Sunday, 1 June 2014

Where are the Mattells?

Those of you who use the discussion thread over at modthesims already know that I've been having issues in my personal life, but I'm well aware some of my readers don't go there and thought you'd all like a more in-depth reason. Bear with, this is confusing and boring, so in short: I'll be back, hopefully soon. For those with more time on their hands or just feeling nosey, read on.

So things with me and my boyfriend had been bad for a while. I won't go in detail here because this really isn't the place and I'm not one to air dirty laundry, but it basically felt like we were just together because we were used to it (we were together five and a half years). I broke up with him early May, leaving myself homeless.

I'm currently sleeping on an air bed on my sisters living room floor in the week, and with my new boyfriend (I know) at the weekends. Nobody in 'real life' knows this yet, (infact, nobody in 'real life' even knows we're dating yet) but me and the new boyfriend are going to get a place together. He gave in his notice on Thursday, and we now have a month to find a house and get moved in. I'm super-excited, and I'm disabling comments because I know this is ridiculously fast and I'm stupid and all that, so LOL you can't tell me :p (also I don't want sympathy for the previous paragraph, I've had enough of that in 'real life')

So, I'm currently unable to sim due to the fact there's nowhere to set up my PC in my sisters flat. I will be able to set up at the end of the month/start of next month when we've got a house and blah, but I can't garentee I'll be back simming immediatly (but damn, I want to). I hope to be all back to normal by mid-august at the latest (which seems soooooo far away), and am currently working on catching up with everyone elses stories (and wow that's a huge task. I'm like two months behind and follow way too many blogs).

So the Mattells aren't dead, and infact this huge forced break has let me detach myself from Kaity a little so I'll be able to share her when her generation is FINALLY up. There are only a few chapters left of generation four, but I don't keep notes because I'm stupid like that so I'll have to skim-read the generation so far and remind myself what needs doing before its up (besides the wedding, lol, aint gunna forget that!). Miss you all and can't wait to be back!