Saturday, 11 May 2013

4:6 Stuff And Things

 Before Kaity could seal the deal, she was rudely interrupted by the receptionist.
"Excuse me, Mr. Snow? Your room is ready." She handed Winter a keycard, and hovered for a moment. Waiting for a tip? Kaity thought to herself as she passed a dirty look to the girl.
"Thank you." Winter said, not seeing Kaity's look.
Eventually, the receptionist went back to her post, and Kaity got to work again.
"I kinda want to go in the pool, but I don't have my room yet..."
"You could get changed in mine?" It took all of her strength not to grin at how easily that worked.
"Oh, thank you! Are you sure that's ok? I don't want to be a bother." Try to look innocent!
"It's fine, honestly."

They stopped by reception on the way, and collected their bags.

 As they entered the large suite, Kaity had an overwhelming urge to flop down on the bed, as anyone does when they enter a hotel room. She decided against it, both because it wasn't her room, and because she might look childish. Late afternoon was swiftly turning to evening, and this close to the equator, the sun was sure to set fast. She didn't even want to go to the pool, she wasn't a great swimmer, so maybe she could convince Winter to skip the trip back downstairs.

She sped up her walking a little, and 'tripped' over herself, with the plan to wrap her arms around him from behind. Just to stop him in his tracks.

To her great surprise, he turned and caught her by the waist, causing her to forget completely what she was doing as she looked up to his eyes.
"You ok?" He asked, in her opinion, ruining the moment.
"Yes. I... Well, I guess I tripped." She explained, never once breaking eye contact.

"I guess you did." He replied, keeping the eye contact. His eyes held an intense look, like he was trying to see into Kaity's soul. The stare made Kaity uncomfortable, causing her to look down and drop her arms. She gently tried to pull away, but Winter's grip was too tight, and he moved a hand to her face.

His hand was cold as ice, making her jump a little and look back to his face. He now had a knowing half-smile on his lips, he knew exactly why she'd jumped. Thoughts of vampires raced through her mind. Vampires were cold because they slowed their blood to make it last longer between feeds, but Bonnie was a vampire and she wasn't this cold, and Winter didn't have fangs. What are you? she thought to herself, hoping she'd get it out of him at some point.
"What are you scared of?" At first, Kaity was so deep in her thoughts she thought she'd asked it. She spent a moment puzzling over why she'd asked him that, before his thumb gently stroking her cheek bought her back to the room. "Kaity?" No, she hadn't asked that, he'd asked her. Was she scared? If so, why?

"I'm not scared." It annoyed her that her statement came out as a shakey whisper. What was going on? Was her lip shaking? Was she going to cry? Pull yourself together! She demanded of herself.
"You are. I wouldn't ask if I didn't think you were." How was he so calm? And when did his lips get so close to hers?
"You're cold." She stated, voice a little steadier than before. Eager to change the subject because she was sure she wasn't scared at all. He smiled.
"You're hot." She immediately thought he was complimenting her, but after a split second she realised he meant her temperature. She'd always been 'hot-blooded' as Rose as called it, and never had much use for the warm clothes the rest of the valley wore when the weather was cold. Infact, she dreaded when the heat returned and she'd be too hot.

She didn't know how long it had been since someone last said something, but she could see the sun setting outside.

Did he just get closer, or had she leaned in? Either way there were just millimetres between their lips.
"I think we should get to the pool before it's too late." Winter said as he pulled back and grabbed some swim trunks from his case. Kaity watched him enter the bathroom, and toyed with the idea of going in after him. What the hell is he doing to me? She thought to herself as she realised how completely helpless she'd been just moments before. She rested her hand on the doorknob, but didn't dare turn it. She sighed, and leant back against the wall beside the door.

"What are you scared of?" She repeated in her head. I'm not scared, am I? And even if I was, how would he know before I did? And what's with the whole hot and cold thing? Does he know why I'm so hot? Maybe he knows about the markings too? Maybe I should ask-
"I hope you're getting changed out there, I don't hear any movement." Winter's voice carried through the door, making Kaity laugh. She drummed her fingers against the wall behind her.
"Is that enough movement?" She giggled.
"Yes, now get changed."
Kaity got changed as quick as she could, and hovered around the door waiting for Winter.
"Are you ready?" He called through the door after five minutes or so. She hadn't thought to let him know she was decent, and felt a little bad that he must've been standing the other side of the door waiting for her.
"Yes, sorry."

 She couldn't hide her pleasure at seeing him topless.

Winter smiled, and breathed a small laugh at her reaction.
"Come on, lets go." he said, walking towards the door back to the hallway.

Once they got to the pool, most of the people from the bar earlier seemed to already be there. They must've got their rooms too and had the same idea. Kaity briefly wondered whether her own room was ready, but decided she probably wouldn't need it if that almost-kiss was what she thought it was. Winter took a seat on a sun lounger, and Kaity took the one next to him.

The pool area was fairly well lit, making Kaity's dark skin shine like the sun, and Winter's paler tone glow like the moon. They sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the gentle hum of the hot tub in the corner mixing with the voices of the others sat around the poolside and the hiss of the fountains. Kaity felt a little exposed in the spotlights, and wondered if anyone besides Winter was staring. Looking around, she was the only fairy here, and she wondered if anyone else here had powers besides the psychic ones they were here for.

"What are you thinking?" Winter asked, as Kaity noticed a man by the pool had markings too. She was sure they weren't tattoos, but she didn't feel like going up and asking him. He looked to be cosy with a girl who he seemed to know quite well, and she wondered whether they'd just met today or had come together. "Kaity?" Once again, she'd failed to answer Winter's question, being caught up in her thoughts.
"Sorry, I'm not usually this dopey, I swear." Kaity was a bit embarrassed by how she was acting.
"It's fine, probably jet lag." Why hadn't she thought of that? That must be it. "So, what are you thinking?"

She turned a little, and played with her fingers as she decided what to answer. Winter was a complete stranger. Sure, a hot stranger, but she'd never told anyone what she was thinking. Maybe it would be easier to just tell him. She thought as she realised she could still feel him staring at her.

"Just stuff." She evaded. "And things." Winter's laugh made her snap her head back round to him. "What?"
"Yes, you. You with your stuff and things."
Kaity smiled as Winter repositioned himself to a more upright position.

 "It's true." She defended, unable to stop her mouth from smiling as her eyes roamed his now more exposed chest. "Just stuff and things. Then some more stuff, and a couple more things." Winter laughed again.
"What kind of stuff and things? I want to know more about you, and what kind of stuff and things give you that smile on your face." If she'd been at all shy, she'd probably have blushed realising he'd noticed her smiling, because it was pretty obvious why she was smiling.
"Well, my kids, my family, my friends..." She began, looking around for something else to add.

"...And hot guys, like that one in the hot tub." She continued, glancing over to the blonde man relaxing, and cracking her fingers as she grinned. Winter laughed silently as he turned his head to see. Knowing exactly what she meant. He was about to reply, when Kaity suddenly jumped up. "Well, best get in that pool then." She said as she walked to the edge and jumped in.

She climbed onto a lilo as Winter leaned back in the lounger.
She could still feel him watching, and wondered if he would join her.
What if he didn't get that I meant he was hot...? The thought had just occurred to her, and she may have just lost herself an entire evenings work. And that almost kiss...

 He really had almost kissed her. Or did I almost kiss him? She wondered. She really had no idea who had leaned closer to who. Either way she was happy that he didn't seem put off by her throwing herself at him. He may have pulled away from the kiss, but he had stayed with her for the remainder of the evening by the poolside.
Her thoughts were interrupted when she was thrown off the lilo by hands overturning it.

Winter! She thought once she'd resurfaced and seen his laughing face bobbing above the water.

"Llamahead!" She laughed as she pushed a wave into his grinning face.

Winter is clearly not a solid mass, and he loves clipping into things when he's posed. Sorry about that. And, yes, the pool is a very odd shape if you noticed. I thought it looked cool when I first did it, but I've since realised it's just weird :p
Thank you again to Buckley, GigaRevival, Margaret Pendragon, mypalsim, ShakespearsSunshyne and yangthecat for the pretty extras. I had a great time getting them all half naked and looking at them. Especially the men. Yum. ;)


  1. Definitely some interesting stuff going on between Kaity and Winter, I'm very curious about him and what he knows... Also, some very interesting hints there about Kaity's markings (and the other sims in this chapter who also have markings of some sort)

    1. Yes, I'm purposely writing all this in 3rd person but kinda from Kaity's perspective. As in, we only see what she's thinking. Partly because she's my heir, and partly because I want Winter to seem all mysterious.
      The other sims with markings was a total accident. I just noticed Jack's back in that picture, and how it almost looked like Kaity was looking, so... :p

  2. That 'almost kiss' nearly killed me! Gah, just do it! You know you want to!I love the way she fake tripped right into his arms.

    Yeah, the markings, I'm wondering what meaning they might have and if Winter knows where Kaity's came from. And what his markings mean.

    It was so nice seeing Jack and Laney there, chilling by the pool. =D

    1. Ahahahaaaa! Sorry :p They'll get to it! Hehe, the fake-trip was so hilarious in my mind. She was hoping to surprise him, and then he surprised her with his lightning-quick reactions when he caught her.

      Yeah, I'm wondering too! Lol, jk, I've got it worked out. Mainly... :| eek, the pressure!
      No, really I know what I'm doing, honest. It's just trying to explain it in a way that would make sense to anyone that isn't me. It's coming though!

      Hehe, there's a hilarious outtake that I'll put up soon. It involves Jack's foot.

  3. Lol. Love how he tripped to meet her, and she tripped in return to get him to take More notice of her. Turn about's fair play I guess.

    Oh, Kaity. Phedra is just doing her job... In a really odd outfit. Ha!

    Dadgum it! Just kiss her already! Gaaaah! Or Kaity, get over it and kiss him! Might as well. You both want to.

    Hmmmmm. The markings. Will she be finding out about them? Or will she just be studying the markings on his body? (Rowr!)

    1. Haha! Difference is, Winter actually did trip. Kaity was just trying to be sneaky. Well, that backfired when he surprised her by turning round, didn't it!

      Haha, I know. Poor girl, she was probably wondering what the look was for. I think we know why Kaity never got her room key...
      (Wait... did that make the final edit? *checks* Yes, it did. Phew.)

      Ahhahaaaa! I actually felt sorry for teasing them in the poses, so I let them kiss in 'real life' after I'd posed that scene :) Aren't I a nice puppet-master?

      Yes, she will find out. In the next couple of chapters, depending on where it seems to fit best. So much information in the next few chapters so I have to break it up and bulk it out with some 'boring conferance' and 'holiday romance' crap. it's coming! Finally...
      Rowr indeed. I didn't make him overly-muscley, just a little toned so it didn't look like he was down the gym everyday. I think that makes them look vain. And yes, I did think into it that much while I was making him...

  4. Oh my, it got steamy there for a second... or longer... in Winter's room. I wonder if anything really happened during that time when she felt 'lost' for lack of a better word.
    I think her lip was trembling from either being cold or an influx of emotions. I don't believe she was scared. I wonder also if he implanted the feeling that she was afraid into her. I might be wrong of course, just thinking.

    LOL at all the 'sitting by the pool' stuff. They were SO checking each other out and barely hiding that they were.
    I wonder what would happen to Winter if he went into the hot tub. Pools are usually a little colder. hm.
    Very nice cameos. :) You mentioned in my update today how Donovan is hotter in my game. Yeah, it's the chest hair to a certain extent, but are you using the CC non-default skin? j/w not saying do it. It's just that adds quite a lot.

    Now, where's the rest of the chapter? :D

    1. LOL! Are you saying did Winter hypnotise her and *do stuff* to her?! :| Remember there's no adult content on here...
      If you weren't, good. She just got a bit lost in his eyes. "like twin sapphires"... LOL! :p
      Lip trembling was probably emotions, or maybe he has cold breath too? She's never been cold before though, so she wouldn't know about shivering from cold.
      Maybe she wasn't scared in that moment, but maybe Winter can sense her fear over something else that might be hanging over her head... That's all you're getting on that one.

      Haha :p I enjoyed shooting that, and trying to get angles where you could see extras too. I took ages setting them up, because I failed to write down which poses were male and female, and then realised they were all female, so stuck Donovan and Daniel in the lounger and hot tub, and just used a fairly unisex pose for Jack (sorry, Jack!)
      I hadn't thought about that... Hmm... I'll have to think into that a bit more, but I think he'd probably be alright, I mean, Kaity's hot (lol) and she manages in the snow just fine.
      No, I'm not using the non-default skin. That'll be it though. I suppose it doesn't matter too much, as he's not in the foreground. Maybe I'll download it (if you linked me? *checks* no, I don't think you did...) and use it on someone in future, or him if I do decide to empty a town and fill it with legacy sims :)

      Uh... Well...
      It's actually mainly written, I've got most of the pose codes written out too, but it won't be out til midweek, as per my inside-head-schedule ;)

    2. Oh well, yeah there's no adult content... but you could refer back to it later. ;) I have a dirty mind, what can I say?
      LOL I really do think Tiffany's eyes look like sapphires.
      Alright, now that's just cruel to tease like that and make me start wondering. Ah well, I like it.

      I interchange m/f in poses frequently. Sometimes it causes me to have to tweak it for different angles, but it's all good.
      ^^ non default skin. Not that you have to because, like you said, he's just an extra. I was just saying since you mentioned it, and since you mentioned it, I'm going to talk it into the ground. lol.

      *taps foot*
      lol kidding! :)

    3. I have a dirty mind too. So hard to write PG when your mind takes everything one step further.
      Haha, I had to say that ;)
      You *should* be able to work it out, might have to read back a few chapters, though.

      Yeah, but Jack's pose was a little too girly for my liking, oh well.
      Hm, I'm being stupid, but I can't work out how to download that skin :|

    4. You're not stupid. I don't know why that page exists without the link. I'm stupid for not making sure.
      Here's the site (had to click the picture and not the title) :

    5. How random! Thankyou, though :) Got it now.

  5. There seems to be more chemistry between Kaity and Winter besides her predatory fact, he's almost turned the tables on her in a position where she's not sure how to act or what to do for once. Ya know...I bet a Winter/Kaity spawn would have some really interesting coloring ;)

    I would be wary of any hot tub that Daniel's been in, you know him and his wand!

    It'll be interesting to see which room Kaity ends up in tonight. And for that matter, what else is going to take place at this conference, both professionally and personally.

    1. *Dies at the Daniel comment*
      LOL! I'll make a mental note that I won't let anyone else in the hot tub. Unless they want tons of babies by a highly-fertile islander.

      But, yes, there does seem to be some chemistry there. And Winter seems to be able to control Kaity to some extent. Well, he managed to with hold kissing her, and told her to get dressed and she didn't complain, moan or force him to do things her way, that's almost control, right?

      I suppose at this point, things could go either way. On the one hand, they both clearly like each other, and we all know what Kaity would like to happen, on the other, Winter *didn't* kiss her, so does he want to go slow and want a real relationship out of this? What would Kaity say about that?
      Either way, she has to go to his room because she sneakily left her bags (and underwear!) there, not that she had anywhere else to put them anyway.

      A Kaity/Winter baby, eh? Hm... We'll see ;)
      Do you think it'd have purple hair? Or blue with pink streaks?
      Lol, it's EA, it'd be either/or, unless I intervened. ;)

  6. The only thing I can think about while reading your posts lately is about how much I love Winter! He is just so perfect, I could eat him up! So creepy. >_<

    1. HAHA! Well, I could share him when I'm done if you want?
      Glad you like him. I did about 5 versions of him before I decided this one was best (version 3, I think) :)

  7. Haha, Kaity and her stuff and things. Made me laugh.

    Ooh, that almost-kiss. I'm really interested in seeing where this goes with Kaity and Winter, especially since you seem to be setting them up as opposites(tanned-pale, hot-cold).

    More! More!

    1. Haha. I wrote it all up, and then I was proofing it thinking "what can I call this?" and I get to the 'stuff and things' scene... I couldn't think of anything to replace some of the 'stuff and things', so I decided to just leave it and dedicate the whole chapter to it.

      Hm... I'd not even noticed they were opposites... LOL! Maybe I can work with that, thank you :)

      Midweek! Midweek!

    2. Midweek! Midweek!
      More! More!

  8. Stuff and things. That was a great scene. But you got me all hot and bothered with their almost kiss...and then NOTHING. And what of the hot and cold talk? What does Winter know? I NEED MORE!

    1. Haha! Thank you :) Don't worry, the next few chapter basically explain everything I've ever hinted at. There will be a lot to take in, sorry. Winter is a very clever man :)

      More coming tomorrow/Wednesday!

  9. I can't wait to see where this is going, and if there is anything in between them.(I think there is) I think they look cute together. It's like fire and ice.

    I laughed about Kaity's stuff and things. I understand you want to write PG, and it is hard to do that with so many attractive sims running around.

  10. Kaity knows what she wants when she wants it! Hot and cold, a great combo.