Saturday, 13 April 2013

3:28 White Wedding

Tonight was the night. Rose could barely feel the cold wind biting through her thin clothes, and her feet felt warmer than they should for standing in a few inches of snow. She'd always pictured her wedding differently, she'd be wearing a traditional white dress, she'd be slim, an adult and be on a hot beach somewhere. Myles had always been the one.

She wasn't the only bride, and Myles wasn't the only groom. Her aunt Madison was finally marrying the love of her life, the man she'd spent the best part of fifteen years trying to save. She couldn't feel the cold either, but wrapped in Geoffrey's arms was the warmest place she knew anyway. She didn't care about the weather, she didn't care that the sprigs of ivy were getting frosted, and she didn't care if anyone even bothered to show up. All that mattered was that she would finally become a Lansing.

Her children had been born with the name, Madison had assumed that she'd be wed before they were old enough to ask about it, and had considered changing her name after Geoffrey's death. But this was the way to do it. In a few short hours, Madison Mattell would no longer exist.

"Ugh, why can't it stop snowing for ten minutes?!" Rose was getting annoyed. The whole household had gathered outside, and the guests should be here any moment, but the constant snowfall was a distraction, and she wished it would stop for the ceremonies.

It wasn't long before the guests gathered, most of them wearing thick coats, marvelling at how Madison, Taylor and Kaity could wear so little. The first couple, who had waited the longest, stood under the arch to say their vows, and waited while the crowd gathered.
"I can't believe this is happening!" Geoffrey clapped like an idiot.
"It won't if you keep embarrassing me!" Madison hissed, jokingly, suddenly aware that all eyes were on her, even if it was all close family and friends.

Shaena held back tears as her parents said their vows. Taylor couldn't even make a facial expression, she was to shocked that the day had finally come. Her baby sister was getting married.

Everyone agreed that the couples vows were sweet. Jake wandered off, not really feeling this soppy stuff, while Myles stared on in horror, realising he'd left his vows at home and would have to wing it.

The Lansing's shared their first kiss as man and wife.

Luis and Summer were bawling their eyes out, while hard-as-nails Layla just laughed at her husband.
"You didn't cry at our wedding!" She whispered.
"Our wedding was different, and there were no witnesses except wildlife." He replied, slightly annoyed that she'd tease him for crying at a wedding like you were supposed to, but she was expecting his child, and he couldn't love her more.

Myles grinned to himself when he realised he and Rose were about to get married. Sure, it looked like they were wedding crashers, and like they were only doing this for the baby, but he knew it was right.

The teens took their place in the spotlight. Rose's stomach was a lot smaller than Kaity's, and nobody was sure why. Maybe it was just her small frame? She hoped the baby wasn't underdeveloped for whatever reason, especially as she'd been doing all the right things, and her sister had just carried on as normal. Whatever happened, she'd love this child, and was happy that it would be born into a marriage.

Geoffrey teared up, happy that the teens would have the life he'd hoped for himself and Madison. Luckily for Myles, he successfully navigated his vows.

The new newlyweds turned to the small gathering. At Taylors demand, they weren't allowed to consumate the marriage until they were adults, something they thought irrational at this point. What could happen? But it was only a few days, and Myles would sleep in Luis' old bed, while the pregnant sisters stayed in their room as there was room for babies in it too.

As the celebrations calmed down, and the guests went inside to warm up, Kaity felt the first twinge of a contraction.
"Not now!" She muttered to herself. She really just wanted to crawl into bed, and as it had only been one contraction, and not that bad, she fell asleep as easily as she would usually.


4:03am. Kaity woke with a second contraction. This one was stronger, but still bearable. She was dry, her waters hadn't broken, and she decided a walk would either ease the pain, or hurry things along.

She reached Maywood Glen; the small park that backed onto both her own house, and her grandmothers, and dusted the snow off a seat to rest her legs. She was terrified, but she'd never let on.

She sat, stoney-faced, and thought. Thought about how she'd always hoped any children she had of her own would have a father, the happy family unit she'd never had. She'd loved her life, and never missed that male influence, but knew if it wasn't for Luis then Jake would have wanted a father. She wondered if she could do this; if she could raise a child alone as her mother and aunt had. She thought about how long it had been since she'd had a vision. Was the baby blocking the visions, or had they gone? She could still force them, so maybe she'd learned to control it? She hadn't forced one in a while, she'd felt too drained in this last trimester, and wished she'd forced a look into the gender of the child within her.


Once back at the house, she returned to her room to make it look like she'd slept through. She didn't feel like telling anyone she was in the early stages of labour, they'd panic, and she wanted to wait in the hope that Rose would start labour soon.

Seeing Myles happily feeling his own child kick in the stomach of his wife, only seemed to rub Kaity's situation in her face. She remembered that Layla was also pregnant, and married. She was a little happy, for the fact her own child would have so many relatives close in age, but would this child want a family like the others?

And so, without telling anyone her situation or her concerns, the triplets and Myles boarded the schoolbus when it arrived. Rose was in a better mood than she had been for a long time, her life was in order, and her baby would have a loving family. Her fairytale come true.


  1. AW, pretty double wedding in winter. <3
    I'm so happy to see Madi & Geoff finally together and having their wedding.
    And I'm happy Rose and Myles are happy.

    Poor Kaity though, with her doubts. I'm sure she'll be fine raising her kids, just like her mom aunt had to, but I'm sad for her that she's worried about it.
    I loved the pic of Geoff clapping like an idiot. =D

    1. It was a very happy chapter, wasn't it? Bit out of charcater, but we're coming to the end of the generation, and I don't want to end it too sad!

      Yes, Kaity's doubts are very understandable though. I mean, her own mother had her sister around (god help me if she has triplets too! Haven't played that far yet). And Kaity has no job to bring money in either (not that they need it with Taylor bringing in a couple of grand a day due to her crazy payrises) so it's a wonder she's not panicked about that. It is a little out of character for her to worry, but usually she has the visions telling her what's happening.

      LOL! Geoff has been nothing but trouble, recently. The fire I posted on the forum that nearly killed Layla? I worked out from pictures that was his fault (bowl of hot and sour soup). But he does do some silly inappropriate things like the clapping too.

  2. Rose's annoyance at the snow is hilarious! And Geoff clapping in excitement, lol. Though I'm so thrilled that Geoff and Madi are finally getting their happily ever after! She's waited so long for this and she really deserves it. Raising her and Taylor's kids without him had to have been tough on her. I certainly wish them all the best as they start their (reborn) life together! When is Taylor going to marry Bebe?

    Aw! Kaity! It's got to be tough to look at all the happy couples she's surrounded by and know how alone she is. She'll make it alright though I'm sure. She's a tough cookie. Can't wait to see the babies!

    1. LOL! Rose's face in that picture! I was worried I wouldn't be able to use it, but I managed it woo! :p
      Well, if it wasn't for Madi, I don't know if Taylor would have been able to raise the triplets, and Madi wouldn't have been there if Geoff hadn't died. So it all worked out better in the end!
      O.O Calm down! They've only been together a week! Lol, I'm not giving them a wedding, but I am going to move Bebe in for the purpose of moving her out with Taylor. We'll see what happens.

      I know, unfortunatley, that's what happens when you sleep with some random hot pipe repairman. And she'd already completed sex ed. at school. She knew what she was in for. LOL!
      I'm sure she'll make it. I'm a little worried that she'll have triplets, and I'll have to rethink moving Taylor out so she can help her out. Or I may punish myself and force her to raise them alone anyway.
      But yeah. I can't wait to see babies either! :D And Kaity will survive. She just may not trust hot men again :p

  3. Aww, I want to give Kaity a hug! I loved the dual-wedding. It's kind of a shame that Rose didn't get a nice dress, like you mentioned she seemed like she'd be very into the fairy-tale wedding idea. I hope they make it through their day at school alright, and don't end up having nasty complications in the middle...especially Kaity.

    1. I'll give her one for you.
      I know! I wanted to give her a nice dress, but my teen pregnancy wear is very limited, and I didn't feel like searching for a pregnancy-enabled teen wedding dress just for a few pictures. Maybe she can renew her vows in a few years.
      I hope they can make it through school too! Unfortunately, the legacy house caught on fire as one of them went into labour, and so I quit without saving, so I still don't even know about the babies! Argh! I'm going to go in game in a minute :)

  4. It was sweet that Myles was so happy to be marrying Rose, even though they're so young! Although geez Tay, it's their wedding night, helloooo?! I SO wouldn't be sleeping with my sister, lol. YAY for Madi and Geoff! FINALLY! All these years and that ring finally got put to use. Now Kaity I felt bad for though, but she's strong, she'll get through this. You made me wonder about her visions though, why isn't she having them any more?

    1. LOL! His grin! Well, there's only two double bed in the house. One is Taylors, and the other was definately in use by Madi and Geoff, and I didn't want to buy one for them to sleep in for two nights. So Jake's got a roomie for a few nights. I don't think it matters that much, I mean, Rose is pretty big now, so it probably wouldn't be that comfortable anyway, and after she's had the baby she'll want to rest a bit.
      Lol, yep, that ring is finally being used. It's been a long time.
      Yeah, she's strong enough to make it, but everyone has doubts.
      Her visions are mainly because I didn't play far enough ahead for her to predict the gender of her's and Rose's babies. But also because she is learning to control them and not be forced into seeing things she doesn't want to see.

    2. Aha, so the visions are your fault! J/k =D It's probably better if she can control them somewhat, really, although it must only add to her doubts right now that she's not having them. Have faith, Kaity! You're doing just fine girl!

    3. Hehe. Planning on playing ahead a lot tomorrow. Hopefully at least 3 days, so that any future babies can have their genders predicted :p

      She's not irl. Can I say 'in real life' about a sim? *shrug*
      She was in labour for over 14 hours 3 times earlier before I gave up and cheated her spawn to life :p Rose just pushed hers out quicker than any sim has ever! Seriously, waters broke. Stood there moaning and pushing for 40 sim-minutes, and done!

      Anyway... Yeah, it's good that she can control what she sees. Could come in very handy :p

  5. I loved the wedding, it was so sweet to see Madi and Geoff finally able to get married :) I also loved Myles and Rose, I hope they have a long happy life together

    Poor Kaity, feeling so worried about the future without her visions to guide her, although, really she should have known better than to sleep with a random stranger like that... (hmm, I've just had a thought pop into my head - what if there was more to that encounter than just her sleeping with a random stranger...)

    1. Thank you :) I hope they all do too, they'll be moving out soon, so what they do now it up to fate :)

      Yes, she's become quite impulsive, hasn't she. I suppose it isn't always fun knowing what's going to happen, and so the quicker you act, the less likely you are to see the concequences til later.
      (There was supposed to be, but I'm having game issues and he seems to have gone into hiding. Only time will tell whether we'll see him again...)

  6. Finally Madi and Geoff could have their happy ending. <3 I loved the double wedding and I think (despite what Rose thought) that the snow made it all better. Falling snow tend to look really pretty.

    I feel for Kaity though and hope she won't have the troubles she worries for. I do think she will be a good mother, though.

    And yay for being all caught up! :)

    1. I agree, the snow added something. But I can see where she was coming from. Snow is wet (duh) and if you've spent hours on your hair it can be annoying. Plus, it's cold!

      I'm sure she'll be a good mother, just panicking a bit as it all sinks in, I think.

      WOOOO! :D

  7. I'd never noticed it before, but Myles is hot. Maybe I have and I forgot. Well, he is. Maybe it's the hair. I like that haircut ;) .

    Awwwwwwww sweet wedding, and now I have a song in my head. The snow did make things look prettier. Rose needed to get over it.

    *gushes over Madi and Geoff's wedding -- finally * :)

    I can't believe Kaity hasn't told anyone about her labor. She's a little too independent.

    1. Yeah he is! Thank EA (again!) for that one. So many hot NPCs/townies appearing in my game recently. Me too. hehe :D

      Is it "It's a, nice day for a, white wedding"? It jumped into my head as I wrote the title. :p
      Lol, I think Rose got over it when they got round to getting married.

      I know! About time! :p

      Yes, I guess she didn't want to steal the limelight from the two sets of newly weds, and didn't want to miss one of her final days at school. Idiot. *rolls eyes*
      But, she'll need to be independant at some point. She's got a baby with no daddy to think of now!

  8. Aw...poor Kaity. :( But the wedding was really lovely.

  9. What nice weddings! Maddie finally has her dream fulfilled. She deserves it.

    I feel sad for Kaity. Even though she has a lot of family it's just not the same now that she's pregnant. I hope she finds someone who loves her and that she loves. She seems to want a family of her own.

  10. Aaaw, the double wedding was so sweet! And look at Myles' ridiculously happy face. Poor preggo Kaity though.