winter the twins were two, and, well, they're clearly not two anymore...
      AHAHA! Yes, definately no need for an interview or autograph ;) That's Jaydean and Sophie's go-to response, though. They're used to paps turning up while they're playing outside, and usually have to move the game inside. Even though Kaity has a court injunction against reporters publishing anything to do with her kids (including their names), you can never be too careful. And, there's always the possibilty that someone would abduct them for fifteen minutes of fame.

      Well, I'm glad you noticed that he appeared just as she thought about contacting him. I mentioned before that they were connected in some way, but that was just because they were in the same room. Maybe that bond has strengthened after mating? Who knows?!
      Next chapter (saturday) carries on straight from here.

  3. I loved the way Kaity couldn't remember what sort of sim Winter was, and having him turn up as soon as she started thinking about finding him was awesome!

    I hope Shaena doesn't have problems with Alex now she's had the baby, it would be horrible of him to claim he's not his, but on the other hand, little Joshua would be better off without him!

    1. Hehe, that's just so her, right? Doesn't listen properly and later regrets it.
      Yes, it was as if he read her mind...
      He didn't. He was just in town on business at the right time, but it did look kinda creepy :p
      Originally, the 'I'm going to look for Winter' and the Winter appearing chapter were going to be further apart, but that was because some stuff started during the girls' pregnancies that was going to be finished. Of course, I lost those pictures in a moment of idiocy, so that stuff will re-happen soon instead.

      I hope so too! Hopefully she'd just being paranoid, because there is no way he can think she's been cheating! The poor girl is terrified of him, and he knows it.
      And yes, Josh would be much better off without him. It's your time to shine, Shaena! Leave him for good! :)

  4. Goblins and Gremlins and Trolls oh my! Sounds more like the fans and paparazzi that must come calling judging by Jaydean's reaction. lol.

    Yay! I love the name Autumn. And OMG. YAY!!! Winter is back! (While I sit swealtering under a fan with the A/C cranked up, that makes me giggle). Winter! Winter! Winter! *ships Winter and Kaity until the day I die.

    I'm really worried about Shaena now. Y'know why? Because she's obsessing over her baby's looks in case the baby doesn't look enough like Alex to prove a point. And that's scary. Because it says a lot about what he's capable of, and what he might do and that she knows it. *Ships the Alexfree version of Shaena!

    Hurray for singleton births as well! Nice! I'm sure that's a big switch from your usual multiples curse.

    1. Haha :p It was fun writing all that stuff, and developing the twins' characters.

      LOL, I apologise that his name made you jealous. If it makes you feel any better, our 'summer day' today will consist of "Messy weather" (actual quote). It's almost sunny now, there'll be thunder storms later, pouring rain, hail and of course, those high winds we love so much... Swap?
      I'm not really sure what 'shipping' them would involve, but... well, but nothing, because I have no idea what you're saying... :p

      I worry about Shae too. I think we all do. But the fact that she has realised what he's like can only be a good sign, right?
      ...Again with the shipping...

      Woooo!! :) How fun to take this one baby at a time! Well, I still had my multiples this gen, so Kaity shouldn't feel left out :p

    2. Oh Gemma! Shipping: Means I'll promote(Hype, Love, embrace, agree with, want, etc. Uh, I think it stems from 'shipping a package.' I want them as a package deal! Hearts carved in trees and doodly notes done by Kaity with hears and their names in cursive linked together with curley cues and all that jazz) Winter and Kaity. So Shipping them for life is like saying I'm all for Winter and Kaity forever and ever. lol

      And Yes Please! It was 95 yesterday, and in the van it was just a of hot! I'd love some wind and hail and clouds.

      I'm all for the Non-Alex Shae!

    3. 'shipping' is from 'relationship'

    4. Thanks for the translations, guys :)

      Sunny, REALLY?!?!! Can you see Kaity doing ANY of that stuff?! I wouldn't do anything like that and I'm willing to admit that I'm in love...

      95=35. Learn metric, you dinosaurs!
      It's sunny now. Still windy, but sunny. And it's been 20 ('68') all day, very muggy and humid. Yuck.

  5. It took me a couple of day, but I'm finally all caught up.

    I love your legacy and how you weave actual game play with your plots and storyline, very creative and nicely done!

    Yeah, I'm with everyone else, Winter and Kaity are so right for each other.

    You have a fun, captivating tale going on here and I can't wait to see what the Mattel's get up to in future generations.

    1. This comment made me all warm and glowy :)

      You read this quick! And you didn't get completely lost and confused?

      The trick to weaving the gameplay into the storyline, is letting whatever the sims do become the storyline. I go in sometimes with poses and a chapter set in stone, but sometimes I let the sims decide what happens next. For example: When Lisa became a fairy in gen 2. That was because I installed supernatural, and it changed townies to supes. Completely changed my entire legacy! LOL!

      Thank you :) I'll try to please :p

  6. I'm such a bonehead for not reading this yet! It's the first thing I did this morning-ish.
    so, yes, this is pre-coffee in my bed with my tablet.
    it's 10:30 here right now. I think I was tired.

    Awwwww Autumn. I wanted to name my middle child that, but hubs thought I sounded like a hippie. O.o meanie-head it's a nice name! I love it!

    It is sad that Shae's first thought was whetheror not daddy dickhead would like the baby.

    Kay, I'm with Kaity on this. What lifestate Is Winter? Surely not a goblin. He's too cute.

    Eeeeeeeeeeeee! He's back! I'm finally awake enuf to react! *big, huge, silly, girlie grin* if that woman drives him away I'm gonna figure out how to pixelate myself n invade your game to strangle her.

    1. This comment made me laugh so hard.
      You're so funny when you're craving caffine...

      I would want to name a child something like Autumn or other hippy names, but I think my boyfriend would want boring traditional names. Boo. So my sims get all the pretty names I'd never be allowed to use myself :p
      Plus, I have to name the seasons. Finally. At some point.

      I know. I kinda hope he doesn't like the baby so Kaity can go all psycho on his ass ;)

      Haha! Genie. The only sims lifestate to begin with a G. :p It's the title of the next chapter.
      Gremlin made me lol so hard when it popped into my head. I'm not even sure what a gremlin is, but it sounds evil! The only one that she could think of that would suit him would be elf, but we don't have elves, just the ears.

      Hehe :D
      He's only back because of you guys. I don't even know what his traits are! I just hit random when I made him because it wasn't important.
      I'm sure Bonnie and Shaena would strangle her for you if she pushed him away! :p
      Besides, he'll want to be a father when he knows he is one, she she won't be able to get rid of him even if she wanted to.

    2. Oh duh. Genie. My brain refuses to work today. I hate the next chapter of SWNT b/c Marie n Jesse have the mistaken notion that they're in control n theyre ruining my carefully-wraught plans. I have almost no spell check.

      Yeah, of course he'll want to be in Autumn's life. Oh, it just makes me giddy to think about him being back! You have no idea. Okay, well, you might but yeah.

    3. What? Jesse, Marie, BEHAVE! It's not your story, it's not even about you two, so do as you're told!
      Hope you can figure it out! :)

      Haha, well, I hope you don't collapse at somepoint from seeing him too much! :p

  7. Ha ha! Loved the title, loved Kaity trying to remember what he was. Goblin, lol

    That was interesting about the shipping, I knew what it meant, but I didn't know where the term came from. =)

    I like the name Autumn, my niece's name is Autum, no n, because my sister in law didn't catch the typo and she was too lazy (her words, not mine! lol) to bother with fixing it.

    It's good to see that Winter's back, lol (that cracked me up to write! :D ) and has he got a surprise coming!

  8. Yay for Winter coming back! I can't wait to see what happens between them. At least now I know what Winter is. I don't have Showtime, so I was like, "What the hell lifestate starts with a 'G'?" Glad that question got least in the comments. Lol.

  9. Bouncing up and down in my seat! I am so happy!!! I knew he loved her too! He came even without knowing about Autumn. My heart just melted when he said, "I came to telly your Mommy that I love her."

    So romantic!