Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Family life

 Soon it was time for Jacksons first day of school. He looked slightly nervous as he got on the bus for the first time, and seemed to sink down into his seat, trying to be hidden from the new classmates playing noisily around him.
It wasn't long until he met people though, Leonel and Trisha Robison. They were a few years ahead of him, nearly ready to graduate elementary and head off to high school, but they saw this new boy was scared and invited him over to their house after school. It definately made his first day easier.
Meanwhile, I was knee-deep in dirty nappies, potty training, and making sure my triplets didn't hurt themselves, or each other. I was shattered. I just wanted to collapse in bed but i couldn't, I found myself going stir-crazy, just wanting to go somewhere, anywhere!
Luckily for me, Ken had the next day off, and took over entertaining the tots while I had a much needed lie-in.
He insisted I go out and do something, while he stayed home and cleaned the house. I was thankful for the opportunity to do something other than clean or keep my eyes open for missing blocks, or anything else that the triplets could fit in their mouth.
I went to the salon, and had my hair done, it felt so good to talk to the hairdresser! She was an adult like me and didn't constantly put dirty things in her mouth or wet herself (though I would have been worried if she did...). It felt like I'd just had a week off when I got back, and couldnt wait to play with my babies again.

Jackson made it onto the honour roll! He was our little genius, he's very quiet, but I think it was partly because of his siblings sucking up all of our attention, we tried to make sure at least one of us ate dinner with him every night, but I knew it wasn't enough, I think he understood though. There wasn't long until he was a teenager, and I hoped to be able to spend some more time with him before he ran off into the world.
The triplets were getting older too, they were playing together and having their first conversations with each other. All three of them could walk, talk and use the potty by themselves now, and the other night they had all slept at night for the first time ever, and, none of them work up until nearly 5am! The best nights sleep I ever had! It wouldn't be long until they started school too though, and then I could start my little daycare business. I couldn't wait, all the joys of raising children, without the sleepless nights!

I realised nobody knows any traits or skills, so I'll do a list here and add on as they gain, or edit each chapter, depending:
- Military career level 6 (he's only had 2 in the story, because realistically it can't have been more than 8 years since he started work, and nobody has that many promotions...)
- Athletic level 6
-Handiness level 4
- Handy, easiliy impressed, nurturing, artistic, friendly.

- Logic level 5
- Cooking level 4
- Good sense of humour, great kisser, family oriented, nurturing, friendly.

- Logic level 3
- Good sense of humour, clumsy, genius.

- Virtuoso, artistic

- Absent minded, easily impressed

-Hates the outdoors, loner.

Also, Barbie and Ken had their birthdays, and became adults, but considering we all have more than 6 birthdays in our lifetimes, i didn't put them in as there is no visible change and it seems pointless to the story, its just picture spam as there are so many other birthdays to come, and they didn't celebrate because they were too tired/busy.

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  1. I don't usually do the adult birthdays in the blog either.
    Wow, your family is growing up so fast. I'm glad Barbie and Ken have held it together raising their triplets!

  2. i know, im going to speed through Jacksons teenage years now, because I'm beginning to get bored, and I need to do a different family. I've rolled couple again for him, which is soooo boring, but I suppose they don't have to be married, and if they are it doesnt have to be a happy one... I always feel evil splitting my sims up, but they get so boring when theyre together for ages, and i tend to forget to make them socialise and they end up barely being friends anyway haha

  3. I don't blame you for not recording the adult birthdays. I've even set my aging so that YA stage is like 24 days with A being 3. It's a little pointless as there is no real difference unless they get a mid-life crisis.

    1. I thought the adult lifestage came with decreased fertility? That can be handy if you're trying to avoid multiples in a bloodline that's prone to them.

  4. Ken is the best husband! He's so supportive and realizes that the children are his responsibility too. He seems to really love his family!

    Jackson is sweet to understand why his parents don't spend as much time with him.