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4.39 Hormonal

Warning: Contains strong language, although censored.
This warning can be carried forward to at least the start of generation five.

  "Shae." Kaity whispered as she stepped through the bedroom door and flicked on the light. "Are you awake?"
  "I am now." Shaena groaned, dragging her head off the pillow to look at her friend. "What time is it?"
  "Like, four."
  "Four in the morning?! Kait, what the hell?" Shaena let her face crash back into the pillow, sighing.
  "I couldn't sleep, I need to tell you something."
  "We only went to bed a few hours ago, give it more time." Shaena groaned into her pillow.
  "Yeah, but I need to tell you something important."
  "What?" Shaena sighed as she hauled her head off the pillow a second time.

Kaity grinned and held her hand out.
  "Well, Winter woke up when I went back into our room."
  "How long is this story, Kaity? I'm really tired."
  "Not very." Kaity shook her hand to draw her attention to it. "He woke up and we had a little talk..."
  "About what?" Shaena couldn't see properly, the light was still too bright for her tired eyes.
  "For plumbobs sake, Shaena!" Kaity snapped. "Look!" She waved her hand a little more and Shaena gasped as she saw the light glinting off the metal band.

Shaena jumped off the bed and hurried to her cousin, grabbing her hand to get a good look.
  "Oh my plumbob, seriously?! Is this an engagement ring or just a ridiculously expensive present?"
  "We're engaged." Kaity beamed, happy that Shaena was giving her the right reaction finally.
  "It's huge!" Shaena remarked, twisting Kaitys hand in the light to get a better view.
  "I know." Kaity giggled. "Apparently the kids helped him pick it."
  "Oh that's so sweet."
  "I know. What do you think?"
  "I think they chose well. I know you've never imagined an engagement ring and all that, but this is so you, Kaity..."
  "No, what do you think about me being engaged?"
  "What do you mean? I'm happy for you of course! And I can't wait to be your maid of honour and oh my plumbob we can go dress shopping and try them all on and you'll look so beautiful and you just know my mum will cry... Oh, great, now my mum is gunna push me to get married... Oh, whatever, I don't even care! I just can't wait to do all this exciting girly stuff with you!" Shaena dropped her hand and pulled her cousin into a tight hug, spinning her all around with excitement.

   "Thank you." Kaity laughed. "Don't tell Winter, don't wanna ruin my street cred, but I totally can't wait to try on all those dresses either."
  "Only pick one, though!" Shaena joked, pulling out of the hug and taking her friends hand again to get another look at the ring. "I can't imagine he's got too much in the bank after buying this."
  "Well, he can't say no to me." Kaity giggled. "This was his idea, he gets to pay. Them's the rules! But I'll probably buy some stuff too. I'll buy the bridesmaids stuff, as long as he buys my dress I'll be fine. Oh, and I'll need some new shoes, too. And something to wear at the reception, and something to wear underneath, and I'll probably want some jewelry, maybe get my hair and makeup done... And of course, he can pay for the transport-"
  "Kaity, he's gunna need a morgage for all that!" Shaena laughed, and Kaity grinned at her.
  "He's stuck with me now! He should have thought of that before!"


  "Thanks for coming, Nah-Nah." Luis teased, pulling his sister into a hug. He'd invited Shaena and Josh round for a family barbeque with their parents. "No boyfriend?" He asked, looking around as he pulled out of the hug.
  "Lou, you threw an outdoor party in the middle of a sunny day. Why would I bring my vampire boyfriend unless I wanted him dead?"
  "So he's not already dead?"
  "No-" Shaena stopped herself. "Uhm... I dunno."
  "But you admit he's your boyfriend now? You wouldn't yesterday."
  "He wasn't yesterday."
  "What changed?"
   "Well, he asked me the other night, the night Kaity and Winter got engaged, but he told me to think about it."
  "So he is taking things slow, then? Or did you sleep with him before you started dating?"
  "For plumbobs sake, Lou! I'm a grown woman, and no, I didn't. We didn't even kiss properly until last night. It's like he's scared to touch me... Do you have anything to do with this?" Shaena glared at her brother accusingly.
  "No, but I have to say I didn't expect him to take things slow."
  "So you admit that you were wrong?"
  "Wrong? Oh, I don't know about that..." Luis teased. "But I definately underestimated him."
  "Because, like I said, you let his reputation taint your view."
  "Maybe." Luis grinned. He'd never admit he was wrong, especially not to his baby sister.

  "Will you at least meet him before you make any more assumptions?" Shaena pleaded.
  "Shae. I won't like him, no matter how amazing and perfect you think he is, just for the pure fact that he's dating you."
  "Not ever?"
  "Well, one day, probably, but it needs to be more than twenty-four hours as your boyfriend to prove he's worth it."
  "Seventeen. It's been seventeen hours." Shaena corrected.
  "That's even less!" Luis laughed. "Anyway, lets go make sure your son isn't torturing my daughters, and get some food cooking."


   "Can you believe we start high school tomorrow?" Elise repeated herself a little louder, tearing the boys' attention from the television infront of them.
  "Well, yes, because you literally just reminded us like ten seconds ago." Autumn wished she didn't have to talk constantly. His sisters and mother were the same, must be a girl thing.
  "Well, nobody replied, so I assumed nobody had heard me. Clearly you were just being rude." Elise huffed, glaring at the pair of them.
  "What of it, El?" Josh cut in to stop the brewing argument. "What did you want to say about it?"

   "I don't know, really. It just feels like yesterday that we started elementary, and now we're all grown up-"
  "We're fourteen." Autumn pointed out.
  "-And everything is gunna change." Elise carried on, ignoring Autumn's snide comment. "I wonder if we'll make new friends? I wonder if any of us will get asked to prom? Who do you think will start dating first?"
  "Ellie, we're at the same school, with the same people, all that's changing is that we're slightly taller and you're somehow more annoying."
  "Shut up, Tummy." Elise glared at him, knowing how much he hated that nickname.
  "And don't you f*ckin' dare call me that at school or I'll... I just don't even know."
  "What is your problem?! I've never called you that at school before, so why would I suddenly start now?!"
  "Those are all good questions, Ellie." Josh spoke loudly over Elise. "Maybe we should talk about them in more detail."

  "Yes. Lets." Elise smiled at Josh, happy he'd stepped in again. Autumn had got a lot moodier these past few weeks, and she could feel her own hormones at play with the way she just wanted to scream in his face and pull his hair to shut him up. "I think Josh will get a girlfriend first. He's really smooth and most of the kids our age are human like him. I think loads of girls will ask him to prom, too. Basically, Josh, I think you'll be really popular."
  "Thank you, El, that was a really nice thing to say." Josh replied over-enthusiasically. "I think you'll make a lot of friends too, and I can't see any of the boys being able to keep away." The two friends smiled at each other, happy the calm was restored.
  "Until she smiles and they spot her fangs." Autumn mumbled. Josh sighed, he couldn't work out why he couldn't just keep his mouth shut. He knew Elise would react to that, but why the hell did he constantly pick fights?

  "What the f*ck Autumn? Why? It's not like you're every girls dream boy with your stupid friggin' leaves all over your flabby body! And your stupid pointy ears, and your bright blue hair and your bright pink eyes. Yeah, you're mister friggin' perfect, you are."
  "Yeah, at least people don't think I'm going to kill them when they see me." Josh rolled his eyes. He gave up. If Autumn wanted to argue he knew all the right buttons to press to get a reaction, it was inevitable.

  "What, like, seriously? That's what you're going with? People think I'm gunna kill them? That's weak, even for you."
  "No worse than your 'stupid pointy ears' and 'flabby body'. What the hell is that? Flabby body?"
  "So now you're insulting my insults? It was the first thing that came to mind, alright? What should I have said?"
  "You should have just kept your stupid mouth shut, or do you not know how to be quiet? Admit it, though, all you want to do right now is suck all the blood out of me."

  "Guys, can we stop this?" Josh sighed. Autumn was taking this too far again and it would all end in tears.
  "I can't help what I am!" Elise's voice cracked and tears pricked her eyes.
  "And I can't help my 'stupid pointy ears' and 'flabby body', so why don't you just drop it now."
  "Drop it now?! Why don't I just drop it now?!" Elise cried.
  "Yes, why don't you?" Autumn sat back on the sofa and stared at the TV.
  "So you're just going to insult everything that I am and then tell me to drop it? What if I told you to go back to your lamp and leave me alone? What if I told you to go grant some f*cker some dumb wishes? Would you go drop it and just forget about it? No, you'd call me out on it and go on and on in my ear about it until I apologised."
  "Apologise, Autumn." Josh mumbled, half to himself, as he knew nobody else was really listening.

When Autumn didn't reply, Elise stood, frustrated and started marching towards the door.
  "I just don't get you, Autumn. What did I ever do to you?"
  "I don't get you either." Autumn returned, standing. "I don't get why you don't just go live with your Papi if I'm that awful."
  "Leave my Papi out of this!" Elise turned on her heel and screamed at him.
  "Has he even asked you to move in? Or are you too much of a burden? How often have you seen him in the past month?"
  "He works evenings, Autumn! I'm not allowed to stay up late enough to see him after work, and he starts before we finish school! I'm sure your parents would be much happier if you moved out because you're an awful person."
  "I'm an awful person?" Autumn smirked, enjoying seeing her finally snap.
  "YES! Every f*cking day you have to say something horrible to someone! What is even the point? Why can't you just leave me alone if you can't say anything nice?"
  "I seem to remember you started this conversation." Autumn pointed out. "We were perfectly happy just watching TV." He looked up as Kaity stormed through the door. She didn't look happy.

  "I started a perfectly happy and friendly conversation, you're the one who started the argument! Why do you always have to-"
  "This isn't an argument, Ellie. This is you screaming at me for no reason."
  "Stop!" Kaity shouted, planting herself between the fueding teens.
  "For no f*cking reason?! Do you not remember telling me nobody would want to date me because of my fangs? You told me everyone thought I was going to kill them. How about how my Papi doesn't love me?!"
  "Ellie." Kaity pushed her back, she'd been steadily getting closer to Autumn ready to slap him.
  "You told me to f*ck off back to my lamp."
  "Shut up, Autumn! Both of you, stop. Go to your rooms and chill out."
  "Kaity, really, he started this." Elise pleaded with tears in her eyes for her to punish him
  "Both of you, rooms, now." She repeated. Elise growled, frustrated, before storming upstairs.


The next morning, Elise was up nice and early ready for school. As she left her room, Autumn blocked her path downstairs to breakfast.
  "What do you want, Autumn?" She sighed, folding her arms defensively.
  "To apologise."
  "Sure, what's the point? You don't mean it." She rolled her eyes.
  "I do. You're right, everything is gunna change now we're high schoolers, and surely we'll need each other to make it through?" He smiled at her. "Friends?" Elise glared at him a little while she tried to figure out if he meant it or not.
  "Ok." She conceded. "Friends."

Josh appeared from seemingly nowhere and draped his arms around them.
  "Come on, guys! We need to get some breakfast before our first big day of high school." He grinned, giving them each a gentle push to coax them towards the stairs. "I've got to get me a following of girls, remember?" Elise laughed, remembering her comment from the day before.
  "And I've got to scare all the boys off with my fangs." She added, giving Autumn a look to show she was over it.
  "Your face should do the job well enough." Autumn joked, smirking at Elise.
  "Don't you think it's a little big-headed of you to wear a shirt with your self-portait on it?" Elise teased, leaning round Josh to gesture at the zombie on Autumn's shirt.
  "Ha-ha, funny." Autumn replied, sarcastically.

  "Guys, it's too early to argue. I'll have to push one of you down the stairs if you don't shut up." Josh moaned, pulling them down the hallway.


  "Mum said we can pick our own dresses, as long as they match and are pink." Jaydean laughed. "She's not gunna make you wear a pink suit, is she?"
  "I've got her down to just a shirt, but she wants me in a hot-pink tie and I'm not sure I can pull that off..." The twins burst out laughing. They thought it was pretty cute how Winter would even agree to wear any pink, but it was hard to say no to their mother.
  "Tell her you will if she goes to the gym with you?" Sophie suggested. "You're forever trying to get her to go with you, so maybe that will work?"
  "Why do you even want her at the gym with you? I thought that was your 'me time'? Surely you can't want to be with her all the time?" Jaydean asked.
  "Well, it is, but she's always saying she ought to go to keep fit, and then when I tell her I'm going, she grabs some chocolate or wine and lazes on the couch instead." The girls laughed again. "It's not like she needs to go, but she moans when she doesn't."
  "Well, when you're married then you can use that as an excuse." Sophie grinned. "Isn't one of the vows about keeping fit?"
  "I don't think so?" Winter made a face as he thought about it. "There's 'in sickness and health'?"
  "Oh, that was it. Nah, that don't really work."

  "I'm so happy you're gunna be our step-dad." Jaydean blurted out, changing the subject suddenly. "You never had to care about us or spend time with us, but you always have. And I can't imagine mum without you now. Thank you."
  "It's not a problem, honey! There was something I've been meaning to talk to you about in that regard, too." Winter paused as he chose his words. "What would you think to me adopting you, becoming your real dad?"

  "Oh my plumbob!! Really?!" Sophie screamed, while Jaydean seemed to chew his words over a moment or two.
  "Why? Because I love you like my own anyway, and I've raised you, and I want to have proof of that. Of course, it's completely up to you, and I'll understand if you'd rather I was just your step-dad-"

  "Yes." Jaydean mumbled as she rushed to him and hugged him tight. "Thank you, Winter." Winter wrapped an arm around her and held his other out for Sophie to join them.
  "Call me 'dad', if you'd rather."
  "Ok, daddy." Sophie grinned, leaning her head into his chest and rubbing her sisters back as Jaydean began to cry a little.
  "Thank you." Jaydean whispered as Winter gave them both a squeeze.


Sorry!! This jumps about a LOT, I know. I hope it wasn't too confusing, but there's a lot going on right now :/
Trait-time! And yes, I skipped the birthdays because I don't even know the time scale of my own story anymore, but the kids were one day from aging up for ages and I wanted to play the actual save so I just did it. Sue me.
Josh Farrah
 Josh's traits are: absent minded, good, friendly and he gained dog person from this ageup. He's purdy <3

Elise McQueen
The beautiful Elise's traits are: couch potato, loves the outdoors, excitable and she gained unflirty on this ageup. I didn't get to pick either her or Josh's traits this time round. Josh seemed to have an aversion to the school bus, making him late almost every day, and Elise never finished her homework.

Autumn Mattell
Autumn's traits are: clumsy, grumpy (remember that one, he'll use it a lot), virtuoso and I gave him great kisser, just 'cus. I didn't really know what to give him, and I'm a bit OCD about everyone having all their trait slots filled.
He has more markings than the one on his head... I should have got a pic. I'll be sure to show him mostly naked soon :p

I'm sure I had something else to say... But I forgot. Sorry! :/


  1. Haha, I love Kaity's shopping list, and the number of pink things on it grows! Winter in a hot pink tie, I bet he can pull it off. =)

    Elise is SO pretty! Fangs or not, the boys aren't gonna care! And poor Josh, stuck in the middle of Elise and Autumn's fighting. I loved that pic with Kaity in between them, and Josh sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, classic!

    Aww, Winter is adopting them. That's really sweet. <3

    It seems like you might have a moody heir too---they are fun to write for! I look forward to seeing what Autumn gets up to. =)

    Your aging troubles---does your in game clock work? Just curious. :)

    1. Haha! I think I love that she's writing the list and it'll be Winter's credit card it's all charged to! "I'll get the bridesmaids dresses, you buy everything else." :P But really, he should have known that would happen.
      Haha! We'll see. It depends if he can get out of it or not! But it would be a nice contrast to his hair, so I think he'd look good, if a bit emasculated. lol.

      ISN'T SHE?! God, she's so beautiful!! I couldn't stop taking close-ups of her face! If only there were some boys in town... Don't worry, I plan on adding some teens in because there's literally nobody.
      Haha! I love Josh just for that scene! Like "Ugh, here we go again!", then he just sits and waits for it to get loud enough for Kaity to come break it up.

      :D Yes, they'll be an official real family now!

      Oh, so much fun, and I've only written what you've seen here! I have a lot planned, but he will calm down a bit after puberty, unlike Colin :P

      Oh, sorry! I don't have aging troubles, I just played the real save too much and they were all a day from aging up so I couldn't play until they needed aging... And then I just wanted to actually play, so I decided to go ahead and age them up.
      My game clock does work, but the clocks in-game don't work. Does that make sense? All the alarm clocks and wall clocks say 12 o'clock constantly, which annoys me a little, but not enough to find a fix.

  2. I loved Kaity waking Shae up with her news. Once she got what Kaity was saying, Shae got right into it. They are so sweet.

    Wow, Autumn is a grumpy little teen, isn't he? Poor Elise, he really just dug into her. And then by the time she started giving it back. Kaity came in and pretty much gave her as much blame as Autumn. And poor Josh, being in the middle must suck. All three of them look great as teens. It's good they made up before heading off to school.
    LOL, I can't wait for Kaity's super pink wedding! And to see Winter in his hot pink tie.
    How sweet that Winter wants to adopt Jaydean & Sophie! He's been a great dad to them, and I'm so happy they love him too. =)

    1. Hehe, neither of them got a lot of sleep that night, and I doubt they got too much after Kaity woke her up, either. I imagine they sat on the bed and talked wedding plans until it was time to get dressed :P I can't wait to get them both dressed up and pretty for the wedding haha!

      Yep! He actually wakes up every day with the 'grumpy' moodlet, which says he got out of the wrong side of bed... I'm considering flipping his bed round to see if that helps! haha! But yes, he mainly picks on Elise because she's an easy target. Josh is his best friend, and his sisters would probably torture him, so that only leaves Elise. And yes, Kaity punished them both, but I like to think she knows Autumn was the culprit, she just wanted them to go to their rooms and cool off.
      And yes, I felt after what he said they needed to make up. They are friends, but they annoy each other a lot too.

      Haha! My eyes will burn with all the pink demands she's making!
      :D I'm glad everyone has loved Winter so much. I'm also glad everyone forced me to keep him around, because I have no idea where this story would be had it just been the fling it was originally supposed to be!

  3. "It's not like you're every girls dream boy with your stupid friggin' leaves all over your flabby body!" - hahaha! go team elise! And about time for Autumn to finally apologize too. Josh is a sweetheart though. Oh I love teenagers - so boring to play, so fun to write and read stories about. And Elise is bjoooootiful. I can't wait to read more about them!

    Take cover for the pinkest weddings of all time. :) That's so sweet that Winter adopted the twins.

    1. Haha! She's not the greatest at comebacks, she's like me: walks away and then her brain tells her thousands of brilliant things she could have said. :P
      Yes, I felt I needed to show that there was no hard feelings in the long run. They argue a lot, but they always make friends again. And yes, poor Josh is a sweetheart and caught in the middle!
      She is SO beautiful! I wish she could be heir, but unfortunately she's not related to the Mattells and I like the genetics.

      Haha! Yep! Prepare for your eyes to burn!!

  4. Shoot. Kaity's lucky Shae is more the meek and mild sort. I'd've thrown stuff at her for waking me up at 4 in the morning. We'll just pretend that I'd actually be asleep at 4 in the morning, of course. I had to laugh at Kaity's remark of not wanting to ruin her street cred, lol. It'll be interesting to see what the paps have to say about her engagement!

    LOL, has Shae even told Leighton yet that he's her boyfriend? :D

    Oh wow! Look at the triplets, all grown up. Ellie's so pretttttttty.

    "most of the kids our age are human like him." Ah, I keep forgetting that she's a vampire. It's got to be rough, especially being a teenager now. Already she doesn't seem to feel that she's got a real family, but she also is different from most of the kids they go to school with.

    And speaking of hormonal, the bickering between Autumn and Elise is interesting. It makes me wonder how the sparks would fly if they ever noticed how good looking they both were. As Josh observes, they certainly know how to push each other's buttons to get a response.

    "So now you're insulting my insults?" --LOL.

    Aww, Winter. That's so sweet, that he wants to adopt the twins!
    And you have to admit, the idea of him in a pink suit does have a certain appeal to it.

    1. Haha! You forget that they get up at 5.30 every day to sort the kids and open shop. Of course you forget, their routine is in *my* mind and not handed out to every reader. haha! But yes. They had a leate night, too, with their conversation downstairs.
      Hehe, Kaity and her street cred! :P That was her joking, btw... She couldn't care much less what people think, and she knows Winter knows she secretly wants to try on all the big white dresses ;)
      Well... She's going to try and keep it private for a bit, but we'll see how that goes...

      Yes!! When she was kissing him at the diner, that was them becoming girlfriend/boyfriend! *reads* Oh... My bad. I didn't write that sentance... lol.
      Yes, that shot of her and Leighton kissing was supposed to be them officially getting together.

      She is!!! Argh!! I want her to be heirrrrr! Stupid non-relatives in the household!

      Well, she's not that different in a lot of ways. Most of the town are supes. Autumn is a genie-fairy, and the twins are fairys. Luis' kids are fairies, so the only difference for her is that at somepoint a change will come and she'll need blood rather than food. For right now, she's like the rest but with fangs.
      But, yes, when the change comes she'll likely feel very left out.

      Haha! Well, being only 14, they have plenty of time to *notice* each other... if it were to happen. But, they most likely know how to wind each other up because they've lived together forever. You have siblings, you know.

      :D I'm sure he's glad the twins had the reaction they did! It must be pretty nerve-wracking to come out and say that, but he did it and now they can be a happy family and he gets to walk them down the aisle when the time comes :)

      I think at this rate I'll have to get Winter to concede to Kaity! Everyone wants him in pink! :P

  5. I love all Kaity's plans for her wedding :) and I'm so pleased that Shaena is actually going out with Leighton now :)

    Poor Josh, stuck between Autumn and Elise fighting, Autumn was really mean to Elise there

    I love that Winter is adopting the twins and that they're so pleased about it :)

    1. Hehe, she'd got that all planned out pretty fast, didn't she? ;)
      Omg thank you!! I hate that I can't put "going out" in the chapter because them stoopid 'Muricans wouldn't have a clue what I meant. But yes, they're not going steady, they're going out. *sigh of relief* :P

      Yes, Autumn took it too far there, but she accepted his apology the next day. I wanted to show that they argue a lot, but that they are still friends.

      Me too! They can be a real family now!

    2. I know what you mean, going steady always sounds to me more like it should apply to a ship or boat rather than a relationship!

    3. We actually use 'going out' more than 'going steady' in 'Murica, so we'd totally understand if you said it. I've actually never used the phrase 'going steady' outside a Sims context, actually; I think it's a dated expression that doesn't get used much anymore in real life.

    4. Yea, I haven't heard anyone I know in 'Murica use the term 'going steady'. From my experience I've always heard the term 'going out'. I think 'going steady' was a popular term back in the 1950s lol.

    5. Oh. Oops. Sorry! In reality, the game is my main source of what words and phrases 'Muricans use. I 'censor' a lot of stuff. I wonder how much would get lost if I wrote a chapter without thinking of what you'd understand?

  6. Meep! Kaity and Shae having girl talk, that's so cute!

    I don't like it when Autumn and Elise fought, but I was on her side. Autumn stepped over the line. If he hadn't have apologized, I would have hated him, and that stuff about her Papi... That's just not cool.

    I would love to see Winter in a hot pink suit, very whipped of him ;) and its so sweet how he wanted to adopt the twins :3

    1. Hehe! Isn't it?! They don't often girl-talk, but this chapter and the last they got a lot of it :)

      Yes, Autumn took things way too far, but that's grumpy teenage boys, for you! Luckily, they know each other well enough that they can put these arguments behind them easily.

      Haha! I think everyone seems to be on Kaity's side with the suit! Sorry Winter, looks like you're losing this one! ;)
      And yes, I'm happy to get to that stage, I planned that ages ago! I made that pose in November!!! haha, I thought it would come a few chapters sooner, but this is how it worked out. They needed to be engaged, and that kept getting pushed back too.

    2. November?! Wow, my legacy wasn't even alive then!
      I honestly can't wait to see if there's a bachelorette party for Krazy Kaity, and how wild it'll be.
      Also, with Kaity threatening to propose to Winter, it reminded me of when Monica proposed to Chandler on Friends. I just came to that thought a little while ago and thought it was a little interesting :)

    3. I know! I've been going over a year now! I feel like a veteran! :P
      I'm sure Kaity will kiss her single life goodbye in style. Would we have it any other way? ;)

      OMG Friends!!!! I have the entire all ten seasons right next to me on the shelf, and it never crossed my mind. I think I cried at that scene. It takes quite a bit for me to cry.

    4. I'm expecting fireworks and dancers Gem, don't disappoint me ;)
      I cried at the last episode :') Rachel got off the plane for Ross! And they'll be together forever (Until they go on a break again, and the whole cycle starts again...)

  7. I am really looking forward to this very pink wedding! I can't wait to see every last detail and the dress shopping too of course!

    Autumn's treatment of Elise is just mean. He really knows just what to say to get under her skin. I won't be at all surprised now that he's a teen if he develops romantic feelings toward her, she's so pretty! With Autumn though I doubt he would admit it and he would probably only treat her worse when inside that's not what he's really feeling. I can't wait to see how things go with all of the teens from here on out!

    I made that comment on Shae maybe being turned by Leighton and this chapter made me see how PISSED her brother would be if that happened. I love how protective he is of her even though she probably doesn't always enjoy it so much.

    1. Every last detail? AND dress shopping?! *panics* There aren't enough hours in the dayyy!!
      Haha, yes, me too! Originally I was going to skip over it and just do a wedding photo post, but I decided I love Kaity and Winter too much to skip over that! So, it'll happen. And the dress shopping will be fun for sure! Everytime there's been a party me and Kaity have had hours of fun in CAS dolling her up, and I can't wait to do that with wedding dresses!
      And of course, then I get to download more CC ;)

      Yes, he is just mean and that's teenage boys for you!
      As for the rest of that paragraph... You'd be surprised ;)

      Haha! Yep! I remember that comment, and that was partly the reason Luis got some time this chapter (also partly because he threw a party...). It is still a possibility I'm considering, but there's a lot to consider about how each character would feel about it. Luis would hate Leighton initially, but Leighton wouldn't do it unless Shae agreed to it, and when Luis realised that it meant he wouldn't have to watch his baby sister grow old a die, he might change his mind. Eventually...
      But yes, we'll see. I honestly don't know on that one yet. Though I do love writing Shae and Luis. He's so protective because he's so much older (about 6/7 years in my mind), and he had to be a father to her as Geoffrey was dead. Well, he didn't have to be, he just was.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Well Kaity did have that vision of dress shopping so yes I certainly expect to see it, in detail LOL

      Normally I am content with the wedding photos but this is Kaity and Winter here!

      That deleted comment was me btw, I posted under the wrong account then went to fix it and now it looks like people are just deleting lovely comments shame on me!

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    1. Hehe! It was only a matter of time before Autumn outgrew his baby nickname ;)

      Thank you! It wasn't ever intended to be so... cruel, what he said, but I guess I channelled his grumpy energy or something. I toyed with giving him hot-headed for his other trait, but I do want people to want to read his generation! haha

      :P I know when I've been woken up and the lights been turned on, it takes a while for me to be able to see. So, Shae just didn't notice.
      That was unintentional! I realised after that it kinda looked like she was gloating and rubbing it in, but yes, perfect. I will share those poses and the proposal ones from last chapter, but I keep being lazy with getting them ready. This weekend. Maybe. ;)

      Hehe :D You'll LURVE next chapter, then!
      And yes! Shae probably doesn't need to raise another kid. Although Leighton has the family-oriented trait, so....

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    1. They did!! Josh and Elise are beautiful. I was a little... I don't know how to word this... I never thought Autumn was ugly, but he's not traditionally beautiful like the others. He's grown on me already, though.
      He will calm down as he grows up, but he's just started puberty so we have a while yet!
      http://dsims3.com/post/1cd33c_66d4de There you go! As soon as I saw it, like 6 months ago, I decided Autumn had to have it because I love it and I want to look at it a lot. haha!

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      Isn't he?! He has a lot of Shae's features, with Alex's hair. Alex had purple tips! Weird, right? So I didn't want to change it, and the hair he was gunna have didn't look right with all the purple, so I picked this and at first he looked kinda girly but now it suits him
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      Yes, he loves the attention from Elise and Kaity shouting at him and Josh moaning at him, but he also just likes being mean occasionally, and seeing how Elise will react when he says something else.
      You'll have to wait and see for his reasons. It could be a while, though...

      :D It seemed so in-character for him, and of course they'll say yes because they love him as much as he loves them! It only seemed right. He knows how kids can feel left out after a non-biological parent joins the family (more on that story later...), and wanted them to have that option and to feel included. :)

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    1. Sorry it took so long for me to get here!

      No, Kaity doesn't think of a lot of things. lol. I guess as she's her boss then really it wouldn't matter if Shae turned up late to work as she'd have a valid reason.
      I'm planning on showing some planning (lol). Dress shopping is a definate, and I'm pretty sure Kaity can go bridezilla a few times, fits her perfectly ;)

      Well, they're not siblings, they've always known that, and they've never really treated each other like siblings. Autumn has never even like Elise, so you probably couldn't even call them friends properly, but we'll go with that for now. And that's all I'm saying... ;)

      Hehe! It's so Winter, it needed to be done.

      Haha! I'll try! I don't even picture my own sims with english accents sometimes! Everyone in the Mattells does, but some of my for-fun saves have like, typical 'all-american' sims in it. I put on stupid bad accents in my head. Haha! :P

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      Yay!! Go you!! Good timing, too, *spoiler* I'm about to bring something up that you need prior knowledge of, though I'll probably add a summary for the more forgetful readers anyway.
      I'm hoping to shoot for the next chapter tomorrow, and have it out by early next week, but no promises! Life has gone crazy recently :(
      Also, you put Sweden on my stats map as one of the countries with most visitors from. lol.
      Thank you!! So glad you loved it as much as I love yours!! :D

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    1. Wooo! That was quick! I'm not up to date and I only stopped reading for two days D: I estimate I'll get to yours tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

      Yes, he is. Teenage hormones and that grumpy trait really aren't selling him. Hah! I promise he will be much nicer as an adult when it's his generation. He'll still be grouchy and a bit of a dick, but I don't think we'll want to slap him about and we'll be able to see reasons behind what he says/does. Unlike now. lol.

      Everyone loves Winter :D
      Personally, Kaity is my fave. I want to share her at the end of the generation, but I'm so attached it's unreal. I read her to sleep every night and we tell each other all our secrets.... Ok, so I'm not quite that insane, but I do love her a ridiculous amount for a small collection of pixels. ;)

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