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4.40 Party Spirit

**Warning: This chapter contains strong language,
drugs, alcohol, maybe even some sex and violence**

 The younger teens were settling in well at school, Autumn and Josh mainly stuck together like glue, and occasionally hung out with a few of the other boys their own age as well as the twins' boyfriends. Elise had made a new friend, Arlandria Bennett, and they'd really become good friends very quickly. Arlandria was to stop over tonight, and Elise would be staying over hers the following night. The adults all agreed this was great for Elise, as she'd never really had friends as a child.

  "She is not my girlfriend!"
  "She SO is!" Arlandria teased. "Or, at least she thinks she is." Elise cackled and Autumn shot her a look as Arlandria continued. "She follows you around like your little lap-dog, and she's always gushing about how amazing you are."
  "She's a freak!" Autumn protested.
  "You love the attention." Elise accused, grinning. She was thouroughly enjoying being the one to wind him up for once.
  "Not from her I don't!" Autumn turned to leave as Kaity walked through the front door, fumbling with the keys to the shop.
  "Tummy's got a girlfriend!" Elise chanted, making sure Kaity heard.
  "Tummy?!" Arlandria burst out laughing, and Autumn tossed Elise a death-look.
  "Oh my plumbob, my baby boy!" Kaity cooed, pulling Autumn tight to her and squeezing him.
  "MUM!" Autumn shouted, forcefully pushing himself free.
  "Ow! Be careful!" Kaity scowled.
  "You're so embarrassing! She is NOT my girlfriend, and neither is anyone else, and I don't even want a girlfriend because girls only exist to annoy me!"

  "What's her name?" Kaity grinned, looking straight at Autumn but expecting either of the girls to answer rather than him.
  "Patricia Robison." Arlandria announced, watching Autumn's stoney expression with glee.
  "'Call me Trisha!'" Elise mocked, laughing.
  "Trisha and Tummy, sitting in a tree..." Arlandria began chanting.
  "If you f*cking dare call me that at school...!" Autumn threatened, cutting her off.
  "Autumn! She's a guest, we don't abuse our guests!" Kaity reprimanded, slapping his shoulder lightly.
  "I can abuse any guest I want if they abuse me, and I hardly abused her anyway! Are you f*cking blind or something, woman?!"
  "Oh my plumbob!" Arlandria gasped before Kaity had a chance to respond. "Do you seriously talk to your mother like that?! That is disgusting! If me or Ellie had mothers we'd never dare be so disrespectful, I hope you're ashamed of yourself." Arlandria's parents had died when she was just a baby, her mother in a car crash, and her father from a drug overdose as a result. She'd spent most of her life in various foster homes in Bridgeport, until her aunt had taken her in a few months earlier and she'd moved to Sunset Valley.

  "Thank you, Ria, but Autumn was just going upstairs to do his homework, weren't you." Kaity glared at Autumn as she spoke, and he knew that meant he was grounded again and wouldn't be able to go to the party on Friday. Whatever. It's not like he even cared anyway. He sighed and marched himself upstairs, leaving the girls giggling as Kaity started talking to them about pizza or something.

Friday night....

  "Please come out." Kaity begged, tugging Winters hands as she pulled him towards the door a little.
  "No, someone has to watch the kids, remember?"
  "But Winter! They're fine on their own now, and we've not been out together in ages, and I wanted to say this was our engagement party." She pouted as she tried to win him over.
  "We're not having an engagement party, remember? You said you didn't see the point because you wanted a huge wedding." Winter raised an eyebrow. She wasn't going to win this time.
  "Yeah, but this isn't a party, it's just a night out."
  "Then you and Shae go and have your night out and I'll be here when you get back to hold your hair."
  "You won't need to hold my hair because I'm not even going to get that drunk." Kaity insisted. "I'm driving." She added, as if to prove a point.
  "You're driving now? I thought you were getting a taxi?"
  "No, I decided to save the money and use it for our wedding."
  "I could come and pick you up?"
  "Then who would be watching the kids?" Kaity stuck her tongue out, using his earlier point back at him.

  "Kait, the taxi's outside." Shaena announced as she came down the stairs. "You ready?"
  "Winter won't come." She scowled.
  "Then leave him here, he's a big boy."
  "Yeah but I'll be bored! Leighton will be there, obviously, so you'll just be hanging around him all night and I'll be lonely. There's no point even going."
  "Don't be silly, once we've had a couple drinks we'll be owning that dancefloor." Shaena said, trying to hurry her out the door.
  "But I'm not drinking anymore because I'm driving."
  "You're driving? Then why didn't you cancel the taxi?"
  "Because I only just decided!" Kaity pulled away from Winter and grabbed her keys from the hook on the wall.
  "So what are we going to do about the taxi?"
  "I dunno, we'll give the driver some money or something." Kaity replied, annoyed by the questions, as she opened the door.
  "Bye, then?" Winter tried reminding his fiancee that he was there. "Do I get a kiss?"
  "No, I'm mad at you." Kaity said as she walked out the door, and Shaena turned and mouthed 'sorry' as she closed it behind them. Winter chuckled to himself as he went to join the boys in the living room.


The Grind...

Leighton bit his lip as he spotted Shaena enter the club. The way she held herself tonight with such confidence, was enough to make his pants twitch, and that dress? He had to remind himself he was working. He spotted Kaity walking beside her, and held back a laugh at the scowl on her face. He had no idea what could be wrong, maybe she was having yet another 'falling out' with Winter over their wedding. He waited, watching them pick their way through the crowd. When the bouncer stopped them at the bottom of the podium, he signaled to the man to let them up.
  "Hey." Shaena smiled, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

  "Give me a proper kiss." Leighton grinned, catching her arm as she pulled back.
  "But you're working." Shaena pointed out.
  "So what? I've not seen you for a few days and I want to kiss my girlfriend." Shaena looked around nervously. "Nobody's watching, and even if they are I don't care." He wrapped an arm around her waist. "I'm not letting you free until you kiss me." His eyes sparkled in the flashing lights, his mischievous grin daring her. She gave in, reaching on tiptoes and pressing her lips to his. He smiled against her lips, happy at his little victory, before pulling her closer and opening her mouth with his tongue, gently stroking hers, teasing, until he coaxed a response.

  "Hel-looo!" Kaity's moody voice broke into the moment. "Shae, you promised you wouldn't spend all your time up here!" Shaena broke the kiss, letting out a little laugh of disbelief.
  "We've been here about two seconds, Kaity. I'm just saying hello, then we'll go to the bar." Shaena explained, trying to calm her friend. Kaity rolled her eyes and huffed, and Leighton snorted a laugh at her.
  "What's got your knickers in a twist, baby K?"
  "Winter wouldn't come." She sighed. "It's like, he doesn't want to do anything with me any more." Both Leighton and Shaena burst out laughing at that.
  "You are such an idiot." Shaena told her, pulling out of Leightons grasp and taking her hand. "Come on. You still not drinking?"
  "Well, yeah. I drove here."
  "See you in a bit." Shaena called over her shoulder to Leighton, and he smiled and blew a kiss as a response.


475 Landgraab Avenue...

The party was in full swing already, quite a few teens had showed up and crammed into the small house. Someone had broken into the hosts' parents' alcohol cabinet long ago, and ignoring his pleas, everyone was enjoying downing the supply. Arlandria tugged Elise's hand, and pulled her to a bedroom away from the loud music and rowdy people.

  "Lesbian sex time?" Elise slurred jokingly as Arlandria locked the door behind them.
  "Totally." She giggled back, before sitting on the bed. "I got a present." Elise sat beside her.

   "Oh yeah?" She asked, concentrating hard on not spilling her drink as she crossed her legs. Arlandria dropped a little plastic bag on the bed between them, and Elise looked sceptically at the two small, green pills inside. "What is it?"
  "Ecstacy." Arlandria replied simply. She slowly sipped her drink as she watched her friends expression.
  "Where from?" They had recently learned about drugs at school, and Elise knew that not everything was as it seemed sometimes.
  "This guy." She replied vaguely. "I only had to show him my boobs and he just gave me them." Elise was a little shocked by this. She'd known Arlandria for a few months now, and she hadn't seemed like the kind of girl to be into that scene.  
  I guess alcohol really does change you. She thought to herself.

  "I'm not gunna force you, I just thought you might like to make the night more enjoyable." Arlandria smiled, leaning back on the bed a little.
  "F*ck it!" Elise said after a short pause for thought. Arlandria smiled and handed her one of the pills, keeping one for herself.
  "On three." She grinned. She counted down, and the girls popped the pills into their mouths, taking a swig of their drinks to wash them down.
  "I don't feel any different." Elise said after a moment or two.
  "Nah, it'll be a little bit. Do you want to just chill out in here while we wait?" Elise nodded, and the room fell silent, neither really knowing what to say.

   "Your brother's really hot." Arlandria announced after a few minutes. Elise looked at her and both girls giggled.
  "Who?" She asked, she'd not told anyone about what Kaity had told her a few years ago, so as far as Arlandria knew she didn't have any brothers.
  "Sorry, not brother. I forget because you live with him. Josh."
  "Oh thank plumbob! I thought you meant Autumn for a minute." Elise laughed.
  "Nah. I mean, he's not ugly, but he's such a d*ck that it's hard to feel anything for him." Elise nodded her agreement. "Can you get Josh to ask me to prom?"

  "Prom's not for months! But I can ask him, but I think Rosa West has her eye on him."
  "Ugh." Arlandria pulled a face. "That girl never washes her hair, he'll pick me. Who are you going with?"
  "Dunno." Elise shrugged. "I don't really like anyone. Kaity said that if nobody asked me then I'd go as Autumn's date." She laughed. "But I think he'd have something to say about that." She took a swig of her drink. "It doesn't really matter anyway, I'll still have fun if I go alone. I think Kaity just wants to take pictures of Autumn with a pretty girl on his arm." Both girls giggled at that statement.
   "Right. Let the party begin!" Arlandria announced, standing and pulling Elise off the bed, leading her out the door and back to the action.

The Grind...

  "I gotta pee." Kaity announced, before pushing her way through the crowded dancefloor. Shaena made her way up to the podium. She was a little tipsy by now, and wanted to stand out of the crowd for a minute. Seeing her approach, Leighton lined up a few tracks as Shaena leaned against the railing, watching the mass of writhing bodies beneath her. She smiled as her stomach did a somersault when Leightons arms wrapped around her waist from behind, pulling her close.
  "I didn't get a chance to tell you how amazing you look tonight." He muttered in her ear before gently kissing down her neck a little.
  "Thank you." Shaena blushed, turning her head to kiss him.
  "Where's the moody one?" He asked, pulling away a little as he remembered he was working.
  "How's the not drinking going?"
  "Good, I think. She's had a few cocktails but she said they were virgin."
  "Hmm." Leighton sounded sceptical. "So she's either actually not drinking, or she's going to try to act sober later so we'll let her drive."

  "I don't want to argue with a drunk Kaity." Shaena sighed, resting her head against his. Leighton took the opportunity to sneak a kiss onto her cheek, while smelling her sweet watermelon shampoo.
  "When she comes back, get her keys and give them to me. Tell her I didn't want her to lose them while she was dancing, and then I'll sort it out later."
  "Ok. Good plan." Shaena smiled, leaning into his embrace a little more.
  "Sorry." Leighton sighed. "I just spotted Miss Moody herself. She's at the bar doing shots with a random man."
  "Great." Shaena rolled her eyes, pulling away from him. "I'll go see what's going on." They shared a quick kiss before Shaena rushed off down the steps and towards the bar.

  "I fink I had too many." Kaity slurred, her head swimming. The man laughed.
  "Me too. Who won?"
  "I dunno, I lost count." She lifted her head to look at the bartender, nearly falling off her stool backwards. "Hey lady!" She called. "Who had the mmmmostest shots?"
  "I couldn't say." The bartender sighed. "But I think you've both had your fill." Kaity was about to argue with her when a hand wrapped around her arm.
  "Kaity!" Shaena looked a bit angry. "What are you doing?"
  "Celebrating." The man answered for her.
  "Well, how about we go dance for a bit?" Shaena suggested, keeping a firm hold of Kaity's arm because it felt like she was the only thing holding her up. "I guess you're not driving?"
  "Oh! I forgot, sorry. Can you drive?"
  "Probably not." Shaena sighed.
  "Don't worry, I'll pay for a taxi. But first you still owe me a dance." Kaity tried standing, and got the heel of her shoe caught on the kick-bar of the stool. She fell forward, but both Shaena and the man managed to stop her from smashing her face into the bar. "Whooppsss!!" Kaity giggled, freeing her shoe and trying again, more successfully. "Thank you, Man. It's been a good night." She smiled to the man as Shaena pulled her onto the dancefloor.

Shaena laughed at her friend. Even standing up seemed to be an effort for her.
  "You're a state." She accused.
  "I know. Winter's gunna kill me." Kaity giggled. "I don't care. He should have come out and looked after me."
Shaena smiled as she thought about Kaity and Winter. One without the other didn't seem right anymore, but she remembered the days, back when the twins were tiny, when Kaity was adamant that she'd be single forever because all men wanted to do was 'get you, get off, and get out'. She remembered the little smile Kaity had the first few weeks after she'd returned from the conference. She'd never say what she was smiling about, but she knew something had happened. She wondered if she'd ever have what Kaity and Winter had; someone she was completely in-sync with.

  "I love this song!" Kaity shouted, doing some sort of chicken-twerking cross. Shaena laughed and joined her in dancing, though a little less outrageously. Eventually, the lights came on and all the revellers filed out onto the city streets. Shaena and Kaity waited for Leighton to pack up, helping themselves to some juice to sober them up a little.

  "If anything, this is making me feel more drunker." Kaity slurred, taking another big gulp of what she assumed must be pink grapefruit juice.
  "You sure it's non alcoholic?" Shaena asked, noticing the juice bubbling a little.
  "No. I don't know what this is. It's probably alcoholic." Kaity downed the rest of it before clumsily sitting on the stool beside her. Shaena shook her head and went to find Leighton.

Sitting down had been a bad idea for Kaity. After a lot of fuss trying to get her to walk to her car so Leighton could drive them home, he'd just slung her over his shoulder and walked out.
  "Leighton, there's paparazzi there!" Shaena hissed, attempting to hide her face.
  "Well, I'm sorry." Leighton sighed. "They were probably inside earlier and wanted a shot of her leaving."
  "They've got the scoop of the century now, then." Shaena shook her head, stubbornly keeping her hand infront of her face despite the fact everyone would know who she was. "Is her dress pulled down far enough?"
  "I don't know. Lets just get out of here." Leighton picked up speed a bit and Shaena trotted along behind him, struggling to speed up in her heels.


  "I'm so sorry." Kaity blubbed, stumbling from Leighton's arms to Winter's. "I'm sorry I didn't kiss you bye, I'm sorry I tried to pressure you to come out when you didn't want to." She sloppily kissed him, and he smiled into her lips.
  "It's ok, you're forgiven." He brushed the hair out of her face and wiped a few tears away.
  "Will you still have sex with me?" Winter, Leighton and Shaena all burst out laughing at her. "What?"
  "You and your one-track mind." Leighton teased.
  "I don't have a one-track mind. Winter, tell him." She moaned, burying her face into Winter's shirt.
  "She doesn't have a one-track mind. She also thinks about the wedding." Winter joked, and Leighton and Shaena laughed with him.
  "Winteeerrrrr." Kaity moaned, slapping his chest.
  "Poor baby." Winter cooed, hugging her tight to him. "Are you too drunk for your own good?" Kaity nodded her head against him. "Shall we get you to bed, then?" Kaity nodded 'yes' again, before pulling out of his hold and grabbing Shaena's hand.
  "I love you, Shae. Thank you for looking after me."
  "It's fine. Get some sleep." Shaena smiled. Winter scooped Kaity up and cradled her in his arms.
  "Come on Misses Fiancee. Let's get you to bed."
  "Ok Mister Fiance." Kaity yawned, wrapping her arms around his neck. "My feet hurt, can you give me a foot rub?"
  "Maybe." Winter replied, carrying her up the stairs.

  "Stay and talk a while?" Shaena suggested after theyd heard their friends' bedroom door close.
  "Sure." Leighton smiled, following her into the living room.

  "Plumbob above, Kaity! How much did you 'not' drink?" Winter asked, rubbing Kaity's back soothingly as she chucked her guts into the porcelain throne.
  "I'm sorry." She sobbed at the next chance she got, before violently lurching forward as she wretched again.
  "As long as you had fun you don't need to be sorry." Winter reassured her, catching a stray curl as it tried to fall into the line of fire, and restraining the rest her hair. "Im just surprised because you said you weren't going to drink..."
  "It's not my fault!" Kaity tried to defend herself.
  "What do you mean?" Winter asked, a little worried that maybe her drinks had been spiked.

Kaity coughed and spat out a mouthful of saliva.
  "Water." She demanded, and Winter handed her the glass by his feet. He waited while she swilled her mouth out before cautiously sitting back on her heels. "It was that stupid guy I was doing shots with."
  "What stupid guy?" Winter asked, annoyed that his heart sank a little at the thought of her drinking with another man. He knew he could trust her, she'd proved herself to him endless times, and she'd never even truely cheated on him in the first place... But then again, she was a beautiful, bubbly girl. What guy wouldn't try something? And if she was drunk enough maybe she wouldn't be thinking straight.... He shook his head to clear it as she started replying.
  "Just some guy. He spotted my ring and wanted to know what 'lucky chappy' had 'bagged' me. And then he bought us way too many celebratory shots. I don't even like vodka." The ease with which she explained calmed him a little. She couldn't lie in her state even if she tried.
  "That was nice of him." He responded plainly. He sat himself back against the wall, he didn't know how much longer they'd need to be in here and his feet were starting to ache from crouching.

  "You're so f*cking sexy when you're jealous." Kaity purred, scooting herself aross the floor to kiss him.
  "Jealous?" Winter questioned, turning his head to avoid kissing her pukey mouth.
  "Yeah." Kaity grinned, twirling his hair around her finger. "Of the shots-man." Winter made a face. "Don't give me that look, I could hear it in your voice." She giggled a little, turning her back and standing shakily to flush the toilet and brush her teeth quickly.
  "Ok, maybe a little." Winter smiled, watching her at the sink. "You can't say you're never jealous though."
  "Only because of that bitch Cindy." Kaity half-snapped, reaching for the mouthwash. "And she gets to go around the world with you, staying in fancy hotels, wearing nice evening gowns to nice meals. While boring, drab Kaity gets to stay at home and raise three and a half children."
  "Boring and drab-? Kaity. Can we not do this again? I'm tired, you're drunk, it's probably about five in the morning..." He rubbed his face, exasperated.
  "We're not doing this again." She stated, shutting the tap off. She sounded almost cheerful. "I just still don't get why you had to get a young, pretty, female assistant. A balding, fat, ugly man with a hairy belly button peeping out his dirty tshirt could have done just as good a job."
  "For the last time, I didnt choose her. She was assigned to me for one two day conference in Egypt because she spoke the language. Can you please forget about her?"

  "I have. I'm over her." Kaity smiled, sitting herself between his legs and wrapping her arms around his neck. "But now we've had an argument, and that means make-up sex."
  "Seriously?" Winter laughed. "Your logic is unbelieveable, Kaity."
  "I could always call up shots-man if you're not up for it. It's not like he wasn't interested..."
  "Kaity, don't even joke about it."
  "Oh there's that tone again!" She bit her lip, giggling. "Look at you, all jealous. Have I been a bad girl? Maybe I need spanking." She winked at him before leaning in to gently kiss him.
  "You'll get a slap in the face if you don't stop this." Winter teased, before kissing her back.


  “Stay.” She wasn’t even sure she’d said it loud enough to be heard, but the way he pulled back from the kiss to look at her told her he’d heard her.
  “Are you sure? I know I’m a horny bastard, but I can wait if you’re not ready.”
  “I’m sure.” Was she? Her heart was pounding in her chest, she’d not been this nervous since way back when she lived with Alex. He leaned in and kissed her again, but she couldn’t respond. She could feel his hands all over her, leaving dirty marks that she’d never get off. He’d tainted her. He’d ruined her and made sure she could never enjoy the company of another man again. She tried to stop the tears, but they forced their way out and she gagged as she remembered the way he used to touch her, kiss her, tell her he loved her.

  “Shae?” She opened her eyes. She hadn’t even noticed Leighton had stopped kissing her, but he had and he was staring at her, worried.
  “I’m fine.” She protested, quickly wiping her tears with her hands and forcing a smile.
  “You’re not fine. You’re not ready for this and I’m not going to push you.”
  “Push me.” She whispered. “Maybe I need pushing. Maybe if you push me you’ll push him out of my mind.”
  “And maybe you’ll forever associate me with what he did, and I don’t want that. I want us to have a chance, and we’ll never have a chance if every time you look at me you see him.” Shaena began to shake as more tears escaped her, and Leighton pulled her into his arms and cradled her, rocking her like a child.

  “I don’t see him.” She mumbled as the tears began to dry up.
  “Hmm?” Leighton asked, kissing her hair as he continued gently rocking her.
  “When I look at you, I don’t see him. I don’t see him when I look at anyone, not even Josh. I burned all the pictures I had of him in an attempt to erase him from my life, but it didn’t wipe my memory.”
  “What is it then?” Leighton asked softly. “What is it that reminds you of him?”
  “I don’t know.” Shaena shrugged. Leighton stopped rocking her and just held her, waiting for her to gather her thoughts. “I don’t know what reminds me of him… I’ll go days without thinking about him, but someone will say something, or do something, and I’ll suddenly remember.”
  “Was it the kissing?” Leighton asked, running his fingers up and down her arm soothingly. Shaena shrugged as she thought about it.

  “I don’t know. I hope not. You’re a good kisser.” She smiled shyly as he looked at her with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He pulled her head up to his and gently kissed her lips, before running a light trail of kisses along her jaw, towards her ear.
  “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” His husky voice whispered, sending shivers down her spine. She pulled his lips to hers, and he wasted no time in deepening the kiss. Slowly he lowered her so she was lying beneath him on the sofa. He ran a hand down her side and stopped at her waist, pulling his head back he sighed. “You need to stop me. I have very little self control, and stopping at kissing is not an option.”

 Shaena propped herself up on her elbows, lifting her head and kissing him gently.
  “I already told you, I don’t want to stop at kissing.”
  “And I told you, I’m not pushing you.”
  “Yes, but I’m fine now. I’m fine and I want you.” She blushed a little, not used to being the initiator. Leighton rested his forhead against hers, closing his eyes as he groaned.
  “You’re really not helping. ‘I want you’? Seriously? No self control, remember?” He pushed his crotch against her thigh as proof, and Shaena gasped a little, shocked by the gesture.
  “Lets go upstairs.” She breathed, wriggling out from beneath him and standing from the sofa. Leighton wasted no time in standing himself, and let her gently take his hand and lead him to her room.

 18+ continue -->

Wow, sorry for the silly-long delay, guys! So basically, February was hectic and I seemed to have a social life? IKR! Crazy. Looks like things are going back to normal now though, so I can spend all my free time simming again, phew! There was a point where I actually didn't even get to load the game for three weeks. It was awful. But anyway, I have a week off coming up soon so hopefully I can get a few chapters done so if I do end up having friends again, you won't know about it.

Right, Arlandria. I'm kinda wishing I'd chosen a shorter name now. Haha! But anyway, you may call her Ria, and she's a slightly edited Natalia Riverhaven by Misty (thank you), and she's named after a Foo Fighters song, just 'cus.


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    1. Lol. Okay. Had to get that out of my system. Now that's over let's see here...

      Geez Autumn! Way to get grounded there. Yeek. I'm surprised Kaity didn't follow him upstairs to give him what for.

      And I love how quickly Kaity changed her tune with Winter there. Ha! It's a night out! No! It's a party! No! It's not a party! It's a night out! lol. Kaity.

      So...Arlandria. Ria from now on, because you are right, that is a tough name to type out. lol. Uh, was Elise already on her way down that path or is Ria behind that entirely?

      "Chicken Twerking" Ha!

      LOL! Winter's one liner about her "non one track mind. Ha! Oh Kaity. Drinking with Random Man (you do realize that ought to be that guys real name right?) driving, fighting with Winter, and then being a sloppy drunk. Time to hang up your party heels darlin'.

      And listen to her talk about jealous Winter when it sounds like she's just as jealous. Hairy Belly Button Peeking out. *shivers. Ick. And then there's that one track mind again. Sheesh. lol

      Aw. Poor Shae. Bless her. Trying to move on and yet that will always be a part of her. At least it looks like she's trying to move on.

      YAY! You're back! Congrats!

    2. lol. Yaaay! :D

      I think Autumn is like that pretty much all the time, so Kaity's had enough of following him upstairs to shout at him. Notice how she didn't bat an eye when he swore at her? She was more concerned about how he treated people outside of the household.

      Haha!! She was trying to convince him... didn't work. lol

      I know! I typoed "Alrandia" so many times for some reason...
      I would think Ria has a lot to do with it (seeing as she got the drugs and shoved them in her face), but it's possible Ellie would have ended up there anyway, considering how things are at home with Autumn.

      PAHAHA! She did for real in the game!

      Hahaha :P Winter made a funny.
      "Hi there, I'm Man, Random Man." ;)
      I know, she's really showing her age there! Well, she has to have a hen night, then she can settle down into married life. :)

      Haha!! And yes, that hair belly button... I nearly puked typing that description.

      Yes, Shae may have finished her therapy sessions, but a relationship is still unchartered territory. Leighton will need patience and understanding.

      I'm Back!!! (again, after dropping off the face of the planet as soon as I posted...)

  2. Yay! An update!

    So I'm really worried about Elise. I never did drugs, but a lot of my friends did. I'm not going to say it ruins lives (because it varies from person to person), but holy hell Ria seems like a bad influence.

    I really dislike Autumn, and I feel bad for disliking him. But really...he's kind of a butt.

    Aww, on the one hand I feel sympathy for Kaity, but on the other I'm like, "stop being jealous! Winter is perfect WHY DON'T YOUR REALIZE THAT?!"

    1. Yaaay! Finally! :D

      Yes, Ria probably isn't the best influence judging by that, but good can come from everything, so I guess we'll have to see.
      ...I don't know what i just said either, don't worry. I was trying to sound all mystical, but it didn't work. lol

      Don't feel bad! You're supposed to dislike him at this point! He'll be a nicer person once puberty is out the way and he's heir, but still a bit of a butt. lol. Not ever heir is a nice sim, that's just how the world is.

      Hehe! Aww, they're perfect for each other :D And it's only healthy to feel a little jealous, as long as you don't go out and stab the other person to get them out the picture.... But yes, being jealous shows you still care about the other person :)

  3. A social life. Ah, memories LOL.
    Uh... Elise may regret that.
    The bouncer ... he was going to STOP Kaity? A five star celeb?
    I like drunk Kaity. /shrug. /giggle.

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    1. Thank you! That's more than me! Haha! I'm annoyed that I let that stupid 'real life' get in the way of my sims. I missed them! But thank you :3

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    1. Haha, they were a great team against Autumn, but that party wasn't their finest hour, I'll agree there.

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      And yes, Leighton is a great friend, but he also knows what he'd get from her if he hadn't carried her. lol.
      Yes! forgive herself! That's exactly it, she's still blaming herself really.
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