Saturday, 21 September 2013

4.30 Clarity

Warning: Long. Very long. About 2.5 chapters of my usual length kinda long...

"I won't take no for an answer." Leightons voice demanded as Kaity answered the phone.
"As an answer to what? And by the way, most people say 'hello' or 'hi' when they answer the phone." Kaity rolled her eyes.
"Hi. Now, what do you want from me? Or rather, what are you about to force me to do?"
"I'd never force you to do anything... Ok, maybe I am forcing you. I got you three VIP passes for Saturday nights 'Summer Shindig' at the Grind. It's basically in Winter's honour, to celebrate the season naming thing."
"This Saturday?"
"That's what I said."
"Winter is away." Kaity stated, a bit annoyed that Leighton wouldn't even think to ask after they'd only spoken about this a week or so ago.
"What? No way!" He sighed. "Well, you and Shae still come, and if you can find a third then bring them, if not then don't worry. But let me know so I can put their name down."
"What if I don't want to come?" Kaity teased.
"Then you're a terrible friend and I'll have a very lonely night on the decks." Kaity laughed, and agreed they'd be there before hanging up.

"I don't think she should go." Jaydean mused as she pushed her toy away.
"To the party? Why not?" Sophie asked, looking at her sister.
"Just because of Leighton, really." Jaydean shrugged.
"Oh, because of that kiss?" Sophie realised where her sister was going. "Do you think she'd do that again?" Jaydean shrugged. "I thought you said she loved Winter?"
"I thought she did, but I don't think she's told him. I don't think he told her either. He told me like, immediately after meeting me, but I think all the stuff with Autumn and then Bonnie and finally Leighton... Do you think he doesn't love her anymore? That he's only around for Autumn?" Jaydean asked, wide-eyed.
"Nah!" Jaydean and Sophie answered together, smiling.
"He definately loves her." Sophie assured her. "But I don't think he knows how to tell her."
The girls fell silent for a bit, contemplating their next move.

"Do you think we did this?" Jaydean asked quietly. "Do you think we pushed them apart by trying to pull them together?"
"No way." Her sister responded. "He saved her life, even if she didn't love him then she owes him."
"Can we not talk about that night." Jaydean pleaded.
"Sorry." Sophie apologised. "I just think you sometimes forget what he's done for us."
"He has done a lot. I wish he was our dad." They fell silent again. They didn't often think about their real dad. They'd known the story of their conception for as long as they could remember, and didn't particularly want a flaky father like that, but just one meeting would have been nice. There was always going to be that 'what if'.
"Lets go see what's for dinner." Sophie broke the silence after a while, and the girls headed to the kitchen.

"Salad?!" They moaned together.
"Yes!" Kaity repeated. "I give you too much crap from a packet, so get some leaves down you."
"But I want pizza." Jaydean moaned.
"Yeah, and ice cream." Sophie added.
"Tough, you're having salad." Kaity said, dishing up three plates and handing the girls one each.

"Do you trust yourself?" Sophie asked of her mother once they were settled at the table.
"To do what?" Kaity answered with a question of her own.
"To go out drinking without Winter?" Kaity choked on her meal as she gasped. "Sorry if I offended you mummy, I was just wondering." She added quickly, realising that maybe that comment was a step too far.
"Yes, Sophie. I'm an adult, I have self control." Her mother gasped out.
"Does he know you're going?"
"Yes. What's with the constant twenty questions games?"
"We're just trying to look out for your best interests. We know you didn't mean to kiss Leighton that-"
"How do you know about that?" Kaity interrupted her daughter, putting down her fork as her appetite suddenly shrank.

"Someone at school showed us the paper." Jaydean said, standing up for her sister. Kaity thought she was going to cry. She'd never even imagined that there might be papers at school that her kids could see.
"Look. We don't talk about that, ok? Mummy was stupid, and didn't think things through. And you know that not everything you read in the paper is true, don't you?"
"Yes, mummy." Sophie nodded. "We just really like Winter, and we don't want anything to happen that would make him leave."
"I really like him too, Soph." Kaity smiled. As much as her daughters were winding her up recently, probably just in an awkward phase pre-puberty, she did love them. Moments like this when they pointed things out with such innocence and clarity reminded her of that fact. "I love you two, you know that? No matter what happens I will always love you and support you. You'll always be my babies."
"Puke!" Sophie shouted, making the three of them laugh.


When Kaity and Shaena arrived at The Grind, the place was packed. This really was the party to be at. They looked at the queue for the bar, and decided it was best to just go straight to Leighton. He could get drinks bought over to them, and they'd probably be free, too.

Leighton looked up and grinned when he saw them approaching, and greeted them as he changed song.
"Ah, it's Kaity and Shae-na-nana-na-nana-na!" He sang along with the music, the girls giggled.
"How long you been waiting to do that one?" Shaena asked, rolling her eyes.
"I've had that song lined up to go since I started. So... A couple hours." Shaena shook her head, smiling at the silliness still.
"Lay, get us drinks." Kaity demanded.
"What am I? Your servant?"
"No, you're the guy who forced us to abandon our children for a night." Kaity stuck her tongue out.
"Fine." Leighton stuck his tongue out back, before waving a hand towards a barmaid. "You can sit, by the way." he gestured towards a single seat behind him.
"There's only one seat." Kaity pointed out.
"Yeah, ladies first." He grinned, gently pulling Shaena by the arm and directing her to sit.
"You!" Kaity laughed, and Shaena giggled as she stood back up.

The barmaid arrived at the podium, and took their drinks orders, returning quickly with the drinks.
Kaity stood, sipping a cocktail, looking out at the mass of writing bodies on the dancefloor. Shaena was stood a little back, talking and laughing with Leighton. She didn't recognise anyone on the dancefloor, and she thought back to when the twins were little, younger than Autumn even, when she'd be here several times a week and know everyone. Not necessarily their names, but their faces, at least. She smiled at the memory of all the fun times she'd had in these four concrete walls.

 Something new happened as her eyes scanned the room and stopped at the pole. A vision she'd had ten years earlier flashed before her: Shaena was being forced to dance by Alex, and she was wearing Kaity's dress. Kaity smoothed down the silken material of her dress as she fought away the chills. She'd never wear this dress again, but was happy when she realised there was no way Alex could force her best friend to dance that pole tonight.

 "Shae, lets go dance, leave Mr. DJ to do his job." Shaena nodded, and then laughed at something Leighton said to her as she moved towards Kaity. "What did he say about me?" Shaena bit back a giggle and Leighton winked at her. "What?!" Leighton shook his head and shooed them with a wave of the hand, before turning on his mic and announcing to the crowd:
"Are you ready to mix things up?!" The crowd cheered. "I can't hear you!" They cheered louder, and Leighton started on a fresh mix of tracks as Shaena pulled an annoyed Kaity onto the dancefloor.

"What did he say, Shae?" Kaity shouted over the music as they started dancing. Shae shook her head, whatever it was, she wasn't going to share either. Kaity gave up and the pair danced a while, occasionally heading back up to Leighton to get more drinks. Shaena had way too many. Or maybe it was that Kaity had done this a lot more in her lifetime, and so had a higher tolerance.

"Kait! A pole! Lets go make believe we're high-class strippers!" Shaena giggled during one of their many trips back up to Leighton in the booth.
"K, maybe you should think about getting her home?" Leighton laughed.
"No!" Shaena protested. "You invited us for the night, we'll stay for the night." She pouted, and Leighton copied her expression mockingly.
"She has a point, Lay. 'Sides, maybe pole dancing will make her sweat out some of that alcohol." Kaity shrugged, not apposed to the idea herself. "Plus, would give you something to watch." She winked at Leighton.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Leighton gasped, in mock shock.
"Come on, you think I'm blind? You keep whispering in Shae's ear, and touching her arm, making her giggle at secret things you can't tell me? I know your moves. Or did you forget all about those years?" Kaity said proudly, she felt like she had the upper-hand knowing how he worked. She was sure they would have blushed, if Leighton had his own blood, and Shaena wasn't so drunk that she didn't care. "C'mon, Shae." Kaity took her friends arm and led her towards the pole, glancing over her shoulder at Leighton to check he was watching.

Kaity felt silly dancing on the pole. She was only just tipsy, and she had a boyfriend. As soon as her mind drifted to Winter, she was hit by a vision.

 She was in a room. She didn't know where, perhaps a hotel. She was playing with her hair. She looked happy, judging by her expression in the mirrored wall.

Her hair fixed, she spun a little to check out the back of her dress. She felt a thin film of some sort of fabric graze her shoulder.
A veil. She was wearing a veil.

 She turned back, scrutinising her face and hair in the mirror.
A bouquet. She had a veil and a bouquet.

She started pacing the short length of the room, her lips moved as though she were talking, but as usual her vision was silent.

She suddenly jerked her head to the side, as if someone had called her name, before taking a deep breath, smiling and exiting the room.

 What's happening to me? She wondered as she stepped away from the pole, letting Shaena continue writhing her body around to her hearts content. What was that? I know what I think it was... She sighed, and leaned against the wall, watching Shaena before turning to face the crowd. What does this mean? I was clearly really happy about it. Maybe I do love him. How do I work out if I do? I'm not telling him until I'm sure, that- Her thoughts were interrupted.

 "'Scuse me, ma'am." A man next to her tapped her shoulder and pointed to Leighton who was waving and mouthing something.
'Shaena', was that what he was mouthing? She turned her head.

What the..? Where did he come from?! Kaity asked herself as she swiftly pulled away from the wall and pushed the man away from her intoxicated friend.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?!" She screamed at the man. Shaena stood back in shock and hit her head against the pole.
"Just meeting a pretty lady. Sorry, were you jealous? I have room enough for two."
"No, thank you very much. You keep your dirty hands to yourself, you can tell she's too drunk to know what's going on, you're just a predator."

 The man opened his mouth to argue back, but before she knew it a complete stranger had spun her around, captured her in his arms, and lifted her off the floor so she couldn't escape.
"Hello, princess. Don't worry, you can have me while our friends are busy." Kaity's mouth fell open in shock, and it took a second for her body to respond and kick him in the shins, hard. He quickly dropped her after that.

"You messed with the wrong girl." She growled, before raising her arm and slapping him hard across the face. She felt like everyone was watching her, but in reality the only one outside the actual fight who saw was Leighton, still watching over the girls from his little podium.

"Come on, Shae." Kaity shouted over the music as she started to walk off, holding her hand behind her to help pull her drunken friend through the crowd and back to Leighton.
"Kait, that was awesome!" She grinned.
"Someone has to keep an eye on you." Kaity returned, smiling a little now that was over. What would I have told Winter if that guy had took me home? Well, I guess I don't do that anymore, so I don't need to worry.

 "What the hell just happened?!" Leighton asked when they'd reached the safety of the podium.
"What happened is that you were too busy plying Shae with free drinks to think about the concequences." Kaity accused angrily.
"K! I thought you were looking out for her!"
"I was but I don't have eyes on the back of my head, do I?! If you weren't so concerned with what's hidden below your zipper, then none of this would have happened."
"Are you kidding me?! Little Miss Daydreaming-about-her-boyfriend over there? You agreed to go to that pole with her, I'm working. You're just lucky I looked up when I did."
"Looked up? You've not took your eyes off her all night, Lay. She's not an object for you to stare at, taking mental pictures for later, were we?"

"Guys, stop." Shaena called from the chair behind Kaity. "I'm nearly 30. I can handle myself, there's no point arguing over who should have been babysitting me, I should have been looking out for myself."
"Fine. Lets get home, Shae, I don't feel like partying anymore." And I don't want anymore visions in public. She added in her head.
"Well I do. I'm gunna stick around. There's supposed to be an afterparty, and I wanted to go to that." Kaity sighed and looked at Shaena. She was right, she was old enough to look after herself, and some of that alcohol seemed to have been scared out of her. Plus, Leighton wouldn't let anything happen to her.
"Ok. Do you need cash for a taxi?" Shaena shook her head. "Ok. See you at home."

She pulled Leighton into a hug.
"Sorry for the argument, and thanks for inviting us!" She shouted, before gritting her teeth and muttering into his ear. "Leighton. I don't care how much she thinks she wants you tonight, you are not to take advantage of my best friend. Do you understand? You get her home safely, ride the taxi with her, and then go back to your own house alone. You know she's still going through therapy, and the whole Alex thing hasn't blown over properly yet. She thought Winter was hitting me the other day. But anyway, if you do anything with her, I'll personally see that you can't do anything like that again." Leighton laughed quietly.
"Baby K, don't worry. You know I wouldn't do anything like that. She's too wasted to know what she wants, so, as hot as she is and as much as I'd love to tick her off my list, she'd want a relationship and I can't do that to her."
"Thank you." Kaity muttered again before pulling away and giving Shaena a quick hug, a peck on the cheek and telling her to 'be good'.


I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.
It was just after midnight when she got back. She dismissed Michael the babysitter, and checked on the kids in turn, loitering in Autumns room. His hair was a massive reminder of his temporarily absent father, and that was all that was on her mind as she hit 'call' on her phone.

"Kaity? I can't talk now, I'm about to get on stage. Can I call you-"
"I love you too." Kaity blurted out before she lost her nerve, and hung up. She did. She really truly did love him, and if it had taken a few drinks, two visions and an over-friendly stranger to make her realise that, then the night was a success.

Thank you to Misty and Sunny for lending me Daniel and Buck. They made great creepy club stalkers!


  1. Woo! Kaity admitted she loved Winter :) And she had a vision of getting married... I hope that one comes true :)

    1. Yes, finally! Woooo! :D
      I hope it comes true too. Shame she doesn't age, or she might have had some idea of when it'd happen. We'll have to wait and see.

  2. Woo, update!

    "Yes, Sophie. I'm an adult, I have self control." No. No you don't. We love you, Kaity, but you have the self control of a puppy left alone in a room with a juicy steak.

    No matter how much Kaity tries to protect them, they'll still be exposed to the media. It's a pretty obvious conclusion, but it has to hurt when it's laid out so matter-of-fact like that.

    I sense a budding romance between Shae and Leighton! Good. It'll be good for Shae to move on.

    ...Shae. Oi. Just sit down before your silly drunk self falls over or something while trying to pole-dance. :P

    Wedding! *squee* Kaity, no thinking! If you think about it too hard, you'll mess up the vision. Behave, for once.

    Ugh, dance club creepers! Worst part of going out. Grabbing Kaity like that was already over the line, but going after Shae when she was completely wasted? Just awful. I'm glad Kaity put them in their place.

    Kaity! Leighton isn't to blame for this, stop yelling at the poor man. Shae's enough of an adult to know her limits when it comes to drinking, and those men were the ones who went after her. Not Leighton. Sometimes I really want to smack some sense into your heir, but I can't help but feel like it would be in vain.

    D'AWW KAITY! <3

    1. LOL! Nah, she doesn't have a lot of self-control. She thinks she does, but she's pretty instinctive. Love the metaphor, by the way :D

      Yes, unfortunately she'll never be able to stop her kids from seeing the papers, all she can do is explain how they twist things and tell them what really happened. And of course it hurt, because she didn't think of it! She just assumed that because she'd not shown them the paper herself, then they'd never know. Silly Kaity.

      Hehe, maybe. Leighton is a massive flirt, and Shaena was drunk. It would be good for Shae to move on, but whether Leighton is the right guy to do that with is another story.

      Haha :p I think we all do that. Get drunk, see a pole and think we're amazing and can dance. She managed to stay on her feet, but maybe she held onto the pole for support?

      :) I think that vision shook her up a little. She really didn't expect that one!

      Yes, I agree. For some reason, when certain types of men get some drink inside them, they think they're tops and can have whoever. Just leaning in and kissing Shae like that was very brave, lucky Leighton looked up because Kaity was in a dream world and her friend could have easily disappeared while she wasn't looking! Grabbing Kaity was a stupid move, but she put him in his place.

      Haha, Kaity has to blame someone, you know that by now. She probably does need some sense slapping into her, maybe Winter can find a less violent way to do it? One that would work, because if you slapped her she'd surely just go off in a mood, or slap you back, and then nothing would get done.

      :D Thanks for your lovely in-depth comment! <3

  3. It's in Winter's honor, but he's out of town? Wonderful foresight, lol. I'm not sure that seems like his type of party anyway. He seems like more the fireside and candle light kind of guy. Or maybe that's just my wishful thinking.

    Aw, these girls are just too cute, contemplating, strategizing, figuring things out. All this discussion over her going to a party. They're so mature! Wanting Winter for a dad and all that, and knowing their real dad might be a flake, but still wondering What If.

    *snort* At first I thought she was asking if Kaity trusted herself to cook. Since she only made salad, after all.

    THIS SONG!! HAHAHA! Now I'm in a mood for some music, I'll have to load Spotify after I'm through here.

    Leighton seems to be flirting with Shae a bit. And then worried about her being too drunk. A love connection in the making? Hehe, Kaity caught it too.

    Oooo. She hasn't had a vision in a long while, that we've heard about. What lovely pictures, too, and I like how you styled them. And I love that hairstyle on her. And the earrings ;)

    LMFAO Daniel, you scallawag manwhore! But of course he has room for two. And he would think to say it! Oh my, and that's Buck! A mighty UNcowardly Buck. Wow, that was ballsy. Whod've thought that Buck and Daniel would be wingmen xD And the look on Leighton's face!

    Tick her off his list? tsk. I guess it wasn't a love match after all.

    Yay! Kaity Loves Winter! And given her vision, she's gunna marry him! How she tells him is *so* Kaity, too. I would love to know what Winter was thinking when she said that and hung up on him =D Yes, I'd say the night was a success.

    1. Haha :p What Kaity doesn't realise, is that Leighton boss planned all this, as a money-maker. He didn't think about whether Winter would enjoy it, or even be around. It worked, though, and the club was packed. Winter would have gone if he was in town, but only because Kaity would have dragged him. It's 100% Kaity's scene, but you're right, Winter isn't the club-scene type. I don't know about candlelight, but fireside definately. I guess we'd never know about candlelight, because Kaity is pretty clumsy and would likely set the house on fire if she was around too many.

      Hehe :D They are pretty adorable and mature at the same time. They know a lot of stuff that Kaity doesn't know they know. Kaity did the right thing explaining how they came to be, even if it seems like they were a little young to know that story, they at least will hopefully be able to make better choices themselves, and it also means they're more ready to accept Winter instead of trying to hold out for their own father who will never show. See? Kaity has some good parenting skills when she's not throwing tantrums!

      Hahaa! Nah, Kaity doesn't trust herself to cook :p I think Sophie just wanted to remind her what happened last time Winter was away, and hoped that having it fresh in her mind would make her think twice before doing anything. Of course, she doesn't know that Winter professed his love for her and she was already stuck thinking about that. :p

      Pahhaaahaaa :D It came to me in a dream... Nah, I dunno how that happened. I think I heard the real version and realised it would work with "Shae-na-nana-na" ect, then remembered there was a sim version... Hehe, glad someone listened to it, because I most likely wouldn't have bothered myself.

      Yeah, Leighton is a massive flirty manwhore. He does love Shae, in a close friend sort of way, so he doesn't want her to get hurt. He would never have done anything when Alex was still around (because they were all friends with Alex. Except Kaity, of course), and up until now she's been obviously battling with the abuse and the aftermath of what happened. Seeing her smiling and looking relaxed and happy made him go on in, but then she drank too much and he couldn't do that, so he suggested she go home. Who knows what happened after Kaity left? ;)

      Yeah, she has visions all the time still, but if they're not important to the story I don't bother with them (because they're extra effort and I'm lazy). She also forces visions everyday for her job, but they're never worth mentioning as they're about strangers. Anyway, yes, she got a full makeover. I figured she'd make the effort for her wedding, and we had fun picking her dress and accessories. :)

      Pahahhaaa! You just reminded me I didn't mention them at the bottom. I'll add that on now. But, yeah, that's what Daniel is getting up to in his second life, hanging around with other dead much-loved RL characters, and picking up women in the seedy dark corner of clubs. Clearly Buck has more balls than sense when he gets a drink down him. Sunny never showed us that side of him ;) Leighton played along brilliantly through all that. If you enlarge the picture of Kaity slapping Buck, you'll see Leighton gasping in the background. I didn't even know about that until I sorted through the pics :p

      Hahahaaaa! I explained this further up, but in my mind that comment was to get Kaity off his back. He doesn't really want a relationship, but Shae definately would, so he'd in two minds anyway. But yeah, that comment was for Kaity's benefit, so she'd think he did only want to use her and move on, which he's not sure about. We'll see, basically.

    2. :D She sure does! Maaaaaybeeeee :p We'll have to see about the wedding thing, won't we? It took this long to work out she loved him, and I can imagine how she'd react to a marriage proposal :|
      Hahaha! Yep, calls him up when he's miles away, waits to hear he can't talk cus he's busy, and then just blurts it out and hangs up ;) Very Kaity. I think Winter was thinking something along the lines of "0.0 ..." lol. I think that was the last thing he expected. Lets hope he got that talk done with that on his mind. Yeah, it was a pretty good night, to be honest!

      Thanks for the lovely long comment. I like long comments :)

      (LOL! My comment was too long for blogger to handle. Not had that warning in a while...)

    3. LOL!! I wondered why you responded twice! I love long comments too, and you're always good to me, so I always try to comment about every last thought I have while reading chapters <3

      Who knows what happened when Kaity left? I'd assume nothing, if Leighton's smart. She did threaten his manhood after all, and I'd never disregard a threat Krazy Kaity makes! And I did see the look on his face when Kaity was slapping, that was the one I was commenting on. Awesomesauce!

      So wait, you're saying there is a chance Leighton *might* be interested in more with Shae? Of two minds, anyway. I have to say, I would love to see that. But as Sunny says, Shae should BE the list.

    4. Yeah, not many people will have seen it, but if the comment is too long you get an error and it says something like "Character limit 4709 has been exceeded". Something like that anyway.
      That's what I do too! I try not to ramble, but I think you know by now that's a challenge for me...

      Well, you can assume all you want, but you'll have to wait til saturday to find out ;) pahahaaa! Leighton meant what he said, but that's all I'm saying.
      LOVED how that worked out. I honestly didn't see him while I was shooting, and was so happy when he was gawping at them :p

      Yeah, I'm being confusing. Leighton has been around a loooong time, and he'll be around even longer. Shaena will be dead in 50 odd years, so that's one downside (unless he turned her, but that's a whole kettle of fish I don't want to boil right now). There's also that he slept with Kaity countless times, and dated Bonnie for a short while (as mentioned last chapter, I think). He doesn't want to be 'that guy' who just works his way through entire friendship groups. But, he does think she's gorgeous, and funny, and sweet *happy sigh (- Leighton)* lol. A real catch.
      And then there's the 'what if she doesn't want another relationship?'. Obviously, she's only had one, and that really wasn't good. Leighton wouldn't do anything Alex did, but he'd worry she'd be scared of him anyway...
      Plus, *I'm* in two minds about it. Like, would this work? So, the hinting in this chapter is kinda testing the waters, and it's looking good, but you know me. I may just ignore the whole thing and bring in some crazy weirdo to sweep her off her feet. Just for the drama, of course.

  4. So our DJ friend has a real planning problem if he's waiting until the last minute to see if the guest of honor can even make it. lol And I'm glad the twins didn't decide to crash that party. I can't imagine the pickle they'd be in when the bouncer turned them away. Or what the paps would say about Kaity's parenting skills after such a display! It's really sad that they've already realized that any meeting with their dad would be terribly awkward, and yet it's still one of the things they want most. That's got to be a really tough situation. And yet look at how differently Kaity handled their parentage compared to Taylor.

    And wow. What a question to ask your mom while eating dinner! I bet Kaity was indeed floored, and probably a little hurt even if that wasn't the intent.

    Lol. Aw. Leighton has a crush. Is it possible that Shaena might return it one day? And would he settle down enough to treat her well since he sounds like he might be a bit of a playboy? I mean- "Tick her off my list?" Leighton. Deary. That's Shaena. She ought to Be the list.

    *gasp! Kaity as a bride! Wow! She's so pretty. Is it okay if I hope that this is one vision that actually comes true? Oh! What would Winter say? To her having the vision I mean. And did she just admit that aloud there at the end?!? Really??? So will she still be able to say it sober and without visions?

    BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Buck got a slap. LOL! Oh Buck. You silly. And Daniel. lol. Did he forget his wand? That's an awesome way to have a cameo! Loved it! Love his hair like that too.

    1. Haha :p Well, his boss (who ever owns the grind, I'm not making he/she and they'll never be a story character) was the one who planned it all. Leighton just gets to pick who his VIPs are. The VIPs are allowed up onto the podium with him, get free entry and free drinks. Why did I think so much into that? Who knows. I must've been making excuses for Leighton in my mind.
      I DIDN'T EVEN THINK OF THAT!!! Damn, they so should have crashed the party!! But they like Michael (the babysitter), and most likely he'd have let them stay up late and eat icecream, so they probably had a good time at home too. But that would have made the next article far more interesting!
      Yeah, the twins don't really care about their dad. Things would probably be different if Winter wasn't in the picture, but they're ok with not knowing him. Yes, Kaity handled it very differently. But, it wasn't quite as traumatic as Taylor. I mean, Taylor was stalked her entire life, and she'd been left alone a couple of years when suddenly she was a pregnant virgin. At least Kaity actually got herself into that mess to an extent. I still think that guy used mind control or something, but we'll never know.

      Yeah, Kaity definately didn't expect that! She's got used to the constant "When you marrying Winter?" questions and variations of that question, but having them know about something she tried so hard to keep them out of was hard. Sophie just wanted an answer, and she seems to have inherited Kaity's tact.

      Hehe, yeah, he does a bit :D But who can blame him? She's drop-dead gorgeous! Shaena definately returned it while she was drunk, but whether that was just the alcohol or there's actually something there, we just don't know at this stage.
      Yeah, he's a playboy. He and Kaity did stuff together, and played wingman for each other too back in the day. Yeah, 'tick her off the list', as I said to Misty, was mainly a way to hide that he has some feelings for Shaena. Kaity would rip him to shreds. Haha :p But, yeah, I wouldn't put it past him to have a list.

      I think we're all hoping that vision comes true :) Uhm... I'm kinda doubtful she'll tell anyone about the vision, let alone Winter. If she does I think he'd be happy, but not sure how to go on from there. Like, does he ask her to marry him right away? She must say yes at some point, and she didn't really freak out about that vision like she might have done a few chapters ago, so that's a good sign, right?
      Yes she did! Very brave of her. Sort of. She still has a few days until Winter is back, so doesn't have to do the face-to-face just yet. I'd like to think that now she's crossed that barrier and said it, it'll come easier next time, though. And of course, Winter will want to talk about it. She just hung up on him there.

      Hehe :D I have to admit, it was fun putting him in that pose :p Felt a little mean, 'cus he's a nice guy, but it was called for. Buck can't handle his drink.
      It was fun cameoing them like that :D
      And the hair... Originally I thought I'd go for the total douchebag look, but it actually suits him!

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    1. Sorry- Huh??!?!!! The comment thingy has changed...

      Anyway, Sorry, I didn't see this last night for some reason :|

      Hehe :D I had fun dolling her up like that, she looked so pretty. I think we all hope that one comes true! Yeah, she finally said those three words. Bit inappropiate timing, but that's Kaity for you.

      Yeah, Shaena is finally starting to work through her problems properly with her therapist, and she's at the stage where she can think about moving on. We'll have to see who comes her way. :)

      Don't feel bad for them, they're not too bothered ;) They'll always wonder what he was like, as Kaity can't help them with that either, but Winter is a billion times better. Maybe Winter can be their real father one day...

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    1. Hehe, I thought you might. You're a sucker for those three words :)
      I KNEW you'd be on team Shaeton. That's their couple name, if they do get together. I have Kwinter, too. I will eventually get round to releasing the name Kwinter, but need the press to do it at the right time.

      Haha, so Kaity, wasn't it? Just say it and end the conversation so you don't have to talk about it ;)

      Yeah, Kaity was a little naive there... I think she still sees them as babies, and forgets they know things she doesn't tell them.

      Hehe, thank you! I used April and Justin as extras, I didn't want them to think I'd forgotton about them, but I'm nearly ready to shoot now (FINALLY) so they should be extra happy. They. Are. Gorgeous.
      That's now my desktop background. I forgot how pretty they were...
      YES! It's a wedding! :D And yes, that was the idea when she looked round. I wanted to show that she wasn't just messing around trying stuff on, but as Kaity's dreams are silent I didn't know how. Then she autonomously looked to the side and I was like "Eureka!" lol.

      Right... I've rambled enough, and just remembered i need to post a bonus chapter...

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