Saturday, 26 October 2013

Please don't hate me


So... No chapter this week. Soooorryyyy!! Last time it was game issues, this time it's happy! Basically, I've been gifted my dad's old PC. It's too slow for him, plus he never uses it now that everyone has tablets instead, so I'm recycling it (something that I do alot, as my laptop is a hand-me-down from my sister).

He gave me it last weekend when we went to visit, my boyfriend set it all up (found a space in our tiny house and plugged it in) Monday, I then had to spend a few days going through it and uninstalling stuff (we don't have access to a windows disc, and so I couldn't just reset to factory settings, and there were no restore dates for some reason), which took longer than expected. Then Wednesday and Thursday was spent installing all the sims games (thank you, Origin).

I finally got to play on it last night, and it's soooooo smoooooth <3
Problem with it being so smooth, is that now I don't want to play on my laptop because it really is so bad, especially the legacy save. The problem with having to install everything is that I had to get the latest patch (no issues to report. Yet..), and not all mods are updated, and there is NO WAY I'm trying to shoot a legacy chapter without mods. Sorry!

But, looking on the brightside. I should be all set up by next week, and as this runs so smooth and without save-game errors (I played over 3 hours yesterday in Isla Paradiso with hardly any lag and no error 12s!), I should be able to shoot and play quicker, meaning I may be able to return to bi-weekly updates soon!

And, another happy note, I have a week off work in two weeks, so I'll hopefully get a little backlog again and then if any other game issues happen then I shouldn't have to stop posting. Hopefully.

While I'm rambling on (well done if you're reading this far!), I'd like to take the time to thank you all. I know, I know, cheesy. I know everyone says it, but honestly, I can't imagine ever making it past the broken generation one if it weren't for you guys! It's nearly been a year, and I will have a birthday present to give away if you'll just hold on a little longer! In the past (nearly a) year, I have made some amazing friends, learned so much about the game, the community and myself, surprisingly! I never imagined I'd get 35 followers and over 16,000 views, and I can't even begin to explain how happy I suddenly feel when I see someone has commented on a chapter (which is really sad, I know).

So, thank you, dear reader. Whether you were here from the start, only started reading today, even if you're reading this from the future as you're catching up! I love you, and you just being here makes my life all the much happier.

*tears up*

Ok, I'll shut up now.

TLDR; Sorry, no chapter this week because I have a new system that's taking longer than expected to set up. I'm an emotional mess and want to kiss you.

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  1. So did I! And I understand the delay. I am happy for you that you have a better computer to play Sims on. I will try to wait patiently for the next chapter...Any chance that there might be a new "adult" chapter as a reward for all of us that are being so good and waiting so patiently? (Couldn't hurt to ask, I think to myself)

  2. You're not the only one recycling computers (and all sorts of appliances in my case LOL).

    It was very sweet what you wrote (I read through it all too) *hugs*.

    PS: I'm still reading. Someday, SOMEDAY I'll finally catch up! LOL

  3. Thank you, all :)

    Uhm... Adult chapter... There will be one in the future, but I'm focusing on the kids next chapter. You need to know the next heir! Maybe in a few chapters, but glad you enjoyed it so much! :D

    And Marsar, there is a LOT to read, don't rush it! You'll catch up when you catch up, and thank you for reading :)

  4. I'm moving on up in your legacy and just had to comment here. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that was such a sweet heartfelt post :`) Tight hugss!

  5. Awww, this is a very sweet update! This community is amazing, isn't it? :D