Wednesday, 29 May 2013

4:10 Perfect

Caution: Grab your sick buckets,
you're gunna need 'em.
(sickly sweet, picture heavy)

 It seemed like moments since they'd met. Three days didn't seem long enough to spend in his arms, and she wished she could wake like this every day. It wouldn't work. She thought to herself as she carefully lifted herself off his chest to look in his eyes.

"Where are you going?" Winter asked. His eyes, those deeps pools that pulled her soul to his, watching her every move.

"Home." She smiled, moving to sit on the side of the bed. His arm captured her, halting her escape, and she leaned down to give the kiss his lips were begging for.

"Do you have to?" He sat up, and pulled her to him. She wished she could say no. She wished she could say here, in this hotel room, in his arms, forever.
"I have children to see, friends to save." She reminded herself as much as him. I said it wouldn't work. The voice at the back of her head reminded her. It was quiet, as if unsure. What if it would? Her own voice sounded.

She snuggled deeper into his embrace, wishing she knew what to do. Wishing she could stay a little longer, just to be sure. As if reading her thoughts, he moved closer, teasing her cheek with the tip of his nose, and planting light kisses on her jawline.
"You're only making this harder." She breathed, wishing she had the time to give in just one last time. One last moment, just to get him out of her system.
"Hard enough to make you change your mind?" His cold breath in her ear sending sparks over her body, exploding into goosebumps as they hit the surface. She sighed. They'd had this conversation before. Twice before, actually. Three days is all it was, all it ever would be. They both had lives to get back to, they didn't have time to make it work.
"No." She replied. It was evident in her voice that she wasn't sure herself, but she stood and began to get herself ready to leave anyway.

She decided to go for her almost-suit, she wanted to look like a frequent flyer living the high-life on the flight home. She was about to apply some makeup when arms encircled her. He ran an icy finger down her gently flushing face.
"You don't need make-up."
"I don't want people to ask questions about my face at the airport." She replied, remembering the outward journey.
"Let them ask. Let them know how special you are."

Agreeing to forget about the make-up, but taking a mental note to apply it in the cab or departure lounge before the flight, they left the room for the last time.

They smiled and made small jokes while walking the long corridor to the lift. Kaity knew that if they didn't she'd cry, she could feel the tears just under the surface.  
Stop it, you idiot.

 They arrived at the elevator at the far end of the hallway, and Kaity threw herself into Winter's chest while they waited. He didn't need to ask what was wrong, it was obvious. He just wondered why she was fighting it, why she refused to listen to what her heart told her.

"Miss Mattell, you didn't check into your suite..." The receptionist trailed off, and her confusion turned into a knowing smile as she watched the affectionate way the couple in front of her were behaving.

"No. I didn't need it." Kaity smiled as she stroked Winters cheek. He, without letting go for a second, handed back his room key, and they both signed out. This was it. It was over.

The receptionist turned her attention to another customer.
"Hey." Winter whispered, kissing a single tear away from her warm cheek.

The feeling of regret stayed with her as he carried her over the threshold. She vowed to never admit that she was having second thoughts, she was too stubborn for that.
"What's wrong?" She hadn't realised she was pouting, and Winter seemed concerned as he gently placed her on the tarmac.

She brushed a stray hair from his face and rested her finger on his lip. She didn't want to answer and was sure she didn't need to. They stood for the longest time, admiring each others features in the bright floodlights.

And then he kissed her.

She knew this was their last kiss, neither of them wanted it to end, and they clung to each other as if loosening their grip would end the world, as if nothing else in the universe existed.

Eventually, as with all good things, it came to an end.
"May I have your number?" He asked. One last try.
"I'm sorry. It's perfect now. It's perfect the way it is." Not wanting to let go, they shared a final desperate kiss. "If you're ever in Sunset Valley..." She trailed off, unable to form words as the lump in her throat took over her body, shaking her lungs until it was near impossible to breathe, ripping her heart from its mount in her chest, and throwing it to her stomach.
"If you're ever in Bridgeport."


  1. Aww! So sad it had to end.
    Maybe someday they can get back together. =D

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next with Alex and Shaena.

    1. Hmm.. Maybe.... ;)
      But, it's perfect the way it is, isn't it?

      Next chapter. I had to get out of the conference. I've got so much planned for the actual legacy that I couldn't take the side-track anymore.
      Anyway, yes, the weekend.

  2. Aww, so sad to see them part *cries*

    So did she manage to pay attention to the rest of the conference and did she learn anything interesting?

    1. *hands tissue* I nearly cried writing it. It was Kaity's inner-battle that did it.

      Yes, she did. I shall flash-back to the important stuff she learned over the remainder of the generation. She actually listened for most of the last two days of it.

  3. *sniffles So sweet! So sad! So bitter and dear and sappy and lovely and wonderful and awful. I'm so sad he's not going to be around any longer than this. Really.

    You did a really good job on the parting there. How you don't check into your own room (ever) and just stay in theirs and you half think you could make it work and half don't and then you have to be a big girl and walk away when you're leaving half of yourself behind. So long as she doesn't brood on how she could have made it work if she'd really wanted to, or if he'd really wanted to. Did she ever get more information on where her markings came from or anything else?

    I just really hope Kaity is able to save Shaena. Really hope.

    1. *hands tissue* Thank you :)
      Me too!! Hopefully work will bring him to SV soon. I can't see him not making contact with her.
      (How bad do you want to punch Kaity in the face for not giving him her number?! It's just a phone number, you idiot!)

      Thank you! :D
      It was that inner battle that nearly made me cry as I was writing this. The only thing stopping her for inviting him home (which, for the record, he would have readily accepted) was her own insecurities. Hopefully if she ever sees him again then she'll have worked through that.
      I'm afraid there may be a bit of brooding. Not as bad as Shaena (one of Shae's traits is actually 'brooding'), but there will come a point where she's not as distracted as she could be.
      Yes, she did. I'm gonna do flashbacks and her explaining to people to cover all that.

      Don't we all! That's one way that she'll get Winter off her mind, though.

      (There's a hilarious thing Phedra did on the outtakes, by the way)

  4. D'aww, Kaity. :( I desperately want them to continue! TAKE KAITY TO BRIDGEPORT!

    I guess she has to go back and face shitty things at home now. Things were much simpler when it was just her and Winter. :\

    1. Me too! Well, Winter couldn't drag her off to Bridgeport, not even if she'd wanted to because she misses her babies and she has some serious clean-up to do back home, but he could have come to SV with her!
      Winter should have sneakily got her number when she wasn't listening.

      Yes, they were. But, holiday's don't last forever, neither do holiday romances, so it's time for Kaity to get back to the real save... I mean world, and fix stuff.

  5. *giggle* (ok, I know, wrong response) but I was really tickled with your romantic writing in this one :P

    Goodbyes are hard to make. Good goodbyes are even harder to make, and you and Kaity pulled this one off. Perfect is a great name for this chapter, because it was a perfect ending. Although I must admit I would shout for joy if Winter turned up in Sunset Valley at some point.

    But alas Kait has trouble at home to deal with. Alex better hope he's still in jail when she gets there!

    (and I'm still hoping for a Winter baby)

    1. LOL!
      It was pretty hilarious, wasn't it! :p

      Oh, thank you :) Goodbyes are hard, but nothing lasts forever.
      Hmm, I hope I can make you should for joy, then :)
      I am half debating Kaity taking a holiday to Bridgeport, but I don't know if I could take another de-tour. Plus, the chances of her finding him in a city that size are incredibly small. Much more chance of Winter finding Kaity, especially as she's a celebrity in her town.

      Yes, she does need to get home and sort the giant mess out. Alex is still in jail, I'll give you that much. But, the big deal will be trying to convince Shaena to press charges. Lets home Kaity can (gently) knock some sense into her.

      (Hmm, well, this whole thing would seem a waste of time otherwise, wouldn't it? ;) hehe)

    2. Squee! Yay! Gosh it'd suck to get hit with multiples again, but she did tell him multiples run in her family. Yeah it'd probably be easier--and more realistic--if he turns up in her town. After she does some pining for him, of course :P

  6. Well crap! Break my heat why don't you?!

    Dammit, Winter go after her! You don't have kids, and she does. Ugh, Kaity, give him your number already!: (

    Okay, so it's only gotten real bad so it can get better, right? Hm? Yes?

    1. Sorry :(

      Kaity is an idiot for not giving him her number. She realises that next chapter.

      Uh... It'll get better after next chapter. Honest. Next one isn't too happy either.. :|

      Winter will be making an appearance. I'll say that much. How far away that appearance is, and how long he'll appear for is strictly confidential.
      But hopefully it'll mend your heart. <3

  7. I was hoping Winter would somehow be able to stay. =[ Any chance she could be pregnant? Just imagine how colorful those babies would be! I hope we will see him again....soon.

  8. You're killing me! So beautifully written, and so sad! It just can't be over. Even though it happened in such a short period of time, I think they've fallen for each other too completely to end it!