Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Hills Have Ears! #6


IT'S a rare occurance to have Krazy Kaity put herself in the spotlight, and even rarer to have her beau, Winter Snow in attendance at the same time, so imagine our excitement at yesterdays press release!
The release was officially to announce the arrival of the seasons, but if you wanted to read about that you'd be reading a broadsheet, wouldn't you? So, of course, we asked all the questions you want to know the answers to!
As it turns out, Mr. Snow knew nothing of Kaity's past life, and we're wondering if that means trouble ahead. We all know by now that our Kait is a firecracker, and it's only a matter of time before sparks fly again.
Winter doesn't believe in love at first sight, it would seem, and his avoidance when we bought up marriage tells us he's either thinking this is a fling, or planning a top-secret proposal. We're secretly hoping for the second. Although Kaity makes great news, seeing her adapt to married life is something I'm sure we'd all like to see. We've watched her go from wild, outragous single teen mother, to unhinged sexual demon, and family life would be a nice change. Winter also mentioned that he wasn't fond of the spotlight, and that although he and Mattell live apart, their son recieves attention from both on a regular basis.

We hadn't planned on asking Kaity about Mr. Farrah's rampage, we all know what a sensitive topic that is for the whole town, but a reporter from the Appaloosa Gazette broached the subject anyway. We thought Kaity handled it well, she didn't say much, and unfortunately that one journalist ruined it for the rest of us as she was unwilling to speak after that. She iterated that her children were safe, and answered "No comment." when the subject of the twins father was bought up. We watched Mr. Sekemoto's face closely as this was asked, but his expression remained unchanged and we didn't gain much.

The conference came to an abrupt end as The Riverview Mail accused Kaity of being a fraud and basing her career on lies. Unsurprisingly she walked out, and DJ Lazy stepped in to officially end the session.
Is she a fraud? We've heard nothing but good reviews about her small psychic business, and haven't heard the rumours the reporter referred to. What are your views? Have you heard these rumours? Have you experianced Kaity's psychic expertise? We'd like to hear from you to settle this once and for all!


  1. Well, more like, it's rare for Krazy K to *willingly* put herself in the limelight! Don't her and Winter look so comfortable together in that picture? heehee.

    What's a broadsheet?

    Oh dear, they really did spin the interview and jump to some harsh conclusions! (including the headline, lol). Yes, Winter thinks of it as a fling. If only they knew. Aww, at least they said they're hoping for a proposal! They don't wish all bad for her, at least. Of course, that'll just add to Kaity's "WHY IS EVERYBODY TALKING ABOUT MARRIAGE" wonderment.

    Who is Mr. Sekemoto? Leighton? Or no, they call him DJ Lazy.

    Oh boy, asking for testimonials of her fortune telling, that'll be interesting, for sure.

    1. (Ali has explained broadsheets below. Sorry, I thought it was a worldwide term :|)

      Pahahaaa! Yeah, she was soooo willing ;)
      Oh, don't they? It's like being at home.

      Yeah, that headline is probably the worst bit. People will see that and if they don't read any further then they'll assume they've found proof that she is a fraud, rather than are asking for info.

      No, they don't wish bad things on Kaity ever, and as it's a local paper they're protective over her from other papers (why they made sure everyone knew it was out of town reporters who asked those questions). and yeah, Kaity is pretty sick of all this marriage stuff by now ;)

      Yes, Leighton. DJ Lazy is his stage name. Sorry, that was a bit confusing in hindsight.

      Haha, Kaity hopefully won't read this, although, next chapter picks up right after last one, so... Yeah, before this article is released. LOL confusing, I know, but I'm skipping ahead a few days (FINALLY) during that chapter hopefully.

  2. Have you experienced Kaity's psychic expertise?
    That made me lol.

    I loved how this reporter was all catty about the reporter that ruined everything by asking about the whole stabbing thing. I mean really, how gauche! We were just going to pry into Kaity's sex life and speculate on her relationship, lol.

    And I do love how they assume Leighton is the twins' dad and were watching his face when they asked.

    1. Well? Have you?! :p

      Oh yeah, reporter turf wars! Haha! How dare they ask something so personal?!

      Well, yeah, poor Leighton. Kaity could have put them straight, but I think she'd rather they assume Leighton is the father than have to tell the real story. Hopefully Leighton doesn't mind too much.

  3. I loved their sideswipe at the journalist who brought Alex up and the way they blamed that for Kaity not wanting to answer any more questions! I'm also happy that (for now) they're wanting good things for Kaity (even if that's because they think it will make more interesting "news" for them!)

    Btw, Misty, broadsheets are what we Brits call the more serious papers which report actual news as opposed to the "tabloids" which tend far more towards reporting gossip and celebrity "news". Broadsheets used to be printed on larger paper than tabloids which is where the two terms come from

    1. Haha :p Thank you.
      Yeah, they never wish bad things on her, but as she creates her own drama they don't have to worry about her settling down really. I mean, it'd be nice if she did, but clearly she won't. And even if she did, she'd most likely do something they could report.

      Thanks for explaining that! I thought it was a worldwide thing!

  4. When I saw Broadsheet I about fell out of my chair! G goes on and on about broadsheets and half sheets for his page sizes but he's the only person I've ever heard use that term. That.Was.Awesome!

    I love that the press has kind of turned in their opinions of her just because she consented to talk for once. But now the question that remains is will the press continue to be this kind to her, or will they turn on her again?

    1. LOL! Oh, sorry :| As Ali explained, broadsheet is a well known term here. Half sheet, not so much. Papers tend to be the same size now, except the odd one or two that are still massive (The Independant? There's another, but I can't think of the name). Didn't realise I was being awesome ;)

      Yeah, I think it was partly pride in their local celebrity too. They didn't like the other press putting her down and asking questions that they deemed innapropriate. I think they just go with what the public want to hear, and if everyone hates someone why would they care what they'd been up to? They have to say something nice about her sometimes or nobody would care enough to read what she was up to.

  5. I only know broadsheet in the British sense of a "serious" news paper(New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, and many others that aren't commonly requested where I live), as opposed to gossip or tabloid papers(Examiner, Daily Mail(yes, that's somewhat known as a tabloid outside of the UK!), I think there's also a British paper called something about "sun" that's no good.

    All the good they did for Kaity when calling her attackers into question was undone by the headline. So many people don't read past the headlines, at least in the US! If the headline suggests that Kaity is a fraud, then she will be perceived as a fraud.

    At least they didn't attack further. I know that UK tabloids are much more aggressive than US tabloids, so it's probably a huge relief from your perspective.

    Does this early bonus chapter mean that we get more this weekend? :D

    1. Yep, Daily Mail is a tabloid in my eyes too. And The Sun? I'm assuming that's what you mean, that's a tabloid and a half! Glad you knew what I meant, though

      Exactly! And they know that. They know people will walk past the newspaper stand and see that, and just assume, but, nothing can be done about it by Kaity as if they read the article they're not saying anything bad about her. Sneaky.

      I don't read tabloids, and had no idea that ours were more agressive! Glad I'm not famous.

      Of course! Need to tie off that cliffy, don't I? ;) Saturday. Hopefully morning if I get it all shot tomorrow, if not then afternoon/evening. Which will still be morning for you anyway.

  6. You learn something new everyday, I now know what broadsheets are, lol

    Love the spin the reporters put on the press release. Yes, Winter is all about the fling, =P