Tuesday, 16 April 2013

3:29 Double The Babies, Half The Parents

"These hot wings are excellent, Madison. You must give me your recipe!" Layla was over constantly these days. Although still in her early stages of pregnancy, she had been a big help with Rose and Kaity, and as their due dates approached, she'd make sure she was in when they returned from school.

"Actually, Luis bought them for our wedding present." Layla froze in place, staring at her fork. They were good, but Luis was such an awful cook. She knew he wasn't lying, because he constantly tried to make dinner and she'd have to throw it out.
"This was your wedding present?" She asked, hoping her mother-in-law wouldn't realise it wasn't what she'd been thinking.

Layla slowly took the mouthful of food to her mouth, as Madison replied.
"Yeah, he said he refused to buy from shops. I didn't realise you guys were still doing that, but it's the thought that counts."
"Oh, no, we don't buy from shops. We've had to recently, there's no way we can make all the baby things we need. Although Luis is making the crib and will make a highchair when it's time, we decided it was unhygienic to make our own potty, blankets and bottles."

"Tell Luis I'm proud of him for being provider. But," Layla started giggling as she knew what was coming. "Also tell him that he's an idiot. There's nothing wrong with buying a crib, and if I go round and see that he hasn't sanded the wood properly, or there's nails sticking out..." Madison put her fork down for emphasis. "Tell him I'll make him sleep in it for a month."

Suddenly, Geoffrey was there, eating some soup.
"What are you talking about?" He asked, hoping to join the conversation. Layla pouted at Madison, her way of replying to her last statement.
"Nothing, dear." Madison replied, making the three of them giggle. Madison had decided that now they were married, they should call each other 'dear' as a way of making it seem like they had been married years.
"Ok, dear." Geoffrey smiled to his wife.


School let out at 2pm, as always. Rose was still showing no signs, but Kaity decided now was a good time to announce.
"My waters broke an hour ago." Rose didn't hear, she was too far ahead.

"Wh-What?" Jake stuttered, drawing Myles' attention.

"What's up, Jake?" Myles asked, stopping at the top of the steps as Rose climbed onto the bus.
"Kaity's having the baby!" Jake screeched.

The boys started panicking as Lisa emerged, her days work done.
"Jeez, guys. It's me who's gotta push this thing out, I dunno what you're screaming about." Kaity scoffed as she made her way to the steps.
"Mrs. Mattell! Help her! She's in labour!" Myles screamed to Lisa, "What do we do?!" The shouting drew the attention of Rose, who realised what was happening and attempted to leave the bus, only to find that the driver was pulling off.

Kaity arrived at the hospital alone. Walking the short distance had been no effort really, and she felt good enough to give the hot vampire who held the door for her a flirty look.
What the hell am I doing? She thought to herself. Hot guys are what got me into this mess, and I can't see a vampire being attracted to a teenager in labour. Though... He was hot. I wonder if I can find him again... NO! Stop it, Kaity! She inwardly scolded herself for her inappropriate thoughts.


 It had just passed 6am when Kaity returned home. Twin girls, both fairies. They were almost identical, so Taylor told her to swaddle them in different colours for easy identification.
Jaydean was wrapped in a flowery blanket, and the fairy dust surrounding her was a deep purple.

Little Sophie had yellow glitter, like her uncle and grandmother. She was wrapped in a fruity number.

Minutes after she returned home, Rose went into labour herself.

She was lucky, in a way. Baby Lucas was born before his mother could even make it out the door. Rose now knew why her bump had been smaller, and didn't envy Kaity for her twins. Although she would have liked a little girl to dress up, Lucas looked just like his father.

Because of the overload of babies, Taylor, Madison and Geoffrey moved the bedrooms around.

The alchemy station was moved to Madison and Geoffrey's new house, and the room turned into Rose and Lucas' room.

Leaving Kaity in the old room with the twins.


Taylor agreed to let the girls have the day off school. She wished they could go, because it was their last day, but she hoped it wouldn't affect their grades too much.

It didn't take Rose long to settle Lucas and walk to the next room to visit her neices.
"I'm so jealous that you got girls! I don't envy that you got twins, though. Sorry." Kaity couldn't work out what she was apologising for.

"Sorry? How is this your fault?"
"I dunno. I guess I feel guilty because you have double the babies with half the parents."
"I'd not thought of it like that." Kaity replied, quietly.
"You know me and Myles will always be around to help-"

Kaity suddenly snapped.
"I don't need help. I can do this on my own, and I'll get a job, too. I'm not some weak little girl, and I don't need your pity." She didn't mean it, and Rose knew it. She was still shocked though, and didn't know what to say in reply.

"Look, Kaity... I... I didn't mean it to sound patronizing."

"It's fine" Kaity replied, turning away. "Im sorry, I didn't mean it." She started walking to the door. "I'm having a shower."


"How was school?" Rose couldn't believe she'd missed her last day of school. No signing yearbooks, no saying one last goodbye to friends who were headed off to higher education, or internships abroad. But the little life she held in her arms made her forget all the 'what if's, and think of the future.
"You didn't miss much, if your Mum would have let me, I'd've rather stayed home with you and Lucas."
"Your Mum would have killed my Mum if she'd let you."

"He's beautiful." Myles marvelled. He couldn't believe he had a son. A healthy little boy. "So, wifey." He grinned at his wife as he realised he was almost all grown up. "When are we moving out?" The couple had a place lined up. Nothing special, just a small house for their small family.
"Not until after our birthday."
"It's our birthday tonight."
"Tomorrow. I'm too tired to move house today, I've already given birth, and then I have to grow up." Myles watched as Rose gently placed Lucas back into the crib.

"Ok. I love you." He said, pulling her into a kiss before she could respond.


 "Hey baby Jay-Jay. Mummy's going to be all grown up soon." Kaity was taking this last chance to settle her twins, as guests were already arriving downstairs. She'd spent almost the entire day with them, trying to get her head around her new life.

 "Sleepy-time now, Sophie." As she said it, she realised swinging a newborn baby over your head probably wouldn't get them to sleep any better. It was too late now, though.

 She made it downstairs just in time to see Jake becoming a man. It felt like only a few weeks ago that they'd all started school, and now her siblings would be moving out and on to new lives.

 Next was Myles' turn. Rose could feel the heat radiating... Wait...

 The heat wasn't coming from Myles or her burning passion. Luckily, her mother had seen fires before, and was so quick with the extinguisher that Geoffrey and Jake didn't even realise anything was wrong.

 It was Rose's turn next, and Myles was very happy with how she turned out.

 Finally, it was Kaity's turn. Both Rose and Taylor were shocked at how she turned out.

 Kaity thought she looked just the same, just a little taller.

"Suddenly, Geoffrey was there, eating some soup." <-- That seemed so normal when I wrote it, but when I proofed this I nearly died of laughter. I don't know why it's so funny. 
Gen 3 is over. :O

Traits 'n' that:
Jake: Athletic, brave, friendly, loner, loves the outdoors
Rose: Absent minded, artistic, clumsy, excitable, great kisser

Kaity: Clumsy, family oriented, genius, good sense of humour, virtuoso

 Unfortunately, even though Rose and Kaity were on the honor roll, missing the last day of school while they gave birth dropped their grades to s 'C' and so I couldn't choose their traits. Oh well!

Rose and Jake will be up for download later (about 12 hours I estimate), and a summary of gen 3 will be up later in the week.
Gen 4 starts at the weekend.


  1. Kaity is so pretty! I'm glad she won the vote.

    And I'll be holding little Sophie as my favorite of the twins because we are name twins and my favorite color is yellow. :D

    1. She is, isn't she :) I wouldn't have minded either her or Rose, to be honest.

      Lol! What a freaky coincidence!

  2. Both Rose and Kaity turned into adorable YA's. I can't wait to see how the twins and Lucas look when they age up!

    Also, I lol'd at the pregnancy freak out outside the school. Kaity definitely told them! Haha.

    1. They did :) I've already peeked at the babies, and they're gorgeous! You'll have to wait, I'm afraid. I'll release pics before they're adults, hopefully.

      Haha, I hate the freak out thing. How would anyone know you were in labour unless you told them? And even then, screaming and shouting and pointing will NOT help.

  3. I love the name Sophie!
    I'm really looking forward to seeing how Kaity's twins turn out.
    Rose and Kaity both grew up lovely.

    1. I do too :) It's a really common name around here, there were always 3 or 4 in all my classes at school, and I try not to use names that are too common. But I don't have any close 'Sophie' friends, so I decided it was acceptable ;)
      They are gorgeous! I couldn't help myself, it was like, the second they were born I had to know :p
      They did, I'm so glad, because Taylor and Madi weren't that pretty, so I'm glad I have a pretty heir this time :) (yeah, I know, I'm mean)

  4. I laughed too about Geoffrey suddenly appearing. Going from pic to pic is what made it funny. :)

    Wow, single mom with twins. I sure hope she finds the dude that did this to her.
    I LOL'ed at how she did a flirty gaze at the hot vamp holding the door for her at the hospital. Geez, girl! one thing at a time!
    That WAS funny outside the school with hottie Myles freaking out. :)

    Rose is so pretty. Kaity is too. Jake, well, he's a loner. He'll be fine. :) lol. I'm so mean.

    WHAT THE HELL was up with the fire??? Another fire at a birthday party.

    1. He really did suddenly appear! I was in tab mode, just taking pictures, and then suddenly, there he was! Haha, you can see him getting his soup in the background of the other pictures.

      I know. My first ever sims 3 teen pregnancy was triplets (years ago) and I got her pregnant so early that the triplets were children when she finished school :| Glad I didn't get a re-do of that!
      Unfortunatly, my game at the baby daddy, and Kaity couldn't give birth, so I had to mess around so she could have her baby. I think I used 'hot vamp', actually :p

      I know, poor Jake. It's that nose! Maybe I'll give him a nose-job before kicking him out.

      Well, Taylor decided she didn't want to eat all the food the guests bought, and so started making something. Of course, she was interrupted by all the 'watch birthday's. I didn't pay attention properly, and then the 'A fire has started on your home lot!' thing happened, but luckily, Taylor realised it was all her fault and put it out.
      All I can say, is thank God that the pan disappears! In TS2, if you didn't take the pan off after the fire it would set alight again!

      Also, the Geoff eating soup? He tried to murder Layla. It was that hot and sour soup, and he must've blown fire out. I went to follow Kaity to hospital, and then noticed the notification ages after, rushed home and the whole kitchen was ablaze! I quit without saving, obviously!

  5. BAHAHA Geoffrey's random appearance was great! I can't believe Kaity got stuck with twins. Oh boy. Off to a rough start already!

    1. Lol, I was taking pictures in tab mode, and then suddenly he was there, in the way of the shot :p
      I know. She needs the 'brave' trait, poor girl.

  6. Your title scared me! I was afraid something was going to happen to Rose or Kaity. :(

    Btw, one of your pictures isn't working for me. It's the one between the lines:
    "Look, Kaity... I... I didn't mean it to sound patronizing."
    "It's fine" Kaity replied, turning away. "Im sorry, I didn't mean it." She started walking to the door. "I'm having a shower."

    I loled at the fire at the birthday party. Is that a stove? Did somebody start cooking and then forget about it to go cheer?

    1. Lol, sorry! :p

      Hm, that's odd. It's working for me. Here's a link:
      I bet it works now though, doesn't it?

      Yes, spot on! Taylor decided she didn't want any of the meals the guests bought, and then forgot she was hungry while she went to cheer the birthdays. I kept cancelling her cheering and sending her back to the stove, but obviously not well enough :p

  7. They grew up beautifully (especially Rose - her age up picture is gorgeous, possibly because of her expression).

    I wonder how Kaity will cope with twins, her reaction to the 'hot' vampire when she went to the hospital was hilarious.

    1. They did :) I think Rose thought she was a model, look at that pout! lol :p

      I hope she can cope well enough! And yes, she seems to have developed quite an interest in hot strangers! Hopefully it won't end badly!

  8. Aw, that's sweet that Geoff is trying to get more involved in conversations and the like. You almost forget he's been gone and so hasn't been a part of things like this.

    Had to lmao @ Kaity flirting on her way into the hospital. Goodness gracious, you really do have a curse of multiples! Sophie's already my favorite =)

    1. Lol, well, Geoff is moving out soon, so won't be photobombing my shots :p

      I know, silly girl! :p
      Everyone loves Sophie. Weird. My favorite is Jaydean, but I do love Sophie too. I've not even thought of any character for them, just gunna see how they act and play off that :)
      I love my mulitples :p what would I do without them? (not go over my rolled kids, that's what I'd do!)

  9. Poor Layla! To be so embarrassed that her husband brought food as a wedding present to his parents! *snicker.

    And the line that caught me most was Rose's "I've already given birth today, and then I have to grow up." For whatever reason it hit me as a weird parody of Wendy from Peter Pan. A rather twisted version, but all the same. Lol! Oof! All the babies! Phew!

    And poor Kaity! She's really hiding a lot of hurt there isn't she?

    Though I can't wait to see your next generation! Can't.Wait!

    1. Lol! :p I think anyone would be embarrassed if they found out the wedding present their partner had spent so long making, was a plate of food :|

      Wow, very weird parody of Peter Pan! :p
      Yep. Baybiezzz baybiez everywhere!

      Kaity will be fine. She's a stong girl, and hey, she was worried she might have a boy that would need a father, she got two girls. She'll be fine :p

      Me neither! I wonder what will happen? (No, seriously. I have an outline, but the rest is just random ;) )

  10. I like how you word things! It makes it funny too! "Suddenly Geoffrey was there eating some soup." That's the kind of random things that the game does, and I'm glad you include it.

    The babies are all so sweet! The triplets aged up into gorgeous young adults!