Sunday, 30 December 2012

2:5 A Birthday And A Birth Day

Mercedes' pregnancy was going quickly. She was in a lot of pain most of the time, and so constantly spend days in the bath or in bed.

One afternoon, when Jackson got back from school, she finally got a phonecall from Chris. From what Jackson could hear, it didn't go well. He didn't feel right listening in so went to his room until she hung up.

At dinner, she told him what Chris had said. He didn't want anything to do with the baby, as he apparently didn't believe it was his. They all knew this wasn't true, just an excuse to avoid the responsibility of parenthood.

Dinner continued and the topic changed, the university had suspended Mercedes' exams until the baby was 6 months and told her she could stay in the house and when Jackson left they wouldn't give her a new roommate as nobody would want to live with a baby anyway.

After dinner, Jackson sat down to do his homework.
"Do you need a hand?" Mercedes smiled as she sat beside him slowly, her stomach was huge now and she struggled to sit in chairs let alone the floor.
"Sure," Jackson returned her smile. He didn't need her help and they both knew that, it was just a way for Mercedes to fill her evening now she couldn't go out and most of her friends didn't want to see her.


Mercedes woke up late the next day, Jackson was already at school. Morgana had rang her the night before as she was getting into bed, telling her she was throwing her a baby shower at her apartment this afternoon. She looked down at her stomach and realised she was due any day now, and had nothing ready. She'd been putting it all off because she hadn't really believed it was real. Until now. After the baby shower she would have to go shopping and get whatever else she needed.


That day was also Jacksons birthday. Mercedes had planned a party for him already and when he returned from debate club all his friends were already waiting for him.

"Surprise!!" They all yelled at him as he walked through the door. He was surprised, he had had no idea. He caught Mercedes eye and smiled a thankyou to her as he headed for the cake.

Everyone gathered as he lit the candles. Nobody noticed Mercedes waddling quickly out the front door.

She had suddenly felt very sick and thought the fresh air would help. Almost as soon as she stepped outside she felt warm liquid running down her legs. Had she just wet herself? Then sharp pains all across her stomach let her know that the liquid had been her waters breaking and she was now in labour. Not wanting to ruin Jacksons' big day, she quickly called a cab and headed for the hospital alone.

Jackson noticed Lisa pointing and laughing at him. She had been joking for weeks that he was a couple of weeks older than her and would be old and grey while she was still a fresh-faced teen. He rolled his eyes at her and noticed some water leaking under the door. He looked out the window and realised it wasn't raining, so assumed somebody had spilled a drink.

Besides, he was a full-grown adult now. He would be graduating tomorrow and wasn't going to let a spilled drink ruin his big night.

The party was dying down and almost over when Mercedes reappeared.

"Where have you..." Jackson began. He didn't need to finish he question as he soon noticed the baby in her arms. "Oh my God, Mercy! Did you not think to tell anyone you were in labour?"

"I didn't want to ruin your party. It took me ages to plan!" She smiled weakly at him. She was really tired, as anyone should be after giving birth. Jackson shook his head. She was such an idiot sometimes.

"Introduce us then."

"This is Summer." She smiled, holding the child up to her face and giving her newborn daughter a gentle kiss on the nose.

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  1. Aw, poor Mercy, giving birth by herself,.
    I love the name Summer. =D

    1. Haha, I was going to make a big deal about it, because I knew the rough time she was due, and that the party would be in full swing. I just didn't plan on her going outside and nobody running around panicing. It fits with her 'childish' and 'daredevil' traits though haha.

      I love Summer too! I want to call my own child Summer if I have one, but I like Autumn too, and I couldn't have two children with seasonal names...

      I do wish I'd saved the name for my heir though. Silly me.

  2. Aww, Mercedes is sweet, not wanting to interrupt Jackson's party. He looks very cute as a YA, btw. And I also like the name Summer. Will be interesting to see how they cope with the new living arrangements!

    1. Sorry! I didn't really include any of that into the story, I thought it would be boring, but a few people have wanted to see this now, and I'm nearly on gen 3 now in-game so can't really go back and stage things :/

      PS, Mercedes is an idiot haha

  3. I like the way Mercedes didn't want to spoil the party, but I feel sorry for her giving birth by herself

  4. Mercedes was so nice to plan that party for Jackson. It was sweet of her to not want to ruin it, but I know Jackson wouldn't have minded if she'd let them know that she was in labor. He'd have wanted to go with her to the hospital rather than letting her go alone.

    I'm glad that the Uni is working with her so that she can stay in school. She seems to love her little Summer!