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3:22 Love is in the Air

This chapter contains scenes that I probably should
put the adult content warning up for. I'm not going to,
but seriously, if you're under 18 I wouldn't look at the
pictures. They hint towards adult content, although 
nothing is mentioned. You may get offended if you're
over 18 too, you have been warned.


 Kaity woke with a start. She'd not had a bad one for a while, and although there was no sound again, it broke her heart. Shaena and Rose were still asleep. Checking the time on her phone, stowed away under her pillow, she realised it was 6am. Sunday, so no need to be up yet. She knew she wouldn't sleep again, and so decided to have a shower before talking to her mother about this.

Taylor hadn't been one Kaity felt she could confide in. It wasn't that she wasn't close with her mother, it was that she worried too much. Shaena would just talk through what she'd seen with her, whereas Taylor would 'see the dangers' involved. This was one she couldn't talk to Shaena about, for obvious reasons.

 "Mum, sorry to wake you, but I need to talk to you." Taylor was a little surprised that one of the teenagers was awake so early. Her alarm was due to go off in 5, ready for her morning jog, and she was used to being the only one up before mid-morning at the weekends.

"Ok, I'm up." Taylor yawned and pulled herself up to sit, before leaning over and turning her alarm off so it didn't interrupt. It must be important if Kaity was up and dressed so early.
"It's about a dream."

Taylor scooted herself to the other side of the bed at the mention of dreams. Kaity had never spoken to her about them, and she'd never wanted to push. She knew she spoke to Shaena about them, so at least they weren't bottled up.
"I'm listening."
"Say... Say you saw something bad. But it wouldn't happen for like, ten years or something like that, and everything that happens to that person that leads to that point is good... Do you tell that person? Warn them, possibly making the time leading up to it bad... Or do you just wait?" Kaity wasn't sure if she'd made any sense, but she didn't know how to phrase it.
"I don't know. What's this about? Maybe if I had some more infor..."
"No. I'm not telling details." Kaity interrupted. "Just hypothetically. Say I saw... That Layla was going to leave Luis in ten years, and she'd take with her 3 kids. Do I tell Luis, forcing him to decide whether to leave her now, or be happy for 10 years, enjoy having children and then face the hurt? Or do I just keep it to myself and be there for him as a shoulder to cry on?" Taylor could see her daughter was torn. These dreams may have helped in some situations, but she'd never seen this far ahead as far as Taylor knew, that made things harder.
"I'd just be there for him." She finally replied. "I know it's tempting to butt in and save him before he gets hurt, but there's always that small chance he won't believe you, and resent you for those ten years. Ultimately making it harder to come to you when it goes wrong." Kaity nodded. She'd had a feeling it was the best way to do things, but speaking with her mother had helped her desicion along. Shaena would be hurt that she'd not been told sooner, but it would let her have some happiness, and Kaity would be there to pick up the pieces later.


Of course, it was hard to act natural when Alex came over later. Kaity tried to remind herself that Alex didn't know what he was going to do anyway, so what was the point in treating him any different? Maybe alarm bells should've been ringing when Kaity had found out his age.

Rose had invited her long time best friend and crush, Myles Belcher, over. Kaity was a bit jealous. He was the best looking boy in school, but her sister was one of the prettiest girls in school, so it was a good fit. Kaity couldn't see a future where they didn't end up happy together, and for that she was willing to put her own feelings toward Myles aside. They were all looks based anyway, she didn't know him like Rose did.

 "So... You asked me to dance at prom..." Rose was nervous. Why was she nervous? She'd met Myles on their first day of school, they'd been best friends ever since, why was this so difficult?

"Yes, I did." Myles was almost certain where this was going, but Rose looked so cute when she blushed. She was blushing now, wondering what to say, and her rosy cheeks burned bright against her fair hair. "And you said yes."

Rose had felt the blood rush to her face, and used her witchy powers to push it back where it belonged. She hated how she blushed so easily, having fair skin didn't help as it made it more obvious. Now was one of the times she wished she had darker skin like Kaity, then it wouldn't be so noticable.
"I did." She had no idea what to say, what if he was just asking her as a friend? "We had fun." Myles was just smiling. Grinning, almost. "What? Why are you smiling?"

The grin turned to a smirk.
"You're so insecure. Yes. I asked you to dance. Yes, we had fun. But you didn't invite me over to tell me what I already know, did you?"

"Well... No... I..." Rose just had no idea what to say now. Insecure? She wasn't insecure. "I'm not insecure, I'm like, the most uninsecure person ever."
"The most secure." Myles corrected, inwardly laughing at his friends struggle to even talk around him anymore. His feelings had changed since they started high school as much as he was sure hers had, but that didn't mean it had to be difficult to talk.

He took her hand, and pulled her close to whisper. He was sure she felt the same, but didn't want to be publicly humiliated.
"Look, Rose. I like you." Rose's heart sank. "Like, like you, like you." And rose again, beating a thousand times a second, she was sure she was about to faint.
"Like me, like me?" She breathed, judging the distance to the nearest chair, should her legs give out like she was sure they were about to.

"Yes." He replied, confidently, sensing he was right about how he thought she felt, he grabbed her other hand too, and felt her sweaty palms against his own. He stroked them reassuringly with his fingertips while he carried on. "And you feel the same, don't you?" Rose nodded, her voice failing her. "Something changed when we started high school. I... I noticed you. Do you know what I mean?" Rose nodded again. "Like, I knew you really well, and then we didn't see each other much over summer break, and when I saw you again... I just..." He took a deep breath, and a leap of confidence.

Rose was too shocked to respond. She'd never been kissed before, she had imagined it to feel slimey, weird, but it felt good. It felt right.

He pulled back a little when she didn't respond, and whispered into her mouth.
"Are you ok?"
"Uh-huh." Rose breathed back. She couldn't open her eyes. She could still feel her lips tingling, and she wanted to kiss him again. Her heart was still beating too fast, and her legs were shaking now. She thanked God he'd wrapped his arms around her now, as he was the only thing keeping her standing.

She suddenly didn't care that her mother, sister and Alex were in the room. She pulled him close and kissed him back, kissed him like she'd wanted to for a while. She was shocked when his tongue darted into her mouth, and responded by pushing her own into his.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Myles blurted out when he pulled back, he'd wanted to play his little game a bit longer, and wait for Rose to ask him, but he couldn't hold it in. He was so happy.

Throwing her arms around him, she shreiked into his ear.
"YES!" Kaity spun around, shocked at the screaming coming from her sister. She'd not been spying on them, but had known what was going on anyway. But it had never ended like this, Rose had always asked Myles, what was different?

Turning back to her mother, Kaity tried to remove the image of her sister passionately kissing Myles that was now ingrained on her mind.
"Anyway... As I was saying... Just be yourself, promise, everything ends up well." The doorbell rang before Taylor could answer. "That's her! Go get 'er, Mum!" Kaity joked, patting Taylor on the back as she walked towards the door.

Once outside, she pulled Bebe down the porch steps, remembering how many people were inside.
"Hey." Bebe smiled, and held on to Taylors hands when she went to pull them away. They'd been friends for a few years now, and they both knew they wanted more. Same-sex relationships weren't common in Sunset Valley, and although there was no stigma attached, neither girl liked being the centre of attention.
"Hey, yourself." Taylor responded, shyly.
"Look, are we gunna do this, or what?" Bebe was more upfront, she'd had relationships in the past, and Taylor was embarrassed to admit that in her late 30's she'd never even kissed someone.

Although she changed that quickly. Answering the question in the form of a peck on the cheek.

"Thank you, Taylor. Thank you for giving us a chance."

Myles Belcher:

 He's 100% townie! Pretty hot for a townie, 'eh?
Also, changed Kaity's eyebrows incase anyone noticed ;)
 Thanks for posing, Kaity! lol

And, awww, I now have all the love stories sorted, I may not bring them up again, but they are happening.
Taylor was originally going to be straight, and have her kids via normal method, until she aged to YA. When she did, she got constant love letters from women, and date invites from women, and attractions to women. Either my town is REALLY short of men, or my game is being realistic. :) 
I updated the 'behind the scenes' section, by the way. And I've renamed it 'behind the scenes gen 1-3' because the page is getting waaay too long. Will start a new one gen 4, and aim to have less outtakes. :| Lol! 

And, would anyone be interested if I uploaded my sims for download? I have them all. I save them all on their YA birthday's just 'cuz. If anyone wants any, they'll have to tell me how to upload them. I'm not very clever.
Kaity is off bounds until she's finished her gen. All the teens are off bounds right now, as they're not saved yet, but anyone else from any other gen... (I'll try and remember all CC, or just change their outfits if they're wanted)


  1. Yay! An update! Yikes with Alex, Shaena and Kaity. That's a really heavy burden to carry around. And do I detect a hint that maybe she's about to discover that the future could be fluid? And she's got a lot of self control to not at least express her displeasure over Shaena's relationship with Alex in the here and now. Though Taylor's point that it could just cause resentment is very fair and probably very accurate.
    And I want Jackson! Lol

    1. Yes, Kaity is making discoveries about the future, and how it plays out. It will make it easier, knowing that how she saw Rose and Myles starting out, wasn't exactly what happened. Maybe it will be the same with this dream of Shaena and Alex? Who knows, but Taylor is right, of course, mothers are always right.

      Jackson? Lol, random. What will you do with him? Tell me how I put him up... :|
      Jackson is saved as teen, actually. Because that's how he started out. I can change him, or you can if you want...

  2. Hmm, so what Kaity saw of Rose and Myles didn't happen exactly how she saw it, so that means what she saw of Shaena may not be how it happens either. Although I confess, I'm really confused about what is taking place in the pictures of Kaity's dream. Explain? I believe Taylor gave her good advice, though. Best to keep some things to yourself--especially if her dreams are not set in stone.

    YES, Myles is totally cute for a pudding face :D

    YAY for Taylor! If she and Bebe have felt this way for years, then I hope they have lots of happiness in store.

    Yeah, I wouldn't mind having Kaity--I'm totally fascinated by the pink stuff. I haven't messed with the weather stone any--was that something you did to her or something that really happened with the stone?

    1. Yes, the future is never set in stone. She does occasionally have 'possible future' dreams, where she sees either side of a decision, if that makes sense.
      Yeah, sorry. I was wondering if it would make sense. Basically, he's violent and forces her to do things she doesn't want to; like dancing for him, and when it isn't to his liking he hits her... Yeah, real nice :|

      I know! My heart fluttered when I got him in CAS! He showed up bald after aging up, so I had to give him some hair. The rest (including his outfit) was EA.

      Yes, I needed Taylor to have somewhere to go, and someone to be with when Kaity takes over. I've given her and awful life up until now, and so she deserves some happiness. I contemplated finding a witch, but thought that was a bit mean, lol! Plus, Bebe will live almost as long as her, she's only about 50 days older (sounds like a lot, but when your YA stage lasts about 200 days, it's not much really)

      Sure, you can have Kaity... Later. I may release her during gen 4, I'm impatient, and wouldn't want to wait a whole generation! :p
      Yes, that was me. I still haven't messed with the weather stone, kids apparently can't interact with it, and the only reason the weather changed was because the game crashed so I shot the rest of the graveyard scene earlier in the day, before the rain started. But, I'm certain the weatherstone does none of that. That was me in CAS going mad :p

    2. Later is fine, of course :) I will only be adding new sims to my game slowly as it is. My new bartender that showed up was an EA spawned one, but he looked a little yummy, so I yanked him into CAS and made him yummier. I went ahead and moved him into the neighborhood and reassigned him back as the bartender with Register.

      Ok so I was sort of on the right track in figuring out the pictures. She looked happy in a couple of the pictures, then it looked like he was yanking her back, then the look on her face didn't look happy anymore. Then the dancing, and the slap. I'm really interested in Kaity's dreams now though, more than I was initially. In a way what you said reminds me of Alice in Twilight, as you mentioned she sees either side of a decision, and Alice can see future outcomes once decisions are actually made. Kaity is for sure going to have an interesting life and I can't wait for you to develop her more!

      So disappointing about the weather stone, I thought maybe it had some special niftiness :D Oh well, I still love the pink.

    3. Hehe, ok. I have had the process explained to me, and have uploaded some sims to media fire. I am awaiting Sunny getting back to me as to whether I did it properly, and then tomorrow in game I'll take some piccies and get CC list and put them up :)

      I've not read or seen Twilight, just doesn't appeal to me. Romance ew, but vampires, yes, werewolves, yes. Just mixed together I can't see myself liking it.
      I have made a separate save, and named it 'dream save' especially for her dreams. That way I can do whatever to the world without worrying about it affecting the legacy town until it's meant to. Plus, I can do different age jumps, like I did here making Shae a YA.

      I know! I'm going to see what it really does soon. I'm betting not a lot.
      Yeah, I wanted to give her a theme. There is a character I'm in the process of making who I LOVE and his theme is blue. She's going to meet other 'themed' sims later on.
      Heheeee. I love making sims, it's fun to mess around and think up personalities because 'his nose makes him look friendly' etc, lol!

  3. Oh gosh, poor Kaity, having to hold that knowledge to herself. I think we've already established that her dreams aren't set in stone (after all she saved her family from what happened in her first dream by stopping them going to the graveyard that night) so hopefully she'll be able to find a way of stopping whatever bad future she's seen for Alex and Shaena (and if she can't then I hope she doesn't blame herself)

    1. I know, right? Much be hard to keep from blurting that out.

      Yes, you're right. Although, now we know that they can have the same outcome, but follow a different path. I wondered if anyone had remembered that her toddler dream didn't come true :p

      I don't know if she'll try and stop it from happening, she doesn't know exactly when it will happen, but saw that Shaena was an adult, and as she's still a teen now, she'll be ok for a few years.
      I don't think she'll blame herself, although if Shaena finds out that she knew, I don't think she'll be that happy!

  4. That's a tough choice for Kaity to make, to tell or not.
    I hope things don't happen to Shaena like in her vision.
    I'm happy for Taylor, finally getting some romance! =D

    1. It is! I can't imagine having that kind of responsibility!

      Me too, we'll have to wait and see, though...

      Yes, finally! Lol, poor girl, I did neglect her love life for way too long. She was always too busy being poked and prodded by evil witches, and helping other people.

  5. Oh oh oh oh oh yay for Rose!
    *hopeless romantic animation*

    Now, onto Kaity. Wowza, that was one doozey of a dream!!! I'm a little impressed she went to her mother of all people to talk about it. Not that that's anything bad, but like she said, she and her mom don't usually speak like that. I think I agree with Taylor's choice: wait and see and don't interfere with the timeline. It must be hard seeing several different outcomes for things. (at least my Gabby has a set vision even if it is terrible) I wonder what will happen since Myles asked Rose and not the other way around.

    That one of Myles and Rose hugging and Kaity in the background glaring at them is awesome! What a great job capturing the moment!
    In the fifth picture, is that my pose? And if it is, how did you get that expression? I wanna know in case I wanna try that.

    Anyway, loved the update and LOVE that you're back in the storytelling saddle! :)

    1. I know, they're both so pretty, too! :D

      Ikr! Well, she had to talk to someone, and although Taylor is a worrier, she's the next most helpful. I can't see Rose, Madi or Jake knowing what to say...
      Yes, it's easier for Gabby, although more distressing because she has no hope of changing what happens, because she doesn't have to worry about the good things changing.
      I've not decided about the Myles and Rose thing, more than likely they'll just be happy, because they won't be in the house, but we'll see... :p

      I know! I was sooo happy when I noticed Kaity was looking at them, perfect for a link between scenes :D
      Yes, it is! Hehe, I used change facial expression, which I think is included in the pose player add-on found here:
      It's very useful, you only need one pose player in the world, and can select NPCs to pose too (I'm now not sure if that's included in the original pose player... :| if it is, ignore me) and loads more options.

      Thank you :) I just spent all day shooting for April, and getting annoyed at lack of child poses, so I'm going on a pose downloading spree now.

    2. Wait...there's a change facial expression thingie for pose player? I use the Look At thing a lot, but I completely missed anything about changing a facial expression (but you may have guessed by now, I'm kind of oblivious to something unless I'm looking for it, lol).

      Will have to check for that after I conquer reconsolidating all my packages.

    3. Lol, the 'look at...' thing never seems to work for me. Was winding me up a treat today when shooting for April! I ended up just turning them around, and even that took ages because they kept skipping past the right placement. So pose player add-on to the rescue again! You have a tilt and turn option, and can select degrees of tilt and turn. I'm awful at angles, so still took me a while though :p

  6. I'm all caught up!

    I'm glad to see Taylor happy with another fairy. At least she won't have to worry about her mortal lover growing old. Now I just have to worry about what Lisa and Madison will do.

    1. Woo! That was quick!

      Yeah, she deserves some happiness, finally! I've been really mean to her!.
      You won't have to worry about Lisa or Madison long. You'll find out about Lisa in two chapters, and Madison may be in that chapter too, or it might be the one after. I'm not certain. I'm awful at planning. I know what's in the next chapter, and that's it ;)

  7. So Kaity's dream about Shaena might not come true exactly as she dreamed it! Rose's situation was slightly different. I hope it doesn't come true that way for Shaena.

    I like Kaity's new eyebrows!