Sunday, 21 April 2013

4:1 Routine

 "Come on little ladies, lets go to work." Kaity carried her daughters out the door, and the short distance across the grass to her cabin. This was work. After realising she needed a job, not for money, but for sanity, she'd tried applying but nowhere would hire with the right hours. After moaning continuously to her siblings and Shaena for months, Shaena had pointed out that she had a gift and should use it.

The best part about working at home and being her own boss, was that she didn't have to find a babysitter for the twins. Rose didn't work, and Shaena hadn't until Kaity had hired her, but it was so much easier not having to worry about dropping them off and picking them up.

It had started off really quiet when it had just been Kaity. Apparently there weren't a lot of people around daytime on weekdays in Sunset Valley, and the ones that were, didn't want to know their future. Shaena had yet again, made a great suggestion at this point.
"Why not sell herbal remedies and those gem stones that are supposed to soothe the soul?"
And so that was Shaena's job. She'd go out and collect stones, herbs, flowers and insects on a Monday, and the pair of them would spend the rest of the week polishing the stones and grinding the plants and insects into fine dust to be compacted into pills.

"What time do you call this?" Kaity joked, as Shaena burst through the doors of the cabin ten minutes late.
"Sorry, I couldn't get away from Alex-"
"EW! Shae! There are kids present!"

"Not like that!" Shaena sighed as she dropped down into her chair. "That's all you ever think of. Where the next hot guy will come from is second."
"Hey, nothing wrong with appreciating the fine male form." Kaity grinned as she sat at her own desk to start polishing. The twins were playing calmly with their toys, as they always did.

"So, what couldn't you get away from?" She asked.
"It's nothing, just a tiny argument. Didn't want to go to work without clearing it up because he's working late again tonight." Kaity wanted to point out that Alex was 'working late' a lot recently, but didn't seem to bring in any extra money. Remembering how she'd pointed it out last week, and the two hours of the silent treatment she'd recieved as punishment, she changed the subject.

"Hey, it's Wednesday. You coming with me to your brothers?" Luis and Layla had had twin girls not long after Kaity's twins were born, and so every Wednesday evening, the girls had a playdate. Occasionally, Rose would bring Lucas, but if not Kaity would take the twins over to see him a different night. All the parents were happy the babies had been timed so well, even if it hadn't been planned. The kids would have loads of friends their own age.
"Of course, Alex won't be back 'til about ten, so I'll help you put the girls to bed after if you want?"
"Of course I want. You can be on diaper duty." Kaity grinned at Shaena's disgusted expression. "You know you love it."


When they arrived at the Lansing household, they were shocked to find little Liana out in the snow on the porch on her own. Layla opened the door, and was as surprised as they were, apparently.

"Liana!" She exclaimed, picking her daughter up and inviting the visitors inside.
"Mummy! Snow is fun!" Liana gurgled as Layla bought her through to the living area.

The house soon turned to mayhem, Jaydean and Liana crawling and flying around the living room, while Sophie and Lyris were creating havoc in the entranceway. None of the adults minded, not even Shaena, who had no kids of her own. They were all used to this, and as Rose, Myles and Lucas lived just next door, this house or theirs was usually the meeting place for all the playdates.

Luis and Layla didn't mind when Kaity asked if they would be ok watching her twins for a few more hours while she took Shaena out drinking, even though Shaena was adamant that she didn't need cheering up, and didn't want to go to a club midweek, she soon went along with it when Kaity gave her the puppy-dog eyes.

It was ladies' night, much to Kaity's dissapointment. She wouldn't score tonight, but she'd invited Bonnie out as well, and the three girls had plenty of gossip to share.

Shaena wasn't really comfortable gossiping. Especially when they started talking about Alex's younger sister. Sure, she thought she was odd too, but she also hoped to one day be joined to the Farrah family, and didn't fancy her future sister-in-law finding out.

And so she headed to the dancefloor, leaving her friends to carry on gossiping.

And to order the drinks for her.

Kaity was very confused by how the bartender was dressed, and she looked like she was fishing for tips the way she juggled the bottles and hummed a tune.

"Ta-da!" The bartender finished with a flourish. What a loser! Kaity thought as she took a drink.
"Bonnie! Shae! Drinks are served!"

This drink was strong. Very strong...

She could just make out Shaena's angry expression as she stood next to Alex's sister. She could tell that was Bonnie on the dancefloor... Was that Alex? Why was Alex here with his sister? He was supposed to be working late...

She picked up a drink from the bar, not realising it wasn't one of the ones she'd ordered. One more for courage, she thought. She was going to do something about Alex once and for all.

Shame she couldn't remember anything past that...

Yep. Luis, Layla, Liana and Lyris Lansing. LOL! :p
Sophie is the one who inherited Kaity's eyes and hair, Jaydean is the one with darker eyes and hair. I realised I didn't really differentiate between them throughout the whole chapter. And yes, I made them identical, because I was annoyed when they weren't >:( I did make them look slightly different though, it should be more obvious as they get older and dress themselves differently, though.

You may have noticed (probably not, it didn't feature a lot) that I did a LOT of renovations on the legacy house. I'll post all that in it's own chapter in a few days, because I have a lot of pictures and am very proud of it :)


  1. I love the toddler playdates! So cute!

    Feeling somewhat worried about what's going on with Shaena and Alex though, looks like he's lying to her about what he's doing...

    1. Hehe! That's the main reason I had so many people pregnant at the same time. For Kaity's next pregnancy I'm doing it again, I like my sims to have loads of friends their own age, and I don't have SP installed so I have to force people to have children sometimes ;)

      Yes, it would seem that way. Well, I'm sure we'll find out what Kaity was doing in her drunken blindness next chapter, maybe that will give some clue?

  2. All the toddlers with wings! Wow!

    Oh, I smell trouble with Shaena and Alex. And what on earth was in that drink that made Kaity not remember anything else? Geez! Sounds like Shaena needed that drink more than Kaity, though. Poor Shaena!

    Loved the bartender! lol!

    1. I know! I'm hoping to have at least one child this gen without wings so I can have a fairy-free generation. I don't even care if it's another supe, I'm getting a ittle sick of fairies now. (and yes, I am well aware I made Kaity into a fairy, but all will be revealed on that front)

      That drink was actually one of those romantic drinks (lol), but for story purposes it was something else that combined with the 'party drink' she'd just drank, made her forget all :p
      Yes, poor Shaena indeed! Kaity has become very impulsive (also, to be revealed) and just acts without thinking.

      LOL! Me too! Made me laugh when I saw her, she just played along with things very well, and did seem like a bit of a loser.

  3. Toddler play date! Cuteness explosion!

    Okay, so...Poor Shae, that Alex is up to something. Is he a dirty cheating bastard? Or is it something even worse? Hmmm....
    I hope someone remembers what happened after Kaity took the drink of forgetting. Because I want to know what happens!

    Also, love Kaity's job of collecting herbs and crystals. =D

    1. Hehe! I'm yet to see Lucas as a toddler, but I know he turns out as a gorgeous YA, so I'm excited about that. A lot of good genes floating around now :)

      Well, I'd assume Kaity accused him of cheating 'the other week' when Shae gave her the silent treatment. But, we'll find all that out soon enough. (or not soon enough, depends)
      I'm sure if Shaena doesn't shout and scream it all at her, she can ask Bonnie, so we'll find out what she did next chapter (I'm considering calling it 'what Kaity did' lol, as a reference to the books? :p)

      That's Shaena's job, Kaity's is genuine psychic (rolled AFTER I'd decided she was psychic! Remember you told me I could have a free reroll because I rolled a AMB career?) So I'd like to reiterate, she is in no way selling any gems, insects, plants etc, that's just for the story.
      But thanks, you reminded me I hadn't put this gens rolls up :)

  4. So many fairy babies!

    I'm almost afraid to find out what Kaity did after she drank that. Shae's not going to have a good time of it. :\

    1. I know! Crazy! Little flying babies everywhere!

      Lol, I know. Kaity has become very impulsive (that'll be explained in a few chapters) and Shaena will NOT like what she got up to after drinking that drink.
      I'm afraid Shaena has a lot of drama to come, but she's got a good, supportive friend in Kaity. Kaity also has drama to come, but being such a great friend, she'll chuck all that aside to be there for Shae :)

  5. oh gosh, all those toddlers!

    Well you've foreshadowed this before, but what the heck is Alex up to? Apparently he wasn't working late this night, and Kaity's decided an intervention is in order. Which might be rather unpleasant for Alex, considering it's Kaity =D

    Question is, did she take care of Alex after she drank that last drink, hm? Shae might not be too happy with her.

    1. Lol, it's nothing compared to the Riverhavens! What are you on about? :p

      I've forshadowed a bit, yes, but if you remember, that vision was in spring/summer, and it's currently the dead of winter. Who knows if that will come true yet, or if there's something else that Kaity causes or stops that was supposed to lead up to it? It's all very confusing right now, but it'll make sense.
      And yes, I'm glad I showed Kaity meeting Geoff, because it shows how protective she is of her friends, something that will come into play a lot this generation.

      Well, lets say yes ;) I'm not sure whether we'll see it, or just hear about it, but we will find out about it. Shaena is NOT happy :p

  6. Look at all those toddlers. <3

    And I'm gonna keep my eyes on Alex. I do not trust him.

    1. I know! All my kiddies this generation are going to have loads of friends :)

      Good plan, he does seem a little untrustworthy!

  7. How could you leave it at such a cliffhanger?!! BWAHHHHH!

    1. I'm sowweeee! :(
      I didn't think it was that bad. Next chapter Friday/Saturday, not too long!

  8. I don't wanna hear it. I don't wanna hear any complaining about any cliffys. You deserve it :P !

    You leave it with Alex at the bar, Shae dancing, Kaity drinking a cherry cassanova, and boom! nothing. -.-

    Wow, it really is toddler takeover!!! hehe. I almost feel sorry for Shae since she's not a mommy too.

    Alex working late, huh? Riiiiiggght.

    I have no idea about the psychic career path, so I have no idea what they do. I may have to explore.

    1. LOL! :p sorry!
      Truth is, I got a migraine, and so had to stop playing and go to bed, and then when I got up the next afternoon I didn't feel well enough to play, so I just edited the ending.
      At this point, I have NO idea whether I saved and quit, or just quit. If I just quit, the next chapter will be 'Kaity, you did this', if I saved first, there will be flashbacks. :)
      See? Valid reason!

      Cherry cassanova! Thank you! I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was called! The cocktail glass ones were party drinks, so I just decided they were romance drinks (someone actually left half a tray on the bar, and Kaity actually autonomously drank one O.o)

      It really is! So many toddlers!
      Don't worry, I'll be forcing children on Shaena too. There is going to be a baby-boom in the town this generation, because without SP installed it's kinda dying.

      I have no idea either! :| I hope it involved the gypsy caravan (I assume it does), because I put a RHrug of one in the shop (just posted the renovations) with the intention of her not having to go far to work. I've not had her get a job yet, because there was SO much money. I spent 40,000 doing up the house (!!) and still have nearly 30,000 left with two rooms to go :|

  9. All the toddlers are adorable!

    I'm curious as to what Alex is up to.

    Also, was Kaity's drink drugged or was she just smashed? Hmm...intrigue.

  10. Was something in her drink!!!

    Such adorable little ones! I'm glad they'll have each other.